Top 10 WTF Moments in the Super Smash Bros. Series


The Top Ten

1 Playing as Solid Snake (SSBB)
2 Luigi's Final Smash (SSBB)
3 Princess Peach panty shots (SSBM and SSBB)
4 Mr. Game & Watch's Attacks (SSBM, SSBB and SSB4)
5 Playing as Wii Fit Trainer (SSB4)
6 Peach's Final Smash (SSBB)
7 Shulk yelling "I'M REALLY FEELING IT!" while almost completely naked (SSB4)
8 King Dedede's Final Smash (SSBB)
9 Snake's and Otacon's Captain Falcon impressions (SSBB)
10 Playing as Pichu (SSBM)

The Contenders

11 Wario's Nuclear Fart (SSBB)


12 Playing as Cloud (SSB4)

Cloud is a PLAYSTATION character!

13 Meta Knight being the most overpowered character in the game (SSBB)

He's unstoppable!

14 Yoshi and Diddy Kong being two of the most overpowered characters in the game (SSB4)

They're unstoppable!

15 Pikachu being undoubtedly the most overpowered character in the game (SSB64)
16 Ganondorf Pikachu (SSBB)

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17 Shrek 4 Smash (SSB4)
18 Playing as Bayonetta (SSB4)
19 Captain Falcon's voice (SSBM)
20 Having to buy DLC in order to unlock a frighteningly large portion of the character roster (SSB4)
21 Bowser transforming into Giga Bowser at the end of Adventure mode (SSBM)
22 Master Core/Fortress Battle (SSB4)
23 Playing as ROB (SSBB)
24 Playing as the Duck Hunt dog (SSB4)

He replaced the Ice Climbers. Need I say more?

25 Ness' recovery move (All)
26 Lucas' pre-death scream (SSB4)
27 Luigi taunt KOs (SSBM-SSB4)

The Mario Party kick taunt was in every game.

28 Jigglypuff STILL being in the playable character roster (SSB4)
29 Fighting Polygon Team (SSB64)
30 Crazy Hand suddenly joining the Master Hand battle out of absolutely nowhere (SSBM)
31 "Master Hand and CRAAAZY Hand!" (SSB4)
32 The complete butchering of the Target Test and Classic modes (SSBB and SSB4)
33 Playing as Ryu (SSB4)
34 Shulk's shirtless alt (SSB4)
35 Wondering who the heck Marth actually is (SSBM)
36 Zero Suit Samus' final smash (SSBB)
37 Playing as Sonic (SSBB)
38 Warioware Minigames (SSBB)
39 Luigi being scared half to death of a Waddle Dee (SSBB)
40 Snake's box taunt (SSBB)
41 The Kid Icarus Uprising crew's massive fangasm over Megaman (SSB4)
42 Pit's creepy fanboy obsession with Mario (SSB4)
43 The removal of Mario's classic Mario Tornado attack (SSBB)
44 Little Mac's Suicide-B (SSB4)
45 Wii Foot-Fetish Trainer (SSB4)
46 Playing as Mewtwo (SSBM)
47 Characters like Ganondorf, Samus, Solid Snake and the Fire Emblem swordsmen using the Superspicy Curry (SSBB)
48 Pac-Man's final smash (SSB4)
49 "Rosalina and Luna" (SSB4)
50 Mother Brain Assist Trophy (SSB4)
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