Top 10 WTF Moments from the Undertale Fandom

The Top Ten WTF Moments from the Undertale Fandom

1 I See Alphys, I See Francis (Smutfic)
2 Giantess Alphys X Flowey: Vengeful Torment
3 Giantess Toriel X Asriel (Underage)

Why in god's name did you do this Xander

You disgusted me with this abomination of yours..

I think I may have just officially found it; the absolute kinkiest scene ever written into fanfiction. And god damn, do I love it.

I mean, honestly; what other UT fanfic involves literal brain sex?

(correction: SEVERAL others, actually) - xandermartin98

4 Um Jammer Alphys (parody of Um Jammer Lammy, made sexual)
5 The Alphyne X Cratty brain-sex scene from How Bratty And Catty Stole America's Presidential System
6 Characters engaging in passionate sexual intercourse with each other's brains

I love undertale and brain sex so...


Asriel with Toriel's in Motherly F-ery
Alphys and Undyne with Catty's and Bratty's in HBACSAPS
Flowey with Alphys' in Vengeful Torment
Alphys and Undyne with Asriel's in The Iron Mettagiant
Burgerpants with Francis' in I See Alphys I See Francis
And of course, Alphys with Toriel's in Incestual Apocalypse - xandermartin98

7 Alphamalg (Alphys X Amalgamates)

Why?!? Xander, this is just weird. Alphys basically is in love with like 20 creatures? Background creatures nonetheless!

That porn though - NoOreoForU

You know, the each Amalgamate is, like, twenty monsters. Why would all of them fall in love with the scientist who did this to them?
Plus... Alphyne for life.

Yet another reason to feel incredibly bad for Alphys: this absolute living NIGHTMARE of a shipping.

However, what's more surprising still is the fact that (believe it or not) there has actually been a GOOD, non-NSFW fanfic for this shipping.

I honestly don't know how that's even possible, but it somehow happened...

in An Alphamalg Sleepover

(just kidding though; Alphamalg in general is a hilarious series of fanfics that you should definitely read sometime) - xandermartin98

8 Underfoot Fetishtale (Fanfic)

Do I really need to explain?

Just look at the title. - xandermartin98

9 Undertale Twerking

I thought the FNAF fandom was freaky, but what the hell is this?! LIKE ARE YOU FOR REAL NOW! TWERKING! The game is okay, it reminds me of the classic games like old Nintendo, and the good old day... BUT FANDOMS HAVE TO RUIN IT BY MAKING STUPID LIKE TWERKING! ! CHILL OUT FANDOM GOOD GOD!

3lame studios

I can't stop laughing kill me


10 Undertale Finger Family

Don't call sans the baby finger. He will mess you up - SansTheComic

"Murder finger, murder finger, where are you? "

I'm dead - NoOreoForU

The Contenders

11 Sexualizing The Skeletons




12 "Sans is Ness" Theory

I don't know I think this is what the creator is going for

Game theory messed up here - SansTheComic

Its been confirmed it is not true.

Sans isn't Ness
Really? Sans is Sans, Ness is Ness!

13 Muffet Porn

This isn't acceptable either! These are video game characters, for gods sake. But hey, sexualizing skeletons is the worst.


It's...a spider. - SansTheComic

14 "Undertale is better than life" troll video by gligar13vids

How do you pull your big laptop out and play undertale in class?

15 Completely Ruining The Word "Determination"

The only thing on this list that I do fandoms can bring people together, but they are so messed up.

I saw a comic of frisk flirting with toriel, toriel just chuckled and hung up and frisk said "You are filled with determination."

16 The Giantess Alphys Scene from Alphys VS Undyne

I have not read this fic but its Giantess so...

I am quite honestly at a loss for words after reading and writing this, I seriously just don't know what to say.

Actually, I do; it's my second favorite fanfiction scene ever. EVER.

Like, seriously, if you ever find yourself needing some cute and funny fanfiction stuff to read and haven't read this story yet, then I would strongly encourage you to do so immediately. - xandermartin98

17 Eardrum Licking

WHAT!? *falls into the underground by shock* NOW I NEED TO DO THIS ALL AGAIN! *runs to snowdin takes lesserdog to the start of the game and pets it so it becomes a ladder* *climbs up*

18 Mariotale (SMG4)

I like it!, thanks, smg4!

SMG4 did a good job on this video though

19 Submissive Undyne worshipping Dominatrix Alphys' feet

Perfectly ironic with how Undyne, she's like the fierce warrior, and alphys is the shy nerd...Wait, this is a foot fetish, isn't it

Does anyone else realize how brilliantly ironic this is? - xandermartin98

20 Temmie Blowjobs

Do I really need to explain? Look at what they did to such a cute creature.

Dude, it's a dog. Cat. Thing. - SansTheComic

WHY?! - Freddy_Fazbear

Temmie was so cyoot! They just lay around in their village, but ogodpleasestopthevision

21 "I want to f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** Madjick SO BAD!"
22 Toriel Vore

*vore in general

OH OK THEN don't SEARCH THAT UP. - SansTheComic

23 Mettaton Inflation

OH GOD NO - SansTheComic

NOO - SansySenpai

24 Constructing Mettaton EX's entire body out of his legs

I have never seen this.

25 Sans X Papyrus

Incest please no

B-but... There... There related... I-I... I just can't understand... - SansTheComic

26 Frisk X Chara

I imagine them as the same person, chara is just frisks dark side so its weird to me

27 Sexualizing Frisk and Chara

Oh please no.


So disturbing. They’re kids!

28 Undertale/FNAF crossovers

Just two cult games, nothing in common, not even the same genre, I especially hate the ships with undertale and fnaf?

Dude, there not even the same genre. Like, physcotic killer robots and monsters underground. - SansTheComic

Ehhh they have nothing in common

I love doing those! Sansy x Fredby!

29 MS Paint Flowey
30 Snowdrake's Mother Sadomasochism

Why would anyone do this?...

That exists? - NoOreoForU

31 Encouraging people excessively to play the Genocide Run despite the fact that it clearly isn't the real point of the time

Pacifist is WAY better.

32 Lemon Fed (Fanfic)


Xander stop
no don't type
don't type that URL in
no xander
no more fanfiction

33 Asrigore (Asriel X Asgore)

What everyone else said


A child and his father shipped? H to the E to the L L No.

Shipping a child with their dad is stupid. Like. what. - NoOreoForU

34 Turning the entire Undertale subreddit into Updog for April Fool's Day 2016

That was just a funny joke, not too weird.

35 Giantess Alphys Foot-Fetish Art

*foot fetish in generql

36 Frisky Danceoff (Video)
37 aMLGaM8s
38 Omega Memelord
39 Amalgamateys
40 Matchmaker (Comic)
41 Alphys Loves Feet (Fanfic)
42 An Entire Fanfic About Alphys Masturbating After Not Having Showered For A Disgustingly Long Time
43 Godawful MS Paint stick-figure drawings of the shippings

That exists? - NoOreoForU

44 MIDItale

I kinda like that... Don't judge me though - NoOreoForU

45 Papyrus X Mettaton

This is just strange. Papyrus watches his show. So? You don't fall in love with someone the moment you see them on T.V. right? Besides, the shippers once started attacking me for saying I don't support it by screaming "I bet you ship flowey x toriel" honestly, I couldn't care less about ships.

46 Sans is White
47 Frisk is Yellow
48 Wording the phrase "you're gonna have a bad time" in about a million different ways

Thousands* - NoOreoForU

49 Requesting a comic adaptation of the fanfic "Alphys Gets Overly Intimate With The Amalgamates"
50 Endogeny worshipping Alphys' feet
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