Top 10 WTF Moments In Undertale


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1 Omega Flowey appearing

Yes this was terrifying. Nothing more to say.

2 I See Alphys, I See Francis (Smutfic)
3 Alphys' True Lab plot twist
4 Mettaton NEO dying in one hit
5 Burgerpants' facial expressions
6 Fighting Sans for the first time

I got dunked on those gaster blasters absolutely annihilated and angered my ass

Nobody I have EVER seen/met beat Sans 1st try.
Sans is my all time favorite character and nobody else comes close.
Getting annihilated by a skeleton is the worst punishment I've ever seen

We're screwed.
Can't get past his first attack?
Have fun passing his last.

7 The infamous Giantess Alphys scene from Alphys VS Undyne
8 Undyne melting upon her death

Well she had a lot of determination and though she could handle it, she only gained more as Frisk and her fought and melted as a consequence

9 Annoying Dog absorbing an artifact up its bunghole
10 Stretching Lesser Dog's neck

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11 Mettaton making fun of Alphys for having crushes on Undyne and Asgore during his quiz show
12 Reaper Bird's attacks, in which Everyman gets his face mauled off by a swarm of man-eating butterflies
13 Not being able to die during the final boss battle in the Pacifist Run
14 Papyrus getting his special attack stolen by the Annoying Dog

Haha my favorite part.
its mine now (nom)

15 Chara literally erasing the entire game in the Genocide ending
16 Alphys X Amalgamates becoming an actual shipping

It was priceless, that's all I'm going to say about it. - xandermartin98

17 Alphys saying tat she should have murdered you in cold blood when she had the chance

I just can't imagine her doing this. She's to kind. Though I do wish I knew what her attacks would have been.

18 Killing Papyrus
19 Alphys Höek

hilarious fanfic, enough said. - xandermartin98

20 Gaster speaking in Wingding font
21 Realizing that Snowdrake's Mother's mouths are actually her eyes
22 Lemon Bread asking you if you think she's pretty
23 Mettaton orgasmically moaning "OHHHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSS" during his transformation
24 Sans' terrifying, hollow-eyed serious face
25 Papyrus hooking up an adorable little puppy to one of his death traps
26 The Memoryheads directly contacting you through your cell phone
27 Flirting with Tsunderplane
28 Sans dying in one hit
29 Alphys roleplaying as herself
30 Sans bleeding
31 Flowey is actually Asriel
32 Asriel transforming into a Mary Sue fanfiction version of himself for the final battle
33 Undyne's wallpaper
34 Papyrus getting stumped from tryig to solve the daily horoscope
35 Sans' one-story-tall sink
36 The trash tornado in Sans' room
37 Chara awakening within Frisk in the tainted Pacifist ending
38 Memoryhead's uncanny resemblance to Giygas
39 Learning that snails flip their digestive systems as they mature
40 Papyrus with basketball shoulders and Mickey Mouse shorts
41 Papyrus wearing his full suit of armor in the shower and calling it his BATTLE BODY
42 Peekaboo With Fluffy Bunny being one of Papyrus' favorite books
43 The screen literally zooming in on Sans when he cracks a bad joke
44 Lemon Bread's face
45 Chara's backstory
46 Greater Dog, a teeny-tiny little puppy in a GINORMOUS suit of armor
47 Killing everyone except Jerry in the Genocide Run
48 Undyne setting her entire house on fire in an attempt to cook pasta
49 Aaron literally flexing himself out of a room
50 Woshua has a rubber duck living inside of its body
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