Top 10 WTF Moments in the Zelda Series


The Top Ten

1 Majora's Incarnation - Majora's Mask
2 Link Goes Insane - Twilight Princess
3 Hand In The Toilet - Majora's Mask
4 The Boomerang being the most overpowered weapon in the game - Link's Awakening
5 Ghirahim - Skyward Sword Ghirahim - Skyward Sword
6 The last major dungeon in the game being literally titled Sword & Shield Dungeon - Oracle Of Seasons
7 Happy Mask Salesman's Mental Breakdown - Majora's Mask
8 Fake Kirby - Link's Awakening
9 Link transforming into a pink anthropomorphic bunny rabbit in the Dark World - Link To The Past
10 Meeting Tingle - Majora's Mask

The Contenders

11 Midna's Human Form - Twilight Princess
12 Playing as Tingle - Hyrule Warriors
13 Transforming into Fierce Deity Link and cleaving Majora's Moon in half as a special attack - Hyrule Warriors
14 Linkle - Hyrule Warriors
15 Attempting to play the game without walkthroughs - Link's Awakening and the Oracle games
16 The entire game being retconned out of existence in its ending - Link's Awakening
17 The Art Styles - Wind Waker and Twilight Princess
18 Link's Mask Transformation Sequence - Majora's Mask
19 Morbidly Obese Great Fairy in Ganon's Pyramid - Link To The Past
20 Finding a hobo sleeping under the bridge to Hyrule Castle - Link To The Past
21 Ganon dealing ridiculously low damage to you - Twilight Princess
22 Ganon dying in literally one hit - Zelda CD-i Games
23 The Maku Tree's marriage proposal to Link - Oracle Of Ages
24 Ruto's marriage proposal to Link - Ocarina Of Time
25 "Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly" Dungeon - Ocarina Of Time
26 Flipping the Stone Tower Temple upside down - Majora's Mask
27 Some of the things that people turned into in the Dark World - Link To The Past
28 Throwing pots at doors in order to open them - Link's Awakening
29 The game suddenly pulling a Lost Woods right in the very last dungeon leading up to the final boss - Link's Awakening
30 Orca being able to take a literally infinite amount of sword hits without even the slightest scratch - Wind Waker
31 Anju and Kafei kissing each other - Majora's Mask
32 Forehead Tumor Mask - Majora's Mask
33 Naked Dancing Man on top of Mushroom - Majora's Mask
34 Literally fighting a mask as the final boss during Majora's first phase - Majora's Mask
35 Link Statue - Majora's Mask


36 Mario enemies and references as far as the eye can see - Link's Awakening
37 Dead Hand - Ocarina Of Time
38 Link peeking up Anju's skirt in the manga - Minish Cap
39 Talking Hat - Minish Cap
40 Giant Chu-Chu as a full-scale boss fight - Minish Cap
41 Giant Octorok as a full-scale boss fight - Minish Cap
42 Windmill Hut - Ocarina Of Time
43 Hypersexualized Great Fairies - Ocarina Of Time
44 Zant Battle - Twilight Princess
45 The Moon Has Eyes - Majora's Mask
46 Sumo-Wrestling Minigame - Twilight Princess
47 Getting every single one of your utility items stolen on Crescent Island - Oracle Of Ages
48 Elvis in the Graveyard on Windfall Island - Wind Waker
49 Link making Animal Noises - Wind Waker
50 "I thank you for paying the fee to repair my secret front door." - Oracle Of Seasons
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