Top 10 WTF Moments in the Zelda Series


The Top Ten

1 Majora's Incarnation - Majora's Mask
2 Link Goes Insane - Twilight Princess
3 Hand In The Toilet - Majora's Mask
4 The Boomerang being the most overpowered weapon in the game - Link's Awakening
5 Ghirahim - Skyward Sword Ghirahim - Skyward Sword Ghirahim is the central antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is an immensely powerful Demon Lord born from Demise's sword. He aims to capture Zelda, the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, and use her to free his master, Demise the Demon King.
6 The last major dungeon in the game being literally titled Sword & Shield Dungeon - Oracle Of Seasons
7 Happy Mask Salesman's Mental Breakdown - Majora's Mask
8 Fake Kirby - Link's Awakening
9 Link transforming into a pink anthropomorphic bunny rabbit in the Dark World - Link To The Past
10 Meeting Tingle - Majora's Mask

The Contenders

11 Midna's Human Form - Twilight Princess
12 Playing as Tingle - Hyrule Warriors
13 Transforming into Fierce Deity Link and cleaving Majora's Moon in half as a special attack - Hyrule Warriors
14 Linkle - Hyrule Warriors
15 Attempting to play the game without walkthroughs - Link's Awakening and the Oracle games
16 The entire game being retconned out of existence in its ending - Link's Awakening
17 The Art Styles - Wind Waker and Twilight Princess
18 Link's Mask Transformation Sequence - Majora's Mask
19 Morbidly Obese Great Fairy in Ganon's Pyramid - Link To The Past
20 Finding a hobo sleeping under the bridge to Hyrule Castle - Link To The Past
21 Ganon dealing ridiculously low damage to you - Twilight Princess
22 Ganon dying in literally one hit - Zelda CD-i Games
23 The Maku Tree's marriage proposal to Link - Oracle Of Ages
24 Ruto's marriage proposal to Link - Ocarina Of Time
25 "Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly" Dungeon - Ocarina Of Time
26 Flipping the Stone Tower Temple upside down - Majora's Mask
27 Some of the things that people turned into in the Dark World - Link To The Past
28 Throwing pots at doors in order to open them - Link's Awakening
29 The game suddenly pulling a Lost Woods right in the very last dungeon leading up to the final boss - Link's Awakening
30 Orca being able to take a literally infinite amount of sword hits without even the slightest scratch - Wind Waker
31 Anju and Kafei kissing each other - Majora's Mask
32 Forehead Tumor Mask - Majora's Mask
33 Naked Dancing Man on top of Mushroom - Majora's Mask
34 Literally fighting a mask as the final boss during Majora's first phase - Majora's Mask
35 Link Statue - Majora's Mask


36 Mario enemies and references as far as the eye can see - Link's Awakening
37 Dead Hand - Ocarina Of Time
38 Link peeking up Anju's skirt in the manga - Minish Cap
39 Talking Hat - Minish Cap
40 Giant Chu-Chu as a full-scale boss fight - Minish Cap
41 Giant Octorok as a full-scale boss fight - Minish Cap
42 Windmill Hut - Ocarina Of Time
43 Hypersexualized Great Fairies - Ocarina Of Time
44 Zant Battle - Twilight Princess
45 The Moon Has Eyes - Majora's Mask
46 Sumo-Wrestling Minigame - Twilight Princess
47 Getting every single one of your utility items stolen on Crescent Island - Oracle Of Ages
48 Elvis in the Graveyard on Windfall Island - Wind Waker
49 Link making Animal Noises - Wind Waker
50 "I thank you for paying the fee to repair my secret front door." - Oracle Of Seasons
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