Top 10 Best Wunder-Baum Car Air Fresheners

Wunder-Baum is the German version of Little Trees. The fragrances are very similar to the ones in North America, but they have a few different car fresheners. Either the name, design, fragrance or all of the above. Here are some of the best Wunder-Baum car air fresheners.
The Top Ten
1 Fruhling

Also known as Forest Fresh, a Little Trees car freshener that got discontinued in 2014/2015 in America. Luckily, they're still around in most parts of Europe. The scent is rather unique and interesting. Smells nothing like pine. More like a nice floral-like scent with hints of colored construction paper. It's a very nice scent for people who don't want a perfumy nor fruity fragrance.

We still have one that doesn't smell anymore from a really long time ago, I think they retired though.

2 Lavendel

It's literally Lavender. Same color, same scent, only the name is in another language. Smells fantastic and strong. It's one of the best Little Trees/Wunder-Baum car fresheners you can get.

3 Black Ice

Ah yes, the best selling Little Trees car freshener of all time. They also have this one in Europe due to it's popularity. It's popular worldwide. It smells like a very masculine cologne.

4 Arctic White

This one smells a lot like the discontinued Little Trees car freshener White Water. It's a very crisp and perfumy scent. It would be good if you don't want an extreme cologne scent.

5 New Car

Well, just by the name it should be obvious which one it is. It's the same as the Little Trees car freshener New Car Scent only without the name "Scent" to it. It's a clean and pleasant scent for a car.

6 Midnight Chic

It's literally the same car freshener as the Little Trees car freshener Bold Embrace, but with a different design and name. Midnight Chic released in 2016 and Bold Embrace released in 2017.

7 City Style

This is basically your typical cologne. It's very musky and masculine. It's similar to the Little Trees car freshener Copper Canyon.

8 Relax

Those used to be around in the US until 2017. However, they're still available in Europe. It smells like Vanillaroma, but they also have a nice design.

9 Jungle Fever

This is a different car freshener. It smells like a hair spray you get from the salon. It's floral, but also different. It's still relatively new.

10 Everfresh

The design's a bit odd, but the scent is very familiar. It smells like the Little Trees car freshener Morning Fresh. It's like a floral and kinda sweet scent.

The Contenders
11 Rose & Raspberry

This one smells really good. It's a very feminine and nice scent. It released in 2018 and got discontinued in 2020.

12 Fizzy Limonade

This one smells just like the Little Trees car freshener Lemon Grove which smells like lemon candy. Great fragrance. This one released around 2015 and got discontinued in 2020.

13 Sportfrische

This one smells like the discontinued car freshener called Ocean Mist. Only difference is the name. That's it. Not a bad car freshener.

14 Zitrone

Doesn't smell much like lemon, but rather citrusy and clean. It's good if you don't like strong perfume nor sweet fragrances.

15 Mai-Tai

It's a rather fruity scent, but not too insane. It smells like mangoes which isn't terrible. If you hate sweet and citrusy fragrances, you may enjoy this one.

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