Top Ten WW2 Propaganda Films

The Top Ten

Fascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland (USSR)

While Soviet propaganda was effective, less offensive, and was serious, to tell that Hitler was the “bad guy”, while American propaganda was silly, ineffective, and racist.

Education for Death (USA)
Der Storenfeid (Nazi Germany)
II Dottor Churkill (Fascist Italy)
I'll Never Heil Again (USA)
The Great Dictator (USA)

Not really a propaganda but mocking Hitler - CerealGuy

Cinema Circus (USSR)
Donald get's Drafted (USA)
Der Fuehrer's Face (USA)

Yea- this should be number one. Donald the duck in nazo land- amazing! Aroma O' Coffe as singing guards walk bye and making millions of shells at the factory. Oh boy- I'm lucky to be a citizen of America!

How can I forget this :D - CerealGuy

Van den vos Reynaerde (Occupied Nazi Netherland)

The Contenders

The Eternal Jew (Nazi Germany)
Good Will To Men (USA)
The Ducktators (USA)
Mrs. Miniver (UK)
Stop that Tank (USA)

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