Top Ten Best WWE Crowds

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1 Chicago, IL

Home of 4 Wrestlemanias, CM Punk and Cena Haters. Greatest Crowd ever

Only crowd that gives me goose bumps every time WWE comes to town

Chicago has somewhat mellowed since Punk left.

Chicago Best Wrestling Crowd worldwide

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2 Philadelphia/Pittsburgh, PA

If the crowd from Philly doesn't like something. They will say it. Don't have a trash card from a town that grew up with ECW.

Chicago fans have zero respect and zero class. They should be called Trash City instead of Windy City.

Home to the royal rumble 2015 and the boos for roman really started

They come up with so many creative chants

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3 New Jersey/New York, NY

Most energetic Crowd of all time, want proof watch Raw after WM29

They created the humming of the fandango song. Also the ziggler cash in

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4 Calgary, CAN

Home of Bret Hart

5 London/Manchester, UK

LOUDEST I've ever heard, hilarious chats, even though I couldn't understand their accent some of the time.

Simply the best. The reason the Raw after Wrestlemania is so loud is because its full of Brits

The brit are always loud and proud! Best sports fans in the world

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6 Texas
7 Toronto, CAN

Should be 2 or 3 at least one of the loudest wwe I mean we started the 10 chant when the ref counts

Home of Edge and Hardcore WWE Fans

Why the hell this is'nt number 1 I mean jericho is from Canada

8 Detroit, MI V 3 Comments
9 Houston/Dallas/San Antonio/Austin, TX

Home of The Undertker, Eddie Guerrero, HBK, Stone Cold, Booker T, Dusty Rhodes and JBL

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10 Miami, FL

Not really that good

Home of The Rock

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11 Boston, MA V 3 Comments
12 Hartford, CT

Home of WWE, McMahon family and H

13 St. Louis, MO

Great wrestling city! Can't be beat. Amazing crowd and amazing atmosphere. Host city of 1000th raw and many pay per views.

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14 Montreal, Quebec V 1 Comment
15 Minneapolis, MN

Home of the beast

16 Kansas City, MO
17 Los Angeles, CA
18 Des Moines, IA

Always a loud crowd when WWE comes to Iowa! It's about time for a ppv to come to us!

19 Seattle, WA Seattle, WA Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington.

Hosted WM 19 and gave one of the greatest pops to hometown guy, Daniel Bryan

20 Oklahoma City, OK

Wild man host of some great matches and raw we need a Ppv to make us great again

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1. New Jersey/New York, NY
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1. Philadelphia/Pittsburgh, PA
2. Chicago, IL
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