Top 10 WWE Divas Finishers (Submissions Only)


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1 Banks Statement

This move is done by The Boss Sasha Banks. It is done with a backstabber into the banks statement. It is basically a like the yes lock. - Kampster

2 Dis-Arm-Her

This move is done by Becky Lynch were you are laying on your stomache and she grabs your arm and yanks up and towards your back. - Kampster

3 Sharpshooter

The Move is done by many males but Natalya is the only Diva to use it because she is realated to Jim the Anvil. - Kampster

4 P.T.O

Means Paiges Tap Out and is a painfull move were she sets you up for a sharpshooter then rotates you and grabs your arms and sqauts. - Kampster

5 Black Widow Black Widow

Move is done by Aj Lee and is a hurricurana and a disarmher mixed. Means more pain. - Kampster

6 Figure 8 Lock

Move is done by Charlotte and is basically a figure 4 lock but does a bridge to increase pain. - Kampster

7 Scissored ArmBar

Done by Bailey Which is done by having a facedown opponent and the you wrap your legs around one arm and reach across and grab the other arm and pull towards you. - Kampster

8 Asuka Lock

The Asuka Lock is a Move obviousily done by nxt current champ Asuka. It is a crossface chickenwing. - Kampster

9 Yes Lock

Move is done by Brie Bella but a nine spot because she used it from daniel brian who happened to be her husband but its not original. - Kampster

10 The Accolade

Move by Lana but originaly by Rusev. But uses it because they are married so they use the same move. - Kampster

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11 Rack Attack

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12 Code of Silence
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