Top Ten WWE Dream Matches That Never Happened

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1 Sting vs The Undertaker

This should be either a hell in a cell match or a 3 stages of hell match, first stage inferno match, second stage first blood match and third and final stage, buried alive match!

Yes! This would be great at Wrestlemania but Brock Lesnar already beat the streak.

Unarguably! These two wrestlers, as well as their characters are two sides of the same coin. Undertaker didn't compete in Wrestlemania 2000, but if he did then a match against Sting would've been the perfect fit for that time. Both were still at their peak.

I think undertaker would win and break his neck

2 CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

I can see it now, the two biggest rebels ever putting on a Once in an Eternity match at Wrestlemania and in the end, Stone Cold takes out a can of beer for him and a can of diet pepsi for CM Punk and they give a toast in the middle of the ring for the awesomeness they had just made.

I think stone cold can easily beat CM Punk. He had beaten almost everyboby who comes on his path.

Putting two ultimate rebels in same ring. If their confrontation happens imagine. It would give a lot of money to WWE if it happens in Chicago or Texas it would make one lakh tickets

Two biggest stars of their era. two great microphone workers and two great wrestlers of all time

3 The Rock vs Shawn Michaels

Rock & HBK are the two best showmen alive, they would make great promos beforehand and they would both bring out the best of each other in the ring. Too bad that The Rock was becoming a star when HBK retired in 1998 and then when HBK came back in 2002 The Rock left for Hollywood, and when the Rock came back in 2011, HBK retired for good at WM 26. I still would rather pay to see this match than watch Rock & Cena for free.

Its hard to say Undertaker vs sting, though it would be my pick, it still could happen, but this is definitely a close second, two of the best wrestlers with a great history behind each, going at it in the squared circle

That will be an awesome match winner shawn Michaels

I don't know why this didn't happen in the attitude era

4 Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan

In my opinion the two biggest pop culture crossover sensations in pro wrestling history, this match would have been a box office EXPLOSION! People who never watch pro wrestling would've tuned into see the Texas Rattlesnake go up against Hulkamania.

It could had happened but it was hogan vs rock I don't care I want Austin vs Hogan

This had the potential of the match of the century

Should be #1. 2 of the biggest faces in WWE history.

5 Stone Cold vs Goldberg

But stone cold hit a stunner to Goldberg after Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar. I don't remember when.

Austin vs pirate austin

Stone cold is next!

Could be the best match in history but did not happen Imagine what could happen to arena.

6 Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle

Two of the best technician wrestlers ever!

Yes yes yes yes yes...

That would be awesome they work together now

This would have been a treat to watch

7 The Shield vs NWO

The argument that NWO is better is dumb, your argument was that Kevin Nash almost beat undertaker, Hogan was the best ever, and Scott Hall best Shawn Micheals. The truth is Roman Reigns did beat the Undertaker, Seth Rollins has beaten all of he people he has faced at one point or another, and Dean Ambrose has beaten just as many people as Roman and Seth. Then there is the point that the Shield only ever lost any matches when they weren't cooperating or when they were massively outnumbered. The Shield is the MOST DOMINANT team to ever step foot in a WWE ring.

I think it would be a awesome match nWo all of them are hall of famers all the shield members did something no one did roman reigns eliminated 12 people and set a new record and Seth Rollins was the first person to hold the WWE championship an the United States championship dean Ambrose holds the record for the longest United States champion ship reign

How would the shield beat the Nwo? Kevin Nash the guy who almost beat undertaker, Razor Ramon the guy who beat shawn Michaels at wrestlemania X, and Hogan, one of the best ever

Roman Reigns the guy who actually beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Seth Rollins the guy who beat Brock Lesnar twice and Dean Ambrose, a Grand Slam champion. - RogerMcBaloney

I guess this would be the greatest 6 man tag team match in history

8 John Cena vs Stone Cold

John cena and stone cold are 2 of the best of all time how can you not want that to happen

I am the biggest fan of cena & I want to see that match

That would be the best match in WWE/wwf history!

Two of the greatest of their respective eras

9 Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H

Three legends fighting together! This will be one of all WWE fans' dream come true. Most likely, The Phenom would win.

If only it did

10 NWO vs.DX

Would you be ready? Dun dun...

Not only would we have Shawn Micheals,Scott Hall and Kevin Nash return but would have to do their impersonations of NWO, what would make the match better is if X-Pac was special guest referee. If the WWE was nice to us they could have it in Madison Square Garden site of the Curtain Call incident. This would be the perfect Wrestlemania match


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11 Daniel Bryan vs Chris Benoit

In my opinion it would be the greatest match of all time

Two of the best technical wrestlers of last 15 years, would definitely be a 5* match

This would be the greatest match of all time

Can't denie this would probably be a match of the year if they had a rich rivalry building up, Bryan would have to be the HEEL

12 Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle

Two of the best technicians in the industry. The only reason I can think of for why these two shouldn't square off is that one of them would have to lose in the end.

The Canadian hero, Bret Hart, who made me believe that he was by far the best there is, was, and ever would be. Watching his matches made me wish I was older than 1 when they happened live. Before I saw WrestleMania 12 on my own, I would've thought that nobody could possibly make an hour-long match enjoyable to watch.

The Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, who revolutionized T.V. Wrestling by bringing Olympic Wrestling to the ring and made me realize just how beautiful the art of Pro Wrestling could be. Without him, I'd be telling all of you "Wrestling's Fake! " like all the other people who don't understand how fascinating the art can be.

This was always a match I wish existed. The buildup of the match alone would've been too much for me, especially if Hart had his Pro-Canada/Anti-America gimmick ...more

Michaels beat Bret at Mania. Kurt however, has beaten Michaels at Mania. Interesting deciding factors in this one. Sharpshooter vs. Ankle Lock. I'm going to have to go with the Olympic Hero on this one. Sorry Bret.

Two of the most tactful wrestlers of all time. I can just imagine the back and forth grapples, reversals, and submissions. This is the one I'd pick.

Bret Hart Must Be Won

13 Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns

A dream match so good Reigns wants it to happen at Mania 32

Not a dream match anymore because...well it already happened last year

It is happening at wwe battleground 2016

What a match it was

14 Jeff Hardy vs Seth Rollins

How about,
Seth Rollins VS Jeff Hardy VS Ricochet, TLC Match, Wrestlemania, for the Intercontinental championship.

Wow I never even thought about this. It would be fantastic

This would be epic. Especially in TLC form

Will be an epic if this happens...

15 Chris Jericho vs Randy Savage

Am I'm the only one who's sad that we never got to see this?

16 Goldberg vs The Undertaker

The only person who can stop the legendary streak

Biggest dream match in WWE ever!

This would be the biggest match in wwe history

Undertaker winner

17 Mick Foley vs Dean Ambrose

Mick foley DDT dean Ambrose

First blood match

Dean Ambrose would win Mick Foley sucks


18 AJ Styles vs John Cena

Who are putting these matches on the list

This math is going to be epic if it does happen and aj styles might win

It will be awesome match

At money in the bank John Cena will beat AJ styles and the club

19 Jake Roberts vs CM Punk
20 The Brood vs The Wyatt Family

That would be a good match but a new day vs the wyatt family

Six man tag team match

21 Big Show vs Andre The Giant

That's a match I would've loved to have seen. It would've been a great match, but I think Andre would've won.

Make it a body slam challenge

Best match ever andre would have won though

In hell in a cell

22 John Morrison vs Justin Gabriel

Morrison misses Starship pain, Gabriel steals it and pins John with his own move!

This already happened

23 The Rock vs Roman Reigns

It should never happen

Super duper

24 Hulk Hogan vs John Cena

This would would be the greatest match ever.

These are the best wrestler & the WWE universe want to see that match

The Best match of all time.

Waste of screen time

25 Team Hell No vs Powertrip

Daniel bryan retierd

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