Top Ten WWE Dream Matches That Never Happened


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21 The Brood vs The Wyatt Family

That would be a good match but a new day vs the wyatt family

Six man tag team match

22 John Morrison vs Justin Gabriel

Morrison misses Starship pain, Gabriel steals it and pins John with his own move!

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23 Hulk Hogan vs John Cena

This would would be the greatest match ever.

These are the best wrestler & the WWE universe want to see that match

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24 The Rock vs Roman Reigns V 1 Comment
25 Bret Hart vs. HHH
26 Bret Hart vs. Brock Lesnar V 1 Comment
27 Team Hell No vs Powertrip V 1 Comment
28 Harley Race vs Triple H

High is the best of his era, when at his prime carried the company more than Austin ever did, don't think so see who wasn't around when he rose to the top

29 CM Punk vs Randy Savage

The two biggest talkers and yet also two top wrestlers. If they fight at mania with a six month build up, imagine the hype and revenue they could produce.

How in the world is this match not even in the top 10? CM Punk is the Randy Savage of the modern era, always in the shadow of the 'superhero', but everyone knows technically they were better. This would have blown the roof off the place!

CM Punk rules sonI would go for CM Punk

30 Kane and Undertaker vs DX vs Mankind and The Rock

Rock'n'Sock for the win! I can imagine the double people's elbow to a member of and to one of the brothers to then win by pinball.

31 Bret Hart vs. The Rock
32 AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins

Better happen now if Vince wants money, but its not because you know about old man vince

33 Batista vs Brock Lesnar

The animal vs the beast what more could you ask for

Two of the strongest men in WWE history collide... Match of the decade

This would be a great match

Two big guys batista

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34 Randy Orton vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

In my opinion if this match happen then orton win it

This my dream match the viper vs the snake

This match will be awesome becouse their finisher (rko and stunner ) is little bit same bit this match will never happen

35 Bret Hart vs. Eddie Guerrero V 1 Comment
36 Bret Hart vs. Dr.Death Steve Williams
37 Bret Hart vs. Barry Windham
38 Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle
39 Legion of Doom vs The Dudley Boyz
40 Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan

EASILY The greatest match that never happened

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