Top Ten WWE Dream Matches That Never Happened


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81 The Rock vs The Miz
82 Bruno Sammartino vs Ric Flair
83 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Santino Marella

Stone cold would bet Santino

84 Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

Already happened in 2012 - DK

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85 The Rock vs CM Punk

It's already been made 2 times at royal rumble and elimination chambrr

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86 Kane and Big John Studd vs Big Show and Undertaker

Kane and big stond the mactions vs big show and undertaker the new dark team to bad big stond is not in the wwe any more

87 Spirit Squad vs The Brood
88 Mark Henry vs King Kong Bundy

Testing for power and size

89 Gail Kim vs Alundra Blayze

This includes speed for these two divas

90 AJ Lee Styles vs The Fabulous Moolah

One has hot looks, but the other has glamour

91 Undertaker vs The Boogeyman

Just imagine this dream match would be Friday the 13th

92 Team Hell No vs The Legion of Doom

There's lots of rush with these two tag teams

93 Trish Stratus vs Sable

These hot looking chicks would be interesting match

Sexy girls fyt

94 Beth Phoenix vs Luna Vachon V 1 Comment
95 Kane and X Pac vs Road Dog and Billy Gunn
96 Mankind vs Dude Love V 1 Comment
97 3MB VS X-Factor
98 Kelly Kelly vs Lita

One is sexy another is hot

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99 Chris Benoit vs Dynamite Kid
100 Eddie Guerrero vs Hulk Hogan
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