Top 10 WWE Finishers of 2017

A list of the coolest and best WWE finishers of 2017.

The Top Ten

1 RKO (Randy Orton)

This move is my personal favorite finisher however it is not as technical and painful looking as the Styles Clash. What makes this simple falling neckbreaker variant so great, is how it can be incorporated into a match at any time ( because you know "outta nowhere"). - mcrockerjr

The best


The best finishet of all time and the only one unpredictible finisher is RKO

2 Styles Clash (AJ Styles)

This finisher which was refined by Styles in New Japan is one of the coolest looking moves performed in all of wrestling, and is in my humble opinion, the best finisher in WWE. - mcrockerjr

It's great attack.If it is given to anyone the person cannot kick out the pin.

It's rocable

3 Spear (Roman Reigns)

I know, I know, Roman Reigns is the worst. I agree with you and I am in no way saying I like him as a wrestler, but his finisher is pretty sweet. It's cool in the same way the RKO is in how it's simple but looks like it would hurt like hell. Plus you know the one on Shane McMahon at Survivor Series. - mcrockerjr

He is best player in the world

Its is the best

Roman reigns is an awesome wrestler,...with cool moves and finishers...he's got the thing that's y he is the man...and wwe is his yard right now,...there's no denying it, regardless of the stupid haters of him,...i don't care those who hate's and boo's him...on and off wwe...i just love him..his is the best.

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4 Sister Abigail (Bray Wyatt)

I hate the wyatts. Even thought they are annoying and are thought to be 100 times scarier than they actually are, unlike any other finisher, apart from the RKO which is so overrated, you know that the match is 99.9% sure to be over. Credit has to be given where it's due and bray Wyatt, well done

What puts the finisher of the Wyatt Family's cult leader over in my books, is how bizarre the move looks. Unlike the first two entries on this list this move doesn't look like anything we've ever seen. Also the voodoo upside down walk he does gives it bonus points. - mcrockerjr

5 Eclipse (Ember Moon)
6 Trouble in Paradise / S.O.S (Kofi Kingston)

I couldn't pick between them so I picked both. That's how good these moves are. - mcrockerjr

The end.

7 F-5 (Brock Lesnar)


8 Bank Statement (Sasha Banks)
9 Dirty Deeds (Dean Ambrose)

I think it should be In first

It is really great

10 Skull Crushing Finale (The Miz)

The Contenders

11 Helluva Kick (Sami Zayn)
12 End of Days (Baron Corbin)
13 Pinfall (Undertaker)
14 Khalas (Jinder Mahal)
15 Chokeslam (Big Show)
16 Pop-Up Powerbomb (Kevin Owens)
17 Codebreaker (Chris Jericho)
18 619 (Rey Mysterio)
19 Rough Ryder (Zack Ryder)

He literally air teabags you to the ground.

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1. Eclipse (Ember Moon)
2. RKO
3. Detonation Kick
1. Styles Clash (AJ Styles)
2. RKO (Randy Orton)
3. Sister Abigail (Bray Wyatt)



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