Top Ten WWE Finishers that Don't Appear Painful

The Top Ten

1 Leg Drop - Hulk Hogan

Non-effective move from a mediocre wrestler. - FettiMC

2 Fingerpoke Of Doom - Hollywood Hulk Hogan

True, is a lame finisher

3 People's Elbow - The Rock

Is a elbow drop, it hurts so much

Elbow hitting your elbow I'm more scared of the cobra - Hiimme

4 Attitude Adjustment - John Cena

Are you sure, this is very painful for your back and if Hulk Hogan make that Leg Drop to your neck would be very painful for you

5 Rear View - Naomi

Of course but is very sexy

6 You're Welcome - Damien Sandow

Is not truly painful but can hurt your neck

7 Rough Ryder - Zack Ryder

Is not very painful but is uncomfortable for your neck

8 KO Punch - Big Show

Is very painful a boxer punch, imagine a Big Show punch

9 Dirty Deeds - Dean Ambrose

Good for opponens

10 Spear - Roman Reigns

Edge spear is unnecessary but Roman spear can be painful

The Contenders

11 The Accolade - Rusev

Not painful but frustrating bad

12 Superman Punch - Roman Reigns

If Braun Strowman can walk out of a crashed ambulance, how is a flying fist going to knock him back down?

Ok this is more of a signature, but I still get your point

13 Playmaker - MVP
14 Standing Powerbomb - Khali
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