Top 10 Greatest WWE Finishers of All Time

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1 Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker

I really don't care if it looks like a 69 piledriver.. That was epic to watch. Seriously, I mean who could fall on their neck like that? Ouch!

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Kane and many other great wrestlers have kicked out of tombstone piledriver.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone kick out of this once Undertaker executed it.

Gods sake, its Undertaker, No better than Undertaker

2 F5 - Brock Lesnar

Why? Tombstone Piledriver is on the top just because triple h, shawn Michael, batista, brock lesnar and even kane kicked out of tombstone piledriver two times in a match and only kurt angle, goldberg, triple h and undertaker have kicked out of F5.

Grace and power resulting in pure pain. that's F5. and everyone has got their bit of share from big show to Rey Mysterio.

Whoa! Brock was on the top! Cool! Always vote for him!

Very few people have kicked out of F5.

3 Stone Cold Stunner - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

I shook when I saw it. Infact 70% of people sell the move! I just made my self sell while watching it. That will beat every move in history of WWE.

The stunner is the best finisher ever! even though I was a rock fan in the attitude era, sorry rock

This is the best finisher I have ever seen

Cool stone Cold stunner I Like

4 Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels

Ahh... Make me watch a superkick from the USO's.. It won't bother me. Try Steve Blackman. Still won't bother me. But if you make me watch no ordinary superkick? I will fall back and break my relaxation chair.

I like style of kicking

This kick is amazing

5 RKO - Randy Orton

This move is what you have to be careful of. This move can be done anywhere.. This is why you should not face orton. Like he says.. He is the apex predetor.

Sorry ya'll, but no move gets the pop that the RKO gets, not since the 'Stone Cold' Stunner.

This is best and others are waste. Every bite of viper is painfull

Wiper will is the best

6 Pedigree - Triple H

This move is 5 because there is no way to sell it. The secret is.. This would be 3. Because I always add 2 on of they can't sell it. It is still sick enough to enter the first bit in the top 5. This heats it up.

Best finisher. No if's and but's.

Can Cause Face Injury

7 Jackhammer - Goldberg

The best Suplex there is. You go down fast and hard. Brutal.

8 Choke Slam - Kane

Whenever Kane's music hits you know that a Chokeslam is waiting for you I watch WWE just because of Kane So fear The Big Red Machine or he will Chokeslam you to Hell and The Chokelsam is also the best and most destrcutive finisher in history of WWE and the Chokeslam especially by Kane.Kane is the greatest wrestler of all time and my favourite too.Kane for hall of fame 2018.ThankYouKane

9 Spear - Edge

Spear of roman reigns can destroy all wrestlers and it's best finishing move ever

Never seen someone come back from an edges spear

Sphere is my favourite finishing move

No - the Goldberg Spear, not Edge!

10 Sharpshooter - Bret Hart

This is 10 because submissions are quite bad and this is the best one.

It hurts real bad than you think

The Contenders

11 Hell's Gate - The Undertaker

Undertaker means destruction

12 619 - Rey Mysterio

No way, 619 easily top 10 name one that can perform 619?

One of the best moves ever

13 Rock Bottom - The Rock

It is 9 because the only thing I have to say is that is move ended stone colds career.

WHAAT? ROCK BOTTOM IS 16TH? People are really bad tastes.

I like Rock Bottom

14 Go to Sleep - CM Punk

Samoan face killer. Considering it is a very impactful move.

15 People Elbow - The Rock

That moment was awesome

16 Batista Bomb - Batista

It's very good I mean WWE Absaloutly Needs to hire this guy back like seriously.

Imagan going 9 feet in the air and crushing your back? I am to scared too actually.

It has put away so many people

Can Cause Back / Disc / Spinal Injury

17 Spear - Roman Reigns

Roman is the best wrestler of all time and no one can leave his spear

Only two men ever kicked out from it. Dean ambrose and brock lesnar.

Extremely devastating when preceded by the Superman punch

His spear can destroy everyone shield is the best

18 The Undertaker - Tombstone Pile Driver
19 Styles Clash - AJ Styles
20 Attitude Adjustment - John Cena

This finisher move beated the The Undertaker so it is the dangerous move.

This is awesome move to beat anyone.

Can cause serious injuries

He is the best

21 Choke Slam - The Undertaker
22 Angle Slam - Kurt Angle
23 Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy
24 Jacknife Powerbomb - Kevin Nash
25 Dirty Deeds - Dean Ambrose
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