Top 10 Best WWE Pay Per View Matches of 2008


The Top Ten

1 Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair (Career Threatening Match) - Wrestlemania XXIV

Build as Ric Flair's retirement match and it didn't dissapoint at one point Michaels hesitated to use the super kick on Flair eventually Michaels finally did what he had to do and ended Flair's career in a very emotional ending. - egnomac

2 Triple H vs Jeff Hardy - No Mercy

Probly one of their best matches in the series Jeff Hardy came so close but ultimately Triple H got the win. - egnomac

3 Randy Orton vs Triple H vs John Cena vs JBL - Backlash

A rematch from WrestleMania with JBL added to mix a lot action and suprising to see Cena & JBL getting eliminated short after one another and it boiled down to Orton & Triple H where Triple H getting the win. - egnomac

4 Edge vs Undertaker  (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match) - One Night Stand

A very tense match with the stipulation being if Taker lost he would be banished from the WWE, Edge really took it to Undertaker follwed by interferences by Ryder & Hawkins, Chavo & Bam Neely broken tables and chairshots and the ending where Edge knocked Taker off The Ladder crashing through the tables on the outside for the win. - egnomac

5 Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels (Ladder Match) - No Mercy
6 Undertaker vs Edge  (Hell in a Cell) - Summer Slam

After months of being screwed by Edge & Vikki Guerrero Taker finally got even with Edge in a brutal Hell in a Cell match that saw Edge spearing Taker breaking the Cell wall and of course Taker literally Chokeslaming Edge strait to hell. - egnomac

7 Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton - Royal Rumble

Great build up the match really lived up to the hype such a shame that Hardy lost. - egnomac

8 Edge vs Triple H vs Jeff Hardy - Armageddon

Was a really good triple threat match that saw Jeff Hardy finally winning the WWE Championship after months of failed attempts at winning the title. - egnomac

9 Chris Jericho vs John Cena - Survivor Series

About the only really good match at that years Survivor Series the crowd really got into it. - egnomac

10 Batista vs Shawn Michaels - Backlash
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