Top 10 Best WWE Pay Per View Matches 2011

The Top Ten

John Cena vs CM Punk - Money in the Bank

It was such a huge built up leading to this match following CM Punks infamous pipe bomb and Punks contract coming to and end that same night an with Cena being told by Mr. McMahon if he didn't retain the belt he would be fired the croud strongly was behind Punk considering the ppv took place in Chicago, in the matches conclusion Mr. McMahon attempted to screw CM Punk until Cena stepped in and prevented another screw job only to get hit with GTS leading to CM Punk winning the WWE title and escaping through the crowd and walking out of the building. - egnomac

Triple H vs Undertaker (No Holds Barred Match) - WrestleMania XXVII

About one of the few matches on the card that was actually good both men really took one another to the limit especially Triple H who beat the Undertaker so viciously that Undertaker had to be carried out with a kart even though Taker won the match via submission Triple H technically won considering Taker couldn't even stand after the match. - egnomac

Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Big Show vs Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs Wade Barrett (Elimination Chamber Match) - Elimination Chamber

A great elimination chamber match with a lot of good spots and extreme moments both Edge and Mysterio started the match and surprising all 6 six superstars were in the match at the same time. - egnomac

Triple H vs CM Punk (No Disqualification Match) - Night of Champions

Great match too bad CM Punk lost. - egnomac

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio (Ladder Match) - Extreme Rules

An awesome ladder match that saw Christian finally winning the World title with help from Edge who retired weeks before the match. - egnomac

CM Punk vs The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio (TLC Match) - TLC
Edge vs Dolph Ziggler - Royal Rumble
CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio - Survivor Series
Christian vs Randy Orton (No Holds Barred Match) - Summer Slam

The match certainly did not disappoint it was brutal and hard hitting and the finish was just amazing Orton hitting the Rko on Christian as he was coming off the ropes onto the steel steps. - egnomac

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk (Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match) - Hell in a Cell

The first time ever The WWE title was defended in a triple threat Hell in a Cell while it was a very impressive match and many spots including Cena being locked out of the Cell allowing Del Rio to win the title but the real chaos happened after the match as Cena returned to the ring to go after Del Rio R-truth and The Miz who were kicked out of the builing earlier that night and began attacking all three superstars as well as the refree and cameramen as the cell was lowered again trapping the men, all the while the entire locker room, Triple H and Laurintes attempted to get in the cell before officers finaly cut the chains off arrested Miz and Truth before Triple H went after both men. - egnomac

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