Long Lists Inspecting #21 Den of Geek's ''Every Royal Rumble in WWE History Ranked'' list

To start off the Royal Rumble week why not have it be based on a list related to one of favorite match types in all. The Royal Rumble is like a new years resolution if the WWE is going to be good or bad usually the indicator shows with this, but unlike last year its just lost steam quickly which seemed odd since last years rumble was one of the better ones. With that said let's gather around for all of them in their entirety in this case we will go backwards based on each entry to make this feel more creative.

1st Entrant/#33 Royal Rumble 15' - How fitting the worst one on the list is the beginning of what turned out to be the most hated babyface in WWE history, and of course that would become to be Roman Reigns. Aside from the predictability part of the show what made everybody turn so quickly is the fact the most over guy was put on the backburner fairly quickly which was a huge mistake in terms of if it was intentional or not this didn't settle too well. I wouldn't say this is the worst one per say seeing they at least tried getting good surprises in Bubba Ray and DDP the crowd popped with a roar, but than again the other half of the rumble it was all, but over.

Duration: 8:54 Minutes
Elimination Order: 4th

2nd Entrant/#32 Royal Rumble 88' - For setting a standard I can respect that in a way. but the amount of wrestlers at the time in this one could of been much better. Nothing against Hacksaw a true legend, and all, but it just felt like the most dry of all the rumbles I've watched in all honesty for 20 I can see why this needed some tweaking.

Duration: 9:16 Minutes
Elimination Order: 5th

3rd Entrant/#31 Greatest Royal Rumble - Also known as perhaps the most generic stacked rumble arguably in the company's history. Seriously there was nothing truly memorable at all nor its name hold up to that standard as this and another show of the same year where in Saudi Arabia which sounds like a terrible idea right? I refuse to call this apart of the tradition and hopefully its one and done no more of these wastes of space.

Duration: 0:02 Seconds
Elimination Order: 1st

4th Entrant/#30 Royal Rumble 94' - It felt a bit dull for sure, but four superstars stood out Lex Luger, and Bret Hart obviously, but give it up for the big men being forces Diesel, and Bam Bam Bigelow wrecked the place with a combined 11 Eliminations that's pretty impressive. Yet again the rest of stars were either on the rise or they just jobbed out that year.

Duration: 27:45 Minutes
Elimination Order: 9th

5th Entrant/#29 Royal Rumble 99' - You know your rumble is pretty horrific when two are the main focus at the beginning aside from Mabel turning into Viscera everything else in this match was everybody else doing absolutely nothing standing no where in the way. This was what got Vince Russo fired, and went to WCW shortly afterwards because he said in an interview this was his work kinda like the dumb brawl for all matches right?

Duration: 3:16 Minutes
Elimination Order: 2nd

6th Entrant/#28 Royal Rumble 12' - I actually liked this rumble for some reason not because of the winning part, but it was one of the more comical driven rumbles that had not taken itself that seriously which seemed right for the time in how wild the end of 2011 it truly was how fitting with all the wacky personalities all in the this rumble is something.

Duration: 42:53 Minutes
Elimination Order: 20th

7th Entrant/#27 Royal Rumble 91' - This one might be a little low to be honest sure it might be boring for the time, but that star talent is pretty well received looking at the tag teams at the time, and the star power was only closely aligning as well. Yet things that do hurt this one is two wrestlers not knowing the rules correctly in Paul Roma, and yes Randy Savage who ends up being no stranger to this in later rumbles we will get to.

Duration: 15:54 Minutes
Elimination Order: 13th

8th Entrant/#26 Royal Rumble 14' - A little bit too high honestly this was a terrible rumble to be honest I mean sure Roman reigns did a lot in this match, but the crowd pretty much showed their true colors, and felt total rejection melting with emotions bursts with boo's it was that insanely bad booking in the finest hour. Also CM Punk literally quit after the match was over that's how bad the backlash on this one match was so if your gonna point to how demoralizing it was for the fans outcry to pour onto that years Wrestlemania this is why.

Duration: 0:45 Seconds
Elimination Order: 3rd

9th Entrant/#25 Royal Rumble 11' - It did showcase two main superstars that year in both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan so it did something there right. Nexus dominated 2/4's of the field only for the entire group to one again get buried by John Cena go figure. He nearly looked to have won only be screwed over okay, and of course ADR wins, and the Santino tease i'll admit was hysterical to watch to Matt Striker's delight of pleasure.

Duration: 20:41 Minutes
Elimination Order: 15th

10th Entrant/#24 Royal Rumble 06' - I actually didn't like the show itself all that much probably of its wacky card set why is the Royal Rumble in the middle of the show exactly? Is it because we knew Rey would win for Eddie all along? I really loathe predictable rumbles it ruins a lot of the credibility of those who try there very best in a regular basics.

Duration: 19:37 Minutes
Elimination Order: 14th

11th Entrant/#23 Royal Rumble 95' - Man oh man this one was brutal if you watch it entirely wow the roster at the time was terrible. Let me give you an idea of those who had a chance in this thing going into the match. HBK (drew #1, and won with a signature leg hanging on win), British Bulldog (#2 Entrant), Owen Hart (Ambush by Bret Hart), Bob Backlund (Also attacked by Bret Hart), Lex Luger yes only five of these superstars were odds on favorites more less, and of those 3 of them has an unfair advantage due to different circumstance. Meanwhile 2/3's of this rumble are either midcarders, or just forgettable gimmicks you know of for horrid purposes, or have no idea at all.

Duration: 2:01 Minutes
Elimination Order: 6th

12th Entrant/#22 Royal Rumble 00' - In terms of roster itself I get why it has fallen in terms of the match itself, but man the spots were pretty good though I must admit like seriously Rikishi showing his dominance early on, and Boss man's heel-ish tactics worked for the most part until getting eliminated by The Rock, and also Taka flipped and outta the match busting his head pretty cool way to get eliminated. Mean Street Posse also doing their part taking out the A.P.A for what reason why I don't know, and frankly I don't remember, but pint is this was a interesting rumble with the right guy coming out on top of it all.

Duration: 34:04 Minutes
Elimination Order: 24th

13th Entrant/#21 Royal Rumble 13' - Very stale rumble honestly, godfather going out in 5 seconds really! Plus the talent in this match was not that good as it looks either especially how the competitors were doing it was pretty much a given John Cena was gonna win the thing from the start just based on who would be in it. A bit too high for one I wasn't a fan of it, and furthermore at least its not way far off like another rumble from almost the past decade which will get to it when we do.

Duration: 1:36 Minutes
Elimination Order: 7th

14th Entrant/#20 Royal Rumble 98' - Oh this rumble is great actually 20 way too low I'd have it sneak the top 10 I love it that much. Plus you had a lot of up and comers in this thing that could be game changers and the first real confrontation between the Rock and Austin was right here in 98 wow is this something for a final two to have. Another noteworthy honor is that Mick Foley pulled off all three of his personas in one setting that's awesome, and it shows the durability he puts himself though. It did set up some future matches to come for sure, and was one I see in high regards for a building block for Wrestlemania XIV to be as big as it was.

Duration: 31:50 Minutes
Elimination Order: 23rd

15th Entrant/#19 Royal Rumble 89' - Andre dominated the 1/3's of the rumble. Jake gets him out with the cliche snake pull out. Hogan makes history eliminating 10 men in the ring and still lose in the process. Looking back at it its better than the first rumble, but Big John Studd winning it was weird.

Duration: 12:35 Minutes
Elimination Order: 11th

16th Entrant/#18 Royal Rumble 18' (Divas) - Do I think it deserved the main event no, but I give them credit for at least trying their best being the first divas rumble in history. A lot of return some good while others meh. At the time the right person won, but the aftermath is horrible what would happen. The only things I didn't like was the political gain from Michelle McCool, and the bella twins pretty owned a part of the rumble in some ways than not I mean really though. That was the only thing that bothered about this match otherwise not that bad for a start of more to come in the future.

Duration: 13:04 Minutes
Elimination Order: 18th

17th Entrant/#17 Royal Rumble 09' - Another somewhat predictable rumble, but you know what I do like is how hard they tried not to get eliminated in this one when somebody nearly looks to be out there not look at CM Punk here a highlight real, Big Show of rarely actually saved himself from elimination from the Undertaker at one point at the end of the match. Things I don't like is that when you get to the very end look at how many guys would come out Brian Kendrick, Santino Marella, Dolph Ziggler, and Hacksaw I mean at least RVD was decent at what he could do here even if he wasn't gonna win it. A very competitive rumble with some slap stick towards the end.

Duration: 14:11 Minutes
Elimination Order: 19th

18th Entrant/#16 Royal Rumble 97' - I gotta be honest I fought it was a boring rumble to be quite honest I mean its okay, but the only real highlights that saved this from being one of the more unbearable ones to watch is Stone Cold being the entire story. This is what controversy would occur consider this being Austin worst win of the three that he has won. Afterwards he lost his shot somehow in a screwed up fatal four way match i'm not kidding that's how they resolved this. Meanwhile back to the rumble notice all the obscure entrants between AAA wrestlers, and the fake Razor and Diesel yeah no i'm not kidding at least Kane went to have a great career whereas the rest of them did nothing onwards.

Duration: 0:19 Seconds
Elimination Order: 8th

19th Entrant/#15 Royal Rumble 05' - Oh this rumble had its fair share of defining moments Muhammad Hassan getting rejected to be in the match Scotty 2 Hotty once again gets screwed. Both GM's come on out when 8 guys from each brand go at it. Here's the thing with this one is that how rare it is a rumble like this with no returns was actually very for not needing that to happen. Also Paul London's elimination was so epic for the wrong reason his head flying through with a clothesline delivered all over the crowds reaction seeing it. Than you get to the end where they don't accept a tie unlike the 94 one Batista ended up with the win, and eventually turned Face heading to Smackdown, and Cena went to Raw they two pretty much switch brand, and set what would be a showcasing how important a final four looks like especially right there the most important ones here Cena, Batista, Edge, and Rey Mysterio that's one heck of a way to display what down the road looks like.

Duration: 18:19 Minuets
Elimination Order: 30th

20th Entrant/#14 Royal Rumble 02' - Wow this is not in the top 10 are you high? The returns were pretty good, a very wild and entertaining 60 minute rumble as J.R. put it this one had it all I mean Maven eliminating the Undertaker wow that was unbelievable. Than you get the Austin, and Triple H face off that was great. Mr. Perfect almost nearly winning the rumble is always a great what if that happened unfortunately afterwards he went on to do nothing very disappointing. Triple H needed this win to prove that his time would come, and he would rule it for the next 3 years on Raw.

Duration: 17:01 Minutes
Elimination Order: Winner!

21st Entrant/#13 Royal Rumble 16' - Oh much better handled than the last two rumbles that's for sure. The Wyatt Family and Brock Lesnar clash that was probably the only other cool part to this rumble because all the other stars were just side casts it seemed like. Of course I called it #30 would be the game winning his second rumble in 14 years apart good win, but unfortunately he dropped right back at Wrestlemania to the crowds dislike.

Duration: 9:58 Minutes
Elimination Order: 17th

22nd Entrant/#12 Royal Rumble 08' - I'm okay where this is, and it was a cool rumble. Looking back not saying the return of John Cena was a cool moment seeing he was out for 3 to 4 months during Orton's reign as champion. I like how HBK and undertaker start if off they last almost the entire match. Roddy Piper, and Jimmy Snuka reenactment of the famous feud that was cool to see them do that side by side only for Kane to eliminate them both. Overall good rumble, but a finish that would be the sign of the end of an era they would never go back to.

Duration: 23:06 Minutes
Elimination Order: 27th

23rd Entrant/#11 Royal Rumble 17' - While yes the Goldberg Undertaker stare down fight was good as well as Randy Orton luckily won there are major flaws with this rumble I can't past to this day. One of those is how early Braun got eliminated should of been in the match much longer since he racked up 7 outta the match and solely have him fall to Baron Corbin? Second why is Roman Reigns #30 of all the guys you could of had out there like Samoa Joe, or Finn Balor even could of made a return you do that? Yet no Vince trolls the fans once again that's why to this day I have mixed feelings towards this rumble a but sour with a taste of lemon all over the place.

Duration: 5:23 Minutes
Elimination Order: 12th

24th Entrant/#10 Royal Rumble 93' - I gotta say this Rumble is better than I fought it was, but as a whole show terrible. Ric Flair was in again only this Mr. Perfect too entered the rumble, and he stopped him in his tracks. Bob Backlund had a great showing being one of the final three lasting as long as an hour eventually Rey Mysterio went on to have the record. Undertaker cleans house getting rid of everybody in the ring. Only for a giant ape man in a suit come out and take him down with one strike. He would than be named Giant Gonzalez. The 2 and a half way down the rumble its time for Yoko's dominance to come into play as he wiped out all in his way to earn his shot at Bret Hart at the Caesar palace which sadly didn't live up to the match it should of been.

Duration: 6:28 Minutes
Elimination Order: 16th

25th Entrant/#9 Royal Rumble 10' - Oh this rumble was great in terms of what it had CM Punk talking for the early portion only for Triple H to be done with him immediately. Beth Phoenix not only making history as the second diva ever to enter an all male rumble, but eliminate the Great Khali that is an achievement. For me the biggest performer of this match is easily Shawn Michaels eliminated 6 men, and was nearly there from the rematch with Undertaker in which he got desperate measures to get his one final supposed match. The ending felt very rushed to me once HBK went out then here goes Batista, and John Cena as Edge wins the match and I have no problem with that.

Duration: 5:09 Minutes
Elimination Order: 29th

26th Entrant/#8 Royal Rumble 96' - Unlike 95 were there three superstars who could win here there was more possibilities you had Diesel, Yokozuna, Vader, HBK, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Bob Backlund, Heck an early Triple H would of been something. The star talent was much better here, and Shawn Michael does it again going two in a row and what's better he actually won the title for the first time in the first ever Iron Man Match so i'm glad this one is higher at least.

Duration: 10:05 Minutes
Elimination Order: 21st

27th Entrant/#7 Royal Rumble 03' - Way too high in my opinion I fought it was one of the most forgettable Royal Rumble matches that decade i'm serious I can't really say I remember that much of the show other than Brock Lesnar winning the whole thing. HBk gets ambushed, and gets eliminated that quick okay, and oh course Jericho got his thanks to Test taking him out. Other than that the rest of the match just seems dull to me. Sure the final four is pretty good, but still I would pass on this one nothing much to it i'm shocked this is top 10 let alone #7.

Duration: 1:42 Minutes
Elimination Order: 10th

28th Entrant/#6 Royal Rumble 18' (Men's) - Now this one I liked for the most part, sure the spot weren't there in this one, but the final six was something Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and Nakamura. Backup though as this comes close to what Maven did, heath Slater is mostly a joke wrestler gets beat up to eventually Surprise Sheamus, and eliminated him in two seconds wow is right that is something to look back on.

Duration: 8:29 Minuets
Elimination Order: 22nd

29th Entrant/#5 Royal Rumble 04' - Oh the true ultimate Royal Rumble survivalist not named Chris Jericho instead will just call him Krispin Wah joke gags inserted here. Seriously though Wah was a great technical wrestler, and he live up to his name every match he fought with intensity. Here he brought it all on this one night to survive every lasting guy in the ring. Sure he maybe a monster with that unfortunate incident, but it made sense why he won this rumble, and I think the far superior win over HBK's 95 victory with pretty much mostly jobbers Wah fought through some names to win it all Big Show, Randy Orton, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and John Cena. You could also say Kane, and Goldberg sure, but both guys left the match so quick they weren't really gonna win it anyways, but still the quality of stars was pretty impressive and it had that one surprise moment in earnest Miller spot was somewhat hilarious to watch. I'd say great rumble especially for the memorable end to the match as well Wah holding onto Big Show by the head how fitting for all that he went through.

Duration: 7:52 Minutes
Elimination Order: 28th

30th Entrant/#4 Royal Rumble 92' - What made this rumble so iconic is adding the title belt withing the rumble match itself, how fitting who would come out on top though deservedly. This is well in my opinion the best all around talent in any rumble match ever. There wasn't too many notable spots, but this was the nature boy's night to make himself known why he is one of the greatest of all time he proved on this night even though he needed help getting Sid Justice outta the ring. Great rumble that's undeniable.

Duration: 11:47 Minutes
Elimination Order: 31st

Now we get into Smackdown 1 rules if you know what I mean.

31st Entrant/#3 Royal Rumble 90' - Another great stacked set of superstars in this one there were some moment in this one as well Demolition eliminating Andre The Giant unreal to see. Ted Dibiase had a good showing being the #1 entrant only to get eliminated by Ultimate Warrior who had a intense stare down with the hulkster the rest is history, but everybody forgets how he got eliminated with the help of two others by Hogan he goes out like that how disappointing probably should of been down to those two. Dusty Rhodes is sole appearance in a royal rumble believe or not was this one. Another great rumble i'm not sure though if I would put above 92 however well it didn't have a messed up ending maybe I can see why.

Duration: 3:11 Minutes
Elimination Order: 26th

32nd Entrant/#2 Royal Rumble 07' - Another very memorable rumble this would be one of the encounters of both HBK and undertaker to happen, and the showdown was like how the Wrestlemania matches went down in the history books. Rated RKO did good as well making very close as final four only for the two to come up short. You had Great Khali tossing a lot of the lesser known guys out of the ring eventually Undertaker was the sole one to finally get him outta there. No returns no problem example that it works in this case, but 2nd best rumble ugh... that's debatable.

Duration: 4:34 Minutes
Elimination Order: 25th

33rd Entrant/#1 Royal Rumble 01' - Kane making history and nearly, and probably should have won this match. Then again I do understand why they didn't want that route because imagine Rock vs Kane that be a very weird main event. Drew Carey the only actual celebrity to have wanted to be in a Royal Rumble, and not really do anything as he takes one minute exit as he sees Kane. Kane ends up taking out all the hardcore type guys out the way, and spoiled the surprise party of the Honky Tonk Man. Big Show returns after being on the shelf for awhile chokeslams everyone in the ring, and The Rock ironically takes him out, and bitter as he was breaks the Rock in half on the announcers table. Things slowed down a bit, but picks back up when Undertaker arrives the brothers of destruction tear up the ring towards the end. Rikishi breaks it up taking out Undertaker, Haku made a very odd return that led to nothing. Steve Austin prevailed even when he was mercifully beaten by Triple H found some way to go into second gear.

Duration: 5:56 Minutes
Elimination Order: 32nd/runner up

If you followed correctly here's my way of ranking every single one of these in my own way of booking a countdown like this...

Last - Greatest Royal Rumble
32nd - Royal Rumble 99'
31st - Royal Rumble 14'
30th - Royal Rumble 15'
29th - Royal Rumble 88'
28th - Royal Rumble 95'
27th - Royal Rumble 13'
26th - Royal Rumble 97'
25th - Royal Rumble 94'
24th - Royal Rumble 03'
23rd - Royal Rumble 89'
22nd - Royal Rumble 17'
21st - Royal Rumble 91'
20th - Royal Rumble 06'
19th - Royal Rumble 11'
18th - Royal Rumble 93'
17th - Royal Rumble 16'
16th - Royal Rumble 18' (Divas)
15th - Royal Rumble 09'
14th - Royal Rumble 12'
13th - Royal Rumble 96'
12th - Royal Rumble 18' (Men's)
11th - Royal Rumble 98'
10th - Royal Rumble 00'
9th - Royal Rumble 07'
8th - Royal Rumble 90'
7th - Royal Rumble 08'
6th - Royal Rumble 04'
5th - Royal Rumble 10'
4th - Royal Rumble 05'
3rd - Royal Rumble 92'
2nd - Royal Rumble 01'
1st/winner - Royal Rumble 02

Thanks for giving the time to of another week of hype coming near you, and maybe this Royal Rumble might not be half bad for all we know.