Top Ten Best WWE Tag Teams of 2014


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1 The Shield

The shield is not very powerful just because of dean ambrose. - subhashsahu

One of the best factions of all time. Dean Ambrose is brilliant on the mic and has perfected his in ring style. Seth Rollins is the spot taker and a high flyer. Roman Reigns is powerful and explosive. An excellent combination along with great chemistry makes then the best on this list.

Roman reigns superman punch, spear... Awesome

Most powerful. Tag team just because of Roman reigns. there triple power bomb is awesome

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2 The Usos

The uses are better then all of them

The Usos are totally hot, in my opinion!

The USOS are awesome

3 Wyatt Family

They Beat The shield in The Elimination Chamber so they deserve no in the list. Tey are also very powerful. - subhashsahu

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4 The Real Americans
5 Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Cody Rhodes is so hot all the way!

6 Ryback and Curtis Axel
7 CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

The best in the world teaming up with daniel Bryan I think it's time 4 a yes yes yes

8 Big Show and Rey Mysterio
9 Prime Time Players
10 Big E Langston and Mark Henry

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11 CM Punk and Big E Langston
12 Ole Ole

Wrong, it's Los Matadores. Get it right next time.

13 Miz and Ziggler
14 Randy Orton and Batista
15 The Funkadactyls

Overall a good team of Cameron becoming a better wrestler than what she was before with her move set and mic skills and One of the best all around divas today Naomi

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16 Daniel Bryan and Big Show
17 Randy Orton and Curtis Axel
18 Ryback and Brodus Clay
19 Darren Young and Zack Ryder
20 Kane and Wade Barrett
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1. The Real Americans
2. Wyatt Family
3. Ryback and Curtis Axel
1. Wyatt Family
2. The Shield
3. The Usos
1. The Shield
2. The Usos
3. Wyatt Family

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