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1 D-Generation X

Is the best since hbk and h has done very well they in top 10 wrestler of all time

My favorite tag team of all time. - subhashsahu

Brothers of Destruction are a great tag team and all but they've had way too many rivalries against each other. Unlike who stick with each other through thick and thin =)

The best

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2 The Hardy Boyz

They are high-flying superstars they work so well together and when they had that extreme rules match at Wrestlemania that was epic they are the best tag team there ever was in WWE

These guys have great team moves, Brothers of destruction are pretty good as well and I would've voted 4 dudley's if they didn't put hot girls through tables! - Giusti97

Again 2 words: High Flying. the hardy boyz always give it there all and win a lot of the time. they truly have the best teamwork in WWE.

They are the best because, they had better highlights then and they wanted the wwe to be more popular with their highlights

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3 Brothers Of Destruction (Kane & Undertaker)

the brothers kill everyone... they should be ranked 2 or 3

They have been undefeated... They both when get up from any move in the centre of the ring makes the opponent feel like hell.. They are the best tag team ever... Thts why they are called the brothers of destruction

They kick ass every time they are together - guizpom

They completely dominate their opponents every time their in the ring. That's why they are called the brothers of DESTRUCTION. The devil's favourite demon and the demon from death valley will double chokeslam you straight to hell, and if anyone thinks they can beat them, they've got a place reserved for them in the hottest pit of hell. - FFDP

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4 Edge & Christian

Weather they are most liked or not the always put up a fight and they almost always win the fight!

The 7 Tag Team Titles have won together say it all. Also, the fact that both of them have been these wrestlers that held the most tag team titles seperatelly: Edge have won 14 tag team championship (first ever in the relevant list) Christian 9. So, 23 tag team titles if you add.

I love E&C! Their #1 DX2nd & Hardy's 3rd. I don't know about the rest.

True innovators. Props to the Dudleys and Hardys for their contributions to those legendary TLC matches, but to me, E&C always stole the show. Conchairto, anyone?

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5 The Shield

Perfect combination of in ring ability (high flying and power), charisma and cutting promos.

The shield is the best roman reigns is the best and his spear can break someone's ribs that is how deadly Roman reigns is that is why the shield should be number one. Also their tag team finisher is the bomb and nobody else's tag team finisher is as good as the shields so any shield fan help me make the Sheild number one on the board and in the wwe.

Shield should be top they are the best


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6 The Road Warriors The Road Warriors The Road Warriors were a professional wrestling tag team composed of Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand and Joseph "Animal" Laurinaitis.

They won the tag team belts in every single major company during their time, They also popularized face paint and many popular tag team moves. What a rush!

Bar none the best ever! If you think differently then you haven't seen them.

IF you think anyone else is the greatest tag team ever, you obviously know absolutely nothing about wrestling.

The best Tag Team in wrestling period...
Other tag teams like The Hart Foundation, Demolition,
The Four Horsemen and the British Bull Dogs to name a few were not even in the same league as the Road Warriors.

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7 The Dudley Boys

Devon, get the tables!

Get the table

2 words: POWER HOUSE. the dudly boyz with stacy keibler make an amazing team.


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8 Team Hell No

They are wwe tag team champions fun to watch goatface aka D. Bryan is extremely funny and talented in the ring and so is kane

Kane= comedy- power house Daniel Bryan= agility- comedy- anger problems
Team Hell No = the 8th bet tag team of all time.

Team hell no rocks


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9 Rated-RKO

That is epic rko and spear together my favourite finishers of all time 1 of the best tag teams ever

It was nice team, RKO & spear are nice combination

My two favorite superstars and moves combined

At a combined Weight of 476 Ib, Edge & Randy Orton Rated-RKO! - htoutlaws2012

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10 Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

They are amazing guys sin Cara and Rey mysterio

The best tag team in history are them

They were one of the best but now since rey left it has to be the lucha dragons

Why 9 and not 1? They can easily beat hardyz,and brothers of destruction

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11 The Rock & Sock Connection

The two best wrestlers of all time in a tag team? It doesn't get any better...

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12 The Usos

They are one-time and current WWE Tag Team Champions

You are the best usos

You should be in top 6.

It should be number 1 it has undertaker roman reigns John Cena shah rukh khan amir khan tom cruise

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13 The Hart Foundation

You guys are amazing how are you guys on 11

Accompanied by Jimmy Hart, At a combine Weight of who knows Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, British Bulldog, Owen Hart, & Brian Pillman The Hart foundation! - htoutlaws2012

14 APA

The most badass tag team of all time. They beat the best of the best. Bradshaw and Faarooq were awesome

These guys ruled the wwe, absoultely amazing.

At a combined Weight 560 Ib Faarooq, Bradshaw, The Acolytes! - htoutlaws2012

15 The New Age Outlaws

Ladies and Gentleman. Boys and girls. proudly brings to you. The Five Time. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. The Road Dogg Jesse James. The bad ass Billy Gunn. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!

At a combine Weight of 501 Ib, Road Dogg Jesse James, badd ass Billy Gunn, The New Age Outlaws! - htoutlaws2012

16 NWO

They have got lots of tag team partners

It's simple, it was just TOO SWEET!

Booker T, Big Show, X-Pac, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Hollywood Hulk Hogan the NWO! - htoutlaws2012

17 Evolution

The best stable of the modern era. Featuring a face from the past, the present and the future.

The best stable

Now Seth Rollins is in evolution and batista quit

At a combine Weight of 1,027 Ib Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton, Triple H Evolution! - htoutlaws2012

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18 Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

You should be number 1 why 17th position it doesn't suits with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Roman reigns and seth rollins should be in the top 10 they have only lost 2 matches. They work best together. Speed and power are the best.

You should be number 1 because in Shield nobody can stop them. The Shield is the best.

I love roman

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19 The Rockers

At a combine Weight of 451 Ib Marty Jannetty, Shawn Michaels, The Rockers! - htoutlaws2012

20 Chris Benoit And Chris Jericho

These two were amazing and were Tag Team Champions at one time and they were fun to watch

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