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41 Demolition V 1 Comment
42 Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

They are like the shield but just one man short

the best team since the stinking seth Rollins betrayed the shied
Ambrose and reigns is the best

V 4 Comments
43 Air Boom

Evan bourne kofi kingston air boom! The best tag team I have ever seen

V 1 Comment
44 The Ascension
45 Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio V 2 Comments
46 John Cena & The Rock

The two have great chemistry and there is no man left behind

Most over a great on if they could they can go far away in future and they will become the tag team champions. if rock could get time with cena they can be and they will be - THE BOTTOM TO ADDJUSTMENT.

V 4 Comments
47 Paul London and Brian Kendrick
48 The Hype Bros

Lets go zack ryder woo woo wooo lets go mojo rawley the main man the hype bro with the broski zack ryder

49 Social Outcasts V 2 Comments
50 American Alpha
51 Breezango

You Got love their segements - princepretty

52 The Smokin' Gunns

The team includes dean ambrose, zack Ryder and the miz

The six shooters that's all I have to say

V 1 Comment
53 Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The current WWE tag team champions tear it up in the ring like nothing else.

They were the best family team ever, just in front of the Usos because I can't tell them apart.

V 1 Comment
54 Sami Zayn & Adam Rose
55 RVD and Kane
56 Colossal Connection (Andre the Giant & Haku)
57 Cryme Tyme V 2 Comments
58 Jeri-Show V 1 Comment
59 Miz & John Morrison

Why is this so low? I guess face tag teams are always voted by kids... Aside from their entertaining 250 day tag team title reign the tow developed an 8 winning streak in late 2007.

Erm, how are they this low?!

Wht? Whtthe hell...the Dirt Sheet should be at he top ten list...They r the greatest team of all tym...

60 The Steiner Brothers V 3 Comments
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