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41 Randy Orton - Burn In My Light

Best song in the history of WWE/wwf, it just makes you feel epic and it should be first ahead of voices. legend killer forever.

Everybody forget that epic song because of 'Voices' :(

If only there were more legends for Randy to kill. :( I wish he could return with this theme and his old gimmick again...

Me to he is the best and if I had won thing to say it would be I love him and his themes.

Should be higher.

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42 Shinsuke Nakamura - The Rising Sun

This is the best song

43 Chris Jericho - King of My World

Really this low

I not like you

44 Ryback - Meat On The Table

Good! Should be higher

As of today, the song has changed to "Meat on a Table", which makes it even better.

This a good theme put it higher

Feed me more

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45 Jack Swagger - Patriot

Push jack swagger

46 Batista - I Walk Alone

Definitely a Great entrance like two Machine Guns and a great soundtrack that clearly says that he is a lonely superstar on WWE (I Walk Alone), one of the most intense and great superstars of all time..

Such a sick track it fits Dave so well!


This should he in the top ten. - RalphBob

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47 Chris Benoit - Whatever

Should be in the top ten at least!

Probably the best theme in my opinion

His theme always gives a chill down my spine. - UltraGamer

Love it - PackOps

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48 Ezekiel Jackson - Nation of Domination V 1 Comment
49 Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors V 1 Comment
50 The Undertaker - Dark Side V 1 Comment
51 Edge - Never Gonna Stop Me
52 Alex Riley - Say It to My Face

Whoever doesn't vote for this is crazy. Alex Riley may not be the most well known wrestler but he has the best entrance

Alex riley's theme song is better then miz's theme. Miz can cry all he want be alex riley is better then him. Now that something everyone should know - trentbaretta25

53 Ultimate Warrior - Way of the Warrior

He will live in my heart forever

54 nWo - Rockhouse
55 Dean Ambrose - Retaliation

Dean ambrose is a awesome and funny WWE superstar

I love dean ambrose

You are the best

He is amazing

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56 New Age Outlaws - Oh, You Didn't Know?
57 Raven - End of Everything
58 The Undertaker - You're Gonna Pay

The Best Undertaker's theme song! Just EPIC!

59 Stone Cold Steve Austin - Hell Frozen Over
60 Edge - You Think You Know Me?
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