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101 The Undertaker - Graveyard Symphony
102 The Great Khali - I'm a Chum V 1 Comment
103 Tons of Funk - Somebody Call My Momma

Oh my god, this song is epic why isn't it in the top 10?

Please vote this is an epic song
If you don't like then you are not a man!

104 The Shield - Special Op

Reigns Ambrose and Rollins should have been called the Am-bros instead of the shield lmfao I'm funny aye

V 4 Comments
105 Sting - Out of the Shadows
106 The Dudley Boyz - Turn the Tables

Great song by Saliva - musicfanguy

Get The Tables!

107 Brodus Clay - Somebody Call My Momma V 1 Comment
108 Kane - Veil of Fire
109 Jeff & Matt Hardy - Loaded
110 The Undertaker - The Grim Reaper

This song is really nice

111 The Undertaker - Ministry of Darkness

The tune is just so good and it fits undertaker perfect with the creepy laugh and everything

V 1 Comment
112 Curtis Axel - Reborn Curtis Axel - Reborn Joseph Curtis "Joe" Hennig is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Curtis Axel, where he is one-fourth of The Social Outcasts.
113 Stardust - Written In Stars
114 Andre the Giant - R.I.P
115 Vader - It's Vader Time
116 The Great Khali - Land of 5 Rivers V 1 Comment
117 A.P.A. - Protection V 1 Comment
118 The Macho Man Randy Savage - Monarchy Song

I can't believe this isn't on the list, y'allaint seen great wrestling if you're not familiar with this tune - led by the Lovely Elizabeth, RIP Moocho Muchacho

119 Justin Gabriel - Fear Nothing V 2 Comments
120 Everybody On the Ground - Jim Johnston
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