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121 The Fabulous Rougeaus - All American Boys V 1 Comment
122 Rick Rude Rick Rude Richard Erwin "Rick" Rood, better known by his ring name "Ravishing Rick" Rude, was an American professional wrestler who performed for many promotions, including World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation, and Extreme Championship Wrestling.
123 American Alpha Theme

Sounds like patriot song

124 Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection

Oh just listen it you will be surely voting for it

awesome wrestler and describes dolph perfectly

Better than here to show the world

V 1 Comment
125 Drew Mcintyre - Broken Dreams

This song starts all quiet, yet harsh, but when the chorus begins, the song takes you into a hardcore entrance theme. It really suits McIntyre's rough and tough image, plus you can't help but admit it's pretty catchy. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

I think that allmost everyone agrees that this is the best theme ever from the WWE. "You never hear the shot that takes you down" I love it! - Ultimateown

This should be #1 my favorite I mean how in the hell is get on your knees better than this make this #1

Love This!

V 7 Comments
126 Big Show - Crank It Up

Should be higher on the list its catchy

V 2 Comments
127 Shane Mcmahon - Here Comes The Money

This should be one HERE COMES THE MONEY I'm nine and I love shane as a wrestler to bad he quit HERE COMES THE MONEYY

It's comedy and I like it
It should be more ahead

128 Damien Sandow - The Hallelujah Chorus
129 The Undertaker - Rollin'

The best song I have ever heard awesome

Its cool and fits the deadman

Best song

130 X-pac - X Factory
131 R-Truth - What's Up?

Awesome should be top 5!

132 Rikishi - Too Cool

This is an awesome theme song for the legend RIKISHI

133 Maven - Tattoo

This one is the best theme song used to date, hands down.

134 Jesse and Festus - Biscuits and Gravy

This song barely makes sense but its good

V 1 Comment
135 Christian - My Peeps
136 Tazz - Just Another Victim
137 Tazz - 13
138 The Dudley Boyz - We're Comin' Down
139 Right to Censor Theme
140 Test - Corporate
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