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141 Vader - It's Vader Time
142 Shawn Michaels - Tell Me a Lie Shawn Michaels - Tell Me a Lie

So sad, but so good

143 R Truth - Little Jimmy
144 The Acolytes - Acolytes
145 Legion of Doom - What a Rush
146 Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection

Oh just listen it you will be surely voting for it

awesome wrestler and describes dolph perfectly

Better than here to show the world

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147 R-Truth - What's Up?

Awesome should be top 5!

148 Damien Sandow - The Hallelujah Chorus
149 Rikishi - Too Cool

This is an awesome theme song for the legend RIKISHI

150 The Shield - Special Op The Shield - Special Op

Reigns Ambrose and Rollins should have been called the Am-bros instead of the shield lmfao I'm funny aye

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151 Sting - Out of the Shadows
152 The Undertaker - Funeral March

Best and most ambient version of his theme! This one really set the mood for his persona. THIS is what undertaker/funeral parlor music should sound like

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2. Edge - Metalingus
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