WWE's Worst Ideas

When your making a list like this you have to look back at the past 50 years of the worst things ever

The Top Ten

1 Brock Lesnar Ends the Streak

This is the worst idea ever because the streak was the most important thing the WWE ever had so to end it with someone who only works part time like brock lesnar is terrible - Tazitron

My client Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker undefeated streak at Wrestle Mania. - subhashsahu

It should have been Cena that ended the streak him or someone better instead of that poser Brock Lesnar. - egnomac

Awful 2014

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2 Twice In a Lifetime

This was called one in a lifetime for a reason but the have to let John Cena win everything don't they so they had to make a second one - Tazitron

3 WWE Goes PG
4 Triple H Goes Coo

Worst idea of WWE of all time. - subhashsahu

5 Owen Hart Into Blue Blazer

Because that is the reason Owen hart is dead - Tazitron

6 Cena's Title Shots
7 Bringing Batista to WWE

If they brought him back in 2012 that would be ok but the had to bring him back at the worst possible time - Tazitron

8 Unifying the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship
9 Creating the XFL

Who even watched that - Tazitron

10 The Wrestlemania 16 Main Event

The Contenders

11 Replacing ECW With NXT
12 Erasing Chris Benoit from WWE

It really pisses me off that WWE would do that He was a great athlete. - egnomac

This guy still gets respect - Tazitron

13 The Katie Vick story
14 The People Power Era
15 The Miz Winning the WWE Title
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