Bret Hart

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Bret Sergeant Hart, better known by his ring name Bret "The Hitman" Hart, is a Canadian-American writer, actor and retired professional and amateur wrestler. A member of the Hart wrestling family and a second-generation wrestler.


Some may have great personality or be really good with mic skills but it is the in ring performance that really matters and Bret hart was the best at it. Even something as trivial as punches and kicks were perfection. He was a good technical wrestler with a pinch of tradition, good at hardcore battle leaving all orthodoxy behind and also an acrobat to a certain extent. To add to this a great theme music, attire and character helped a lot. And unlike many legends he attracted all sections of fans ; kids, men, women and the older crowd.

Bret is the greatest of all-time in my opinion. His skills helped anyone who wrestled him to have their greatest match - British Bulldog, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels etc. Bret was the first true "World" champion as no one had defended the championship belt in more countries than the Hitman did. I am amazed by how far down the list he is currently and I imagine it is from current fans who don't know any better. I mean how is Triple H so high? I would be the champion so often if I was married to the boss' daughter too. Seriously!

You cannot put Shawn Michaels dumb ass in front of Bret. Bret is the most humble (other than undertaker) and in my opinion he always did what was best for the business. Don't care what anyone says, Bret has always been my favorite and always will be. Screw Triple H and Shawn. By the way screw Scott Hall for his lame ass drunken remarks on Bret being a pansy. Watch his documentary and tell me who would act different? I'd spit in Vince's face 10 times over.

Bret was the best hands down, if wcw would have known what they had, and goldberg didn't suck, they might still be in business. And by the way if it wasn't for bret's skills and ability to work a match with anyone, a lot of the so called bests above him would never have gone anywhere. And to the cena fans out there... Cena sucks. He is just the new hogan and any real wrestling fan knows hogan sucked - Nemesis57

He is the best who technically always comes up better on the opponent. He is the most genuine. He would have won the Iron match had he been aware of sudden death right there. Michael got enough time by then to re emerge silently. He was not so heavily built but still was the best. Had he continued without those tragedies in his family. He would have been best by yards. But still he is the best.

Nr 8? Are you KIDDING ME?!? Bret Hart is the best wrestler that has ever set foot in a wrestling ring! He will always be remembered as the; Best there was, best there is and best that there ever will be! As he said at the 2005 hall of fame... He never hurt any wrestler because his technique is SO good.. He also stated in an interview, that people don't appreciate the good acting but instead call him a fake because he is not really hurt... He could sell it! BEST WRESTLER EVER!

Best technical wrestler ever. He always comes up with such an innovative move in the end and in between. Had his career not drawn to early end. He would have been right there at the top. His technical ability in the ring speaks so highly of him that he doesn't need and have other strengths like undertaker's entrance, endurance or HBK high flying or John Cena, Rock Mic skills.

Genuine wrestling skills, no steroids, carried the company through an awful time, made crap opponents look good, took all the bumps, never injured anyone, best entrance music including sergeant pepper jackets. After watching pro wrestling since 1988 he is still my favourite talent to rewatch, Michaels was an incredible athlete but his gimmick of an obnoxious arrogant male stripper was way too disgusting even in the world of wwe. Bret came across as a mans man & all the family could enjoy him. They don't make them like that anymore.

Undertaker got to position when bret hart retired early in his career. He was more fitter, skill full, technical than any of the the wrestlers of his time. That also after physically he was not so huge. Th Undertaker already was physically so above average that half of his ability show for this reason. In that regards even HBK should have been better than Undertaker.

Bret Hart should be much higher on the list, he has had the best matches ever. Shawn Michaels is named Mr. WrestleMania than you might as well name Bret Hart Mr. SummerSlam. He's the (sorry to say this) second best technical wrestler in WWE history. He also helped trained young talent to rising WWE stars. He is truly one of the greatest of all time.

Never had a bad match regardless of any opponent. Was one of "the boys" and there is no wrestler that worked harder than Bret night after night, even in house shows. So many great matches and through it all, maintained his integrity. Never seriously injured any other wrestler...Best there is, was, and ever will be!

He is the Best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. He never gave up and his sharp shooter was awesome and his rivalry with HBK was the best!

Although very well known and respected for older WWE fans it's a shame the younger generation don't know him I see people like cena, orton or rey before him, don't get me wrong I like them but bret hart is the greatest talent to have ever won the WWE title

He simple took WWF to another level... and made it more popular world wide... I believe that he is clearly the most popular wwf wrestler world wide - soh010

Bret Hart number 8? This is a damn joke. He wasn't a big success at first but that's WWE's fault choosing the wrong talent for the spotlight. If anybody else were in Bret's spot they wouldn't have given up after being screwed so many times.

Come on are you serious Bret Hart is almost the best wrestler EVER no one could stop him he would kill Shawn Michaels. All Shawn Michaels did was cheat whenever he fought Bret Hart. Bret Hart you the man! No could ever replace you.

The Best There is, The Best There Was, The Best there ever will be. Period.

If WWF/WWE had Hero incarnate that actually had both character depth, charisma, and superb in ring ability, hardworking ethics, kid rolemodel its Bret Hart.

Forever a Legend, and my Childhood Hero.

We Want Bret!

What he has done as a wrestler and won in all organisation and crowds he drew. Not many if any can top him. Very gifted in all areas the standard was set by Bret. The rest had to meet to be who they are and where.

He is the Best There Is, The Best there was, The best There Ever Will Be!

This guy looked real doing it, had one of the most original characters, and went through a lot of crap with vince mcmahon. changed wrestling - jdsoaresfamily2

How is Bret hart below rey mysterio? The guy is the best there is was and ever will be. Period

Best pure "wrestler" ever as far as in-ring skills. Nobody sold like Bret and combined with his technical abilities he also had underrated incredible strength.

His catch phrase is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. I think he's the a true hero in my opinion an unforgettable all time great - Kingjon15

No matter what people say... Bret Hart IS the best there was best there is and best that ever will be! The end!

"The Best there is, The Best there was, and the Best there will EVER be." Hands down Bret and Owen Hart are the two greatest "Wrestlers" ever to perform in a WWF ring! Cena is a clown, HBK was a backstage crybaby who wouldn't job to anyone, Randy Orton doesn't come close. Bret Hart is the excellence of excecution!