Hulk Hogan

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Terry Gene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur and rock bassist.


Wrestling changed forever when HH arrived on the scene, along with vince these 2 young men took a fairly low entertainment businesses in comparison to all other sports and made it a giant that it is today. I will admit he was not the greatest wrestler in the ring, and not even close, but it wasn't his wrestling ability that people went nuts for, he made every little guy feel like a big guy, he beat the cheaters, the bad guys, he defied the odds, I know it was set up that way, but people loved the story, they loved the gimmick, and many wrestlers after him grew up with a respect for him, much like Elvis and the Beatles did for music, they were not the very best, but they did raise the bar and changed the face and direction of their industry, without the pioneer's of an industry you can't really say or know that those that followed after would have been able to do the same or better, but you can't deny that guys like HH and ric flair carried an industry on their backs for generations ...more

Not the best looking, not the most talented, and not the most respected, however, Hulk is The Biggest draw and most popular and well known wrestler in wrestling history! People who don't watch wrestling know the name Hulk Hogan! How many fans in attendance for Hogan vs Andre, Hogan vs Rock, Hogan vs Warrior? Remember, pro wrestling is not olympic wrestling, it's not entirely real like a sport, it's entertainment! Hulk and Vince M have done more for wrestling than anybody else! From Japan, Canada, and the States, Hulk has received the loudest and longest ovations/cheers in history! Love him or hate him, Hulk Hogan is, by far, the Greatest wrestler of all time! Facts are Facts!

Rite place at the rite time. Big guy, 6'5 275-305. Yes that's he real height and weight. Buried young talent steady lying and average wrestler!

This list is too new school, its unfortunate what these kids have to watch today, there is no comparison to gem that was the WWF in the 80's and early 90's and Hulk Hogan was the leader of that era so easily number 1, no contest. Followed by the likes of Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, and so on.

The One, The Only, The Incredible, The Immortal, The Incomprehensible...

End of Story! - Nirmal1991USA

He Is A 13 Time World Champion he Put WWE/WWF On The Map His Accomplishments Are Legendary He Was The First Man To Body Slam A 500ibs Man He's The Second Longest Reigning WWE/WWF Champion In History Behind Bruno Samartino, Also He Was The First Man To Win The Royal Rumble Twice And Headline The Main Event For The First 9 Wrestlemania He's A Real American Much Love Hulk!.

Why in the hell is Hulk Hogan not #1. Without Hulk WWE wouldn't even exist, he made it what it is today. He accomplished so much he put wrestling in the spotlight, he inspired so many people. When his entrance music would play the crowd would become so loud it sounded like a jet plane was flying through the arena. He has a whole era in WWE named after him, the 70's and 80's are named Hulkamania.

How in the world is Hulk Hogan not the number one on this list? This site needs to be re-adjusted simply because you have Hulk Hogan listed as the 8th Greatest Wrestler of all time. Have you guys gone mad? I don't even know why I've wasted my time saying this. This is an abomination... Hulk Hogan, the Hulkster, the man who re-invented the entire Wrestling Era. The man who made WWF, the man who made WWE, the man who made WCW. The man who branded himself and put the circle around that C for "Hulkamania" and "Hulk Hogan". The Thunder in Paradise man, Hogan Knows Best, Miniature Wrestling, The Face of TNA, the New World Order Godfather. Hulkamania should be running wild on this page. It's time to Hulk up fans and get the votes coming in here to get this icon, this legend where he deserves to be... #1.

If you bring hulk hogan out in today's age and give him the exposure that wrestlers have today. He would blue the doors off these other guys in this lust. Remember in hogans time you could only see him in house shows and the odd televised program.

No comparison

Hogan is the biggest star by far in WWF history. Austin's peak may have been higher but just was too short. He was injured before he was put on top. Taker as a top guy for 25 plus years but he was never really the top guy. Andre should be in the discussion also.

Agreed Hogan should be number one even though Undertaker is my favorite wrestler and I never particularly liked Hogan. But you have to admit that Hogan, more than anyone, brought wrestling to the mainstream. Give credit where credit is due.

I mean come on Hulk hogan got WWE were it was today, He body slammed Andre the giant and beat him. He had an Awesome brawl with The ultimate warrior and he will always be remembered as one of the best the world of wrestling has ever had.

Sure undertaker or the rock would beat him, but come on he made wrestlemania a mark on the map

Hogan should be higher on this list. Higher than John "I Bury Everyone" Cena. Hulk Hogan is the guy who made pro wrestling become mainstream while Cena killed it. - ZeMegaMan

Hogan 100% should be first! Nobody except incredible Hulk Hogan! He done for WWE more than anyone. He wrestled more than thirty years and he gave his life for make WWE which we know today

No Hulk no wrestling! I love the way he shakes his body and head like a possessed man, when you think all hope is lost. I enjoy the roaring of the crowd anytime it happened. I cried when Ultimate warrior beat him for the world title.

I'm sorry, Hogan has to be # 1. He's the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling.

You are right. If the character hulk hogan was created today or the character of Hollywood hogan. With today's exposure stone cold wouldn't even be able to hold a candle to hogan.

The 6'8" 340lbs Giant! Hulk Hogan is the Greatest with his Amazing USA Patriotism, His Supernatural Strength, Guts, Great Heart and the Mighty 24" Biceps!

Hulk Hogan is probably one of the best wrestler I have seen. He has made wrestling famous. He has to ben on the top of the list as his popularity is all over the world.

The must icon Wrestler, was terrible in the ring, but he made up for it with everything outside of the wrestling, the NWO was probably one of the most brilliant ideas to ever come and was able to keep the WCW afloat for good amount of time and also the only time that the Hulkster had entertaining matches - germshep24

The former nWo member has many good records. He is a part of the WWE Hall Of Fame. Now he is managing TNA Wrestling. The Atomic Leg Drop is his finisher. - brunothemusicmaster

I'm shocked that John Cena is rated higher than Hulk Hogan. John Cena is great but Hulk Hogan is the greatest of all time!

Should be number 1 then undertaker then the rock these guys had the most impact on the game and the way it has built up

The man is a legend he is the reason we see some of the wrestlers today because hulk hogan inspired them with his power to overcome all odds.