Jeff Hardy

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Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy is an American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, painter and musician.


Without doubt 10X better than matt, he can dive from 20ft high and land it perfectly. No one compares to this legend. He is unbelievable good and never gives up, he puts his body on the line for us the fans of WWE and for us he sacrifices his blood sweat and tears, there is literally no doubting his credibility as the best in the world at what he does no one flys higher successfully than this man right here vote for him to ensure success if he can see the effect that he has on the audience then he can see just how powerful his impact on the WWE is everyone salutes you!

For the win! What! No.11 REALLY.. This right here is EVERYTHING. He jumps on 50 feet, THROUGH A LADDER, fell down by being speared by edge, won the world tag team championship w/ matt, won WWE championship over EDGE AND TRIPLE H, won the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, what else, defeated UNDERTAKER 2 TIMES, 1 in extreme rules and one when he escapes the last ride... I think he can do a SWANTON BOMB on The Undertaker by jumping of a PLANE... The EXTREME...

I don't think any list even have jeff hardy but his in my list and I will give 3 facts why he should be number 9...

1. He is one of the greatest risk takers the WWE has ever had his Swanton bomb his whisper in the wind and even his basic high flying move my point is he just isn't scared of anything.

2. Him and his brother Matt are just one of the best teams The Hardy boys I mean not better than but there my second favourite time and whats better than seeing Jeff and Matt battle ing it out!

3. I'm kind of out of reason but here is one His face paint I know you might think face paint big deal but go to Google and type Jeff hardy facepaint you will be stunned.

Jeff is the best. He can beat anyone if he wants and if there is no script in the WWE, I'm sure he'll be undefeated at singles division or any other WWE pay-per-view events. He even defeated The Undertaker (so called the phenom) at extreme rules.

Jeff hardy you are a best wrestler for ever you are a super star of WWE you are best for ever you can not defeated by others you are best wrestler in WWE AND YOU CAN defeat all the wrestlers and you have to go in number 1 wrestler

He's always been my favourite even when he wasn't at the top and when he beat the undertaker I was so pleased for the guy and then to beat edge and hunter was brilliant to see I haven't really watched WWE since he left but if he came back I'm sure I would start again

He is one of the most underrated person until he won World Champ. He should be the BEST because does cena, rock, h or others rather jump from ladder to ladder just to impress people? Think bout it. HE IS THE BEST

He played in Wrestlemania against Undertaker in 2006 and he lost but he's still one of the few men ta have defeated at least Edge and Shawn Michaels, and both in the same year! In 2008 between January and April. The best World Heavyweight Champion of our last generation, him and of course Randy Orton.

He is just awesome for words and no one can do what he can do, because no one has ever made a swanton bomb from top of the stands so I think he has to be in top 5 of best WWE wrestlers of 2000's, because at 1990's there are a lot better superstars, so he is the one of the best in 2000's

Best ever in WWE. You can't fake home jumping of a 20 foot ladder through tables. He is the person in WWE that I had the strongest connection to. When he won the WWE championship his speech was so awesome. He said the title was for the rejects and screw ups. I dig that about Jeff. He shows his love for all his fans including the outcasts. Jeff Nero Hardyrules!

Jeff hardy is best because his WWE history is addictive and emotional so please vote for jeff because time has come and no more words a thousand threats I've heard before

Jeff Hardy is who really got me into wrestling. All of the insane stunts he does are so mesmerizing. Although he is tied with HBK as my favorite of all time, Jeff needs my vote more.

Jeff Hardy in my opinion, is one of the most successful superstars of all time. Not only he was a very big part of WWE history among with his team, but he had a great connection with all the WWE universe. I love him and I respect him so much and I believe that the hardy boys return in Wrestlimania 33 was the highlight and maybe the return of the year.

Wo wo wo. How the hell is he at the 26th spot? He is the best, the most extreme wrestler in the history of WWE and TNA. He has won every major title in WWE. I watch wrestling because of him. He certainly deserves to be in the top ten. Improve this list. Everybody vote for him please.

Got me into wrestling as a kid, still my favourite. One who seems to be a permanent A-Lister even if he's not getting a push. Iconography is still around from his debuts.

Absolutely one of the most exciting/entertaining wrestlers ever, his acrobatics and fearless stunts have given him my vote plus winning almost all titles is a massive achievement

Best wrestler ever no one person could get you so hooked on a wrestling match and he was the reason I started and stopped watching it

Best wrestler in the company EVER he may no longer be in tna but he is surly rememberd for when he was jeff hardy not only was an amazing singles competitor but as a tag team both him and matt defied the odds and became legends in wrestling history

Jeff hardy is the best and should be #1 on here so vote. And he should beat undertaker at wrestle mania

Brother nero is the best brother matt could ask for if it wasn't for jeff they wouldn't be holding titles right now and jeff is the most extreme wrestler ever to be in the wwe

Jeff was definitely the most popular superstar of his era. He was more over than John Cena by the time he left the WWE!

He has won multiple championships and has done things people don't evan think of doing he definitely deserves do be at least in the 15.

The Charismatic Enigma, The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling, The Rainbow Haired Warrior
Is the best wrestler in the world he jumped 20 feet and destroyed other superstars with his SWANTON BOMB! No one can defeat Jeff Hardy!

Jeff should be top ten! This charismatic enigma brings joy to almost every person-- his amazing extreme moves and risking his body to perform hardcore stunts. A huge risk taker and one of the sweetest wrestlers out there... His dedication to his career is admirable and what he does for the fans is lovely...he is one of the former WWE superstars that shaped the tag team division along with his brother matt and other well-known wrestlers... He started his career at a young age and look how far he has gone
Despite all his personal past mistakes because that's his life and no one should judge him he is the best... Leave the poor fellow and focus on how he has accomplished in his wrestling career rather than his personal life.
Other than being hot because trust me he is(especially when he had the storyline with trish stratus lol), jeff is a unique person with so much talent c:

Jeff is the best ever with WWE world heavyweight and international championship and tag tag champs