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Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane.


Kane had the best storyline buildup to a debut more than any other gimmick in the sport of Professional Wrestling. And intentionally only being a temporary gimmick at the time, just to shock the wrestling world with his skills and physic and his hight. But the Mask played a major role in his success. Kane was not a talker, just a destroyer. Even without the mask, he showed a demented side to his persona, Destroying Raw GM Eric Bishoff, Tombstoning WWE Owner Linda Mcmahon on the steel ramp, Electrocuting Shayne Mcmahons Testicles, Setting Jim Ross on fire, just to name a few.

But Kane also has humor in different ways, like when he showed up during the Minis Matches when he had the mask. His night of destruction (which is my favourite moment of Kane), owning both The Rock and Hulk Hogan in one segment, to Anger Management where Kane was asked to tell his life story, witch everything he said was actually true laugh out loud.

But even though Kane was more of a mute with the ...more

The big red monster has defeated many huge superstars! He is a must for top 20! He even defeated The Undertaker!

I want the masked kane back.. That masked kane can really kick everyone's ass out of the ring.. He is the best.. After the mask went he went down so I would like to see the masked kane back in the ring with paul bearer and enter the ring and eliminate anyone who dares to stand in that ring in front of him.. He is the best and also has so many records,17 titles master of inferno matches, highest elimination in royal rumble ever, he won the ECW championship in ten seconds at wrestlemania.. WOW!

A man with immense power he was... He defeated The Undertaker in those times when no one dared to face undertaker... His strength in the early 90z was incredible.. Also he has the record of eliminating 11 wrestlers in a royal rumble match.. His black costume with red stripes over it and his legendary mask made him a man with a unique personality...

KANE undoubtedly the BEST wrestler but WWE just tried their maximum every time to ruin his Character! But back in the days of the Attitude Era he was one dominant force, a Demon, a Monster.. No one actually dominated him back then. And Prior to his Biceps Injury, He was one of the Strongest Wrestler ever to enter into the ring!
And of course Glen Jacobs (his real name) is one of the nicest guy I have ever met. So down to earth and selfless human.
KANE For LIFE! Love You!

Kane is the wrestler whom every body fears. When he was in mask every body gives respect to him and because he is not socially popular WWE ruins him he needs to be in top 10 because he deserves it. So there must must be a fair competiton. He is better than the some of the wrestlers placed above to him.

The big red monster is one of the furious wrestler of all time. He sedated edge&try mysterio many times. Why we are forgetting the past he almost murder the CM Punk which let punk to leave WWE for many months. I will become mad if he is not placed above edge rey mysterio&CM Punk. He served WWE for many years. WWE just try their maximum to ruin jhis character. He deserve to be at least at 10positon which will be a fair decision.

"Every man for himself". This indicates survival of fittest on competition with one man with another one man. Masked Kane is better than today today lazy kane.

17 championships 33 royal rumble elimination held all the belts in WWE (except the us championship) is simply the most dominant and best big man wrestler ever...

What are the qualities of a good wrestler? Strength, Size, Charisma, High-flying ability, Speed, Ability to get the crowd going,... Kane has it all! He is second to only to The Phenom or HBK...

Kane was the strongest wrestler in the locker room, He was the first person to defeat The Undertaker, He is the most respected wrestler in the locker room.

Kane not in top ten? Its really very horrible. I think he is the greatest and very underrated

Masked Kane was the most underused wrestler ever. Never seen fans as interested to see a wrestler before. He was so mysterious. They should of pushed him to a big WWE Championship reign and an unbeaten record.

Kane in the old times had eliminated 12 superstars in the royal rumble. When later on in the future roman reigns breaks his record by eliminating 3 quarters of the rumble

The debut Kane was awesome. If kept that way he would be a legend like taker. The new era Kane mask is brought from a shopping mall at a kids store

Kane WAS awesome. His old theme song was epic too. You get this huge explosion and an awesome guitar riff that totally fits his character. - Mcgillacuddy

He is a classic wrestler! At least top ten! Currently the World Heavyweight Champion! - roblist

Kane is almost the best in WWE he beated the big show and undertaker and Mark Henry. So that's why he is my favourite. And that's why he is almost the best in WWE

He should be first him and The Undertaker 1997 1998 200 1 he was the best and he still is today

A great man like him disgracing him self. why can't they be like John Cena. He too is depending on the authority team. I wish my opinion arrive to them

Kane is my favourite because he beated Mark Henry and the big show and the great khali and undertaker and jbl so that is why he is my favourite

Kane should be in the top ten, it is no right to have him this far BACK!

He, s great, my favourite kane...! He defeated big show, John Cena and even had a fight with the great great great khali... He is the most powerful of all. So I do like him a lot and lot. Kanekanekane you are the great

I want kane to wear mask and fight again like a evil red monster and become stronger he should be in first rank in this list... ? /

Kane is the greatest wrestler of all time...Nobody can beat The Big Red Machine...I watch WWE just because of Kane...KANE FOR HALL OF FAME...THANK YOU KANE