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41 Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio José Alberto Rodríguez best known as Alberto Del Rio is a Mexican professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist.  

He is new but he is strong and he is also the 2011 royal rumble winner he's also the new WWE champion and the had also tried well for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT championship and he is the raw money in the bank winner. Now he is the superb and also very tough wrestler in the WWE

So bad wrestler

A great Mexican wrestler he have's a nice face and nice music not a favo of fans but a great wrestler he's new and his announcer is ricardo rodriguez and he's have talent and wins from great wrestlers - lopjecapemaxiw

Strongest wrestler and smart with six pax abd

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42 Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler Nicholas Theodore "Nick" Nemeth, best known by the ring name Dolph Ziggler, is an American professional wrestler, stand-up comedian, and actor.

He is one of the best in the whole wide world

He is the show off. Of course hé id good

He's a great guy and all, but his finisher stinks. I really disagree with his finisher being "painful." But no one over sells like Dolph


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43 Roddy Piper Roddy Piper Roderick George "Roddy" Toombs, better known by his ring name "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, was a Canadian professional wrestler and actor.

RIP Rowdy Roddy. He was sure fun to watch.

Hot rod! How dair this list he came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass but he is all out of bubble gum

Hot Rod! He rocks. He'll easily beat Owen Hart in a match. (Bret as well)!

RIP - you were great and will be remembered:( - Ananya

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44 Bob Backlund Bob Backlund

He play very well.

Good but forgettable

Backlund,class act. Great matches with Bruno samartino.

45 Razor Ramon

Hey yo! No love for The Bad Guy? Razor's Edge is the greatest finisher of all time!

One of the few players to have defeated HBK at Wrestlemania.

Razor Ramon is awesome that's the only thing I have to say

I hate him

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46 Kevin Nash Kevin Nash Kevin Scott Nash is an American professional wrestler and actor, currently signed to WWE under their legends program.

One of the top dog of nwo former champion 7'0 over 300 pound like come on

The people who made Kevin Nash 43 tore their quads

As he tore his quad to the ring his #43. - htoutlaws2012

I think he is the best wrserler

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47 Dean Malenko Dean Malenko

Should be a lot higher on this list. This credit to professional wrestling was a phenom. Dean Malenko, like Karl Gotch before him, was a master of shoot wrestling, magnificent, polished purist who never had a dull match. The Iceman of a Thousand Holds, underrated much like the more modern Cesaro, another incredible talent.

You are saying Justin Gabriel better then Ambrose

Dean Malenko. Dean flippin' Malenko. One of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, he can have a good match with anybody, just watch his match against Scotty 2 Hotty at Backlash. - EspioTheChameleon

Man of 1000 holds

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48 Rated R Superstar Edge

What the hell is this what is this edge should bea at least on the top ten this list is very very STUPID

Edge should NOT be at number 61. He is a hall of famer and has pretty much done EVERYTHING! He's a 4 time WWE champion, the 2001 king of the ring, 7 time world heavyweight champion, 5 time intercontinental champion, a 1 time United States champion, 14 time tag team champion, the 2005 money in the bank winner and the winner of the 2010 royal rumble. EDGE IS A GOD.

Maybe if people didn't put edge on the list twice, Edge would be higher on the list - germshep24

He is already here you dingus

Best in world

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49 Roman Reigns Roman Reigns Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) was born on May 25, 1985. He is an American professional wrestler and former professional Canadian football player. more.

The powerhouse of the shield with an amazing super punch the future face of the WWE

He is stronger than every one. At wrestle mania 2015 he will face dangerous brock lesnar who had defeated John Cena. But Roman reigns will defeat Brock lesnar

It is the best in the world. The one problem he had that when he get punch kick and any beats he slowly get down the but when he stand the all get scare

Roman reigns I Love

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50 Ultimo Dragon Ultimo Dragon

The only superstars who deserve to be on the list are the memorable ones. He is forgettable.

It is sad that the best ring performers are the forgettable ones, although to be fair he wasn't a WWE Wrestler, he was famous in Japan, when wrestling was at its height - germshep24

Kick his mask

Ultimo Dragon is by FAR the best Lucha-Libre Wrestler of all time. He is better than Mistico! JUST! When Mistico versed Ultimo Dragon, Ultimo kicked BUTT! His finisher called the Asai DDT is the absolute BEST finisher in the WWE (WWF) and Lucha-Libre EVER! WHAT... Wait a minute! 86th in the list! Whoever made this list should GET A LIFE! He should be in the Top 10 at least! HE IS the BEAST!



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51 Harley Race Harley Race

Well obviously there's only kids here! WWE is geared more towards kids. If anybody that was around when Harley race was there is still watching now, that's creepy. Normally adults don't watch other adults wrestle in tights, you creep

I guess there's only kids voting in this list because they don't know who Harley Race is. A true legend

Everybody knows who he is. Never was any good.

No, people know who he is. He's famous for SUCKING! He's a jobber and brownoser

52 Matt Hardy Matt Hardy

He has the best finisher ice pick and twist of fate those finishers can give big injuries to other wrestlers and knock them out

1 x world champion us champion and tag camp and part of the hardy boys

He is the best he can use high flying moves submision moves brawler moves and he has made up a lot of tricks as well

He is extream

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53 R-Truth R-Truth

R-Truth is the real deal, he can wrestle and as a heel on mic he is the best and that's the Truth

A funny fighter with whats up r truth has set you free he's a acrobatic fighter. - lopjecapemaxiw

The truth shall set you free, it's a conspiracy! That little jimmy is the conspiracy! You suck!

R-truth is more Awesome than the miz

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54 The Miz The Miz Michael Gregory "Mike" Mizanin is an American professional wrestler, reality television star, and actor. He is signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name The Miz. He is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion in his fifth reign.

THE MIZ IS SO awesome! How is he ranked so low? He's hilarious and the skull crushing finally is the best finisher EVER! GO MIZ!

One of the most talented superstars of WWE. Some people disrespect him just because he has no link with wrestling world and is a self made man unlike the other, that's why that makes him the most underrated wrestler of all time.

The Miz is so bad. Why do people think he is good. How is Cesaro and Ryback worse than him? He is only good at acting like he is bad

Far much charismatic and talented than any other wrestler I ever saw.I m watching wwe fr 20 years before but Undertaker and This guy impressed me a lot.He has humour,speed,Heat of fans,everything.He shall be in top 30.Miz rules, Roman sucks

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55 British Bulldog British Bulldog

Awesome gave us British fans something to proud of. Legend in my eyes

The British Bulldog should be in the. Top ten because he defeated his brother in law Bret Hart

Davey boy smith is cool and he got swag

Should be 1

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56 Yokozuna Yokozuna Rodney Agatupu Anoaʻi was an American professional wrestler who is best known for his time with the World Wrestling Federation where he wrestled under the ring name Yokozuna, whose term yokozuna refers to the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling in Japan.

He is the heviest WWE champion of all time

Are you forgetting that this guy won the royal rumble? Should be MUCH higher up on the list.

Yes I agree because that is hard to win by a fat guy

He is so fat that he roll around to walk.

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57 William Regal William Regal Darren Kenneth Matthews is an English professional wrestler, trainer, talent scout, author, and color commentator.

William regal is the man. What an awesome guy he can beat anybody he has the best moves the AND has won't THE intercontinental title king of the ring is the general manager or Ecw and nxt the European title and made Goldberg look like a loser the guy is the best and most underrated superstar of all time

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58 Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes Cody Garrett Runnels, better known by the ring name Cody Rhodes, is an American professional wrestler and actor.

He is awesome santino is cool though

It sucks that he turn to stardust

Great wrestler. Hate him as Stardust though...

Cody is d.d.t is great

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59 Antonio Cesaro

An amazing talent and credit to professional wrestling and so underrated, yet deserving of a major championship title. There is only one Cesaro and he brings it with a unique and original style every time he competes in the squared circle.

The wrestler who can defeat big giants of the WWE with so ease should be at the top of the list. currently he is the best wrestler in the WWE

Extremely powerful and talented. Truly underutilized.

He is good but he not the best but he is really good

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60 AJ Lee AJ Lee April Jeanette "AJ" Brooks, better known by her ring name AJ Lee, is an American retired professional wrestler.

What how is AJ Lee above the universal champion Kevin Owens get a life people

Who has the shiny wizard in the girl in the black widow she is most beautiful ladies in the world

What the heck aj is one of the top divas and was the longest raining divas champion in history

You are the best fighter in wwe

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