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Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, signed with WWE.


Two years after he joined the WWF, Johnson won the WWF Championship, and became one of the most popular wrestlers within the company's history. Johnson is widely considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He won a total of 16 championships in WWF/E. This included nine World Heavyweight Championships (the WWF/E Championship seven times and the WCW/World Championship twice), two WWF Intercontinental Championships, and five times as co-holder of the WWF Tag Team Championships. He was the sixth WWF/E Triple Crown Champion, and the winner of the 2000 Royal Rumble. Rock defeated The Undertaker at No Way Out.
Rock defeated Hogan at WrestleMania in an "Icon vs Icon" match. On July 21, The Rock won his record-breaking seventh and final WWE Championship, which was known as the Undisputed WWE Championship at the time. He defeated Kurt Angle and The Undertaker in a match at Vengeance, after he hit the Rock Bottom on Angle. At SummerSlam, The Rock defeated Booker T to ...more

The Rock is the greatest ever in WWF. He's like "light years" ahead of others. Played babyface, heel to perfection. Also can sing, play guitar, can play rugby, & most importantly he's the greatest entertainer ever. Any matured guy who has seen WWF during 1998-2002 will have same thoughts. Out of many many promos, at least 200 promos are extremely funny of his WWF career, Saturday night live funny stuff,... Etc. I can spend years watching his YouTube videos. Wrestling is a script, so I doesn't matter who won/lost. What matters is... who entertained fans as a wrestler. I did not see a single video of any other wrestler which is funny. & ya, I more thing, he's the only wrestler who didn't get involved in politics of changing the script written by writers (Read Vince russo book or see his YouTube video talking about Rock)

The rock is the name of craze in WWE. He is the Rambo boy of WWE. He is a buffalo, who dominate WWE. He is the best speaker in WWE. He is the threat in WWE. The rock brings it. He is the champ of million people. He is the greatest only one. He is the fire man in WWE, Who makes fire every time, when he starts to play in WWE. He is the electricity, who can electrifier everything. He is the only one, who has no fear. The rock has come back to win over everyone. No one is enough to face the rock. The rock has come back to bring it. OH! YEAH! THE ROCK Will bring it.

The rock is the greatest superstar that ever lived wanna know why because he beat up undertaker he beat up John Cena he beat up goldberg and he beat up kane he defeated h he beat hulk hogan and he is the only superstar who gave lesnar a hard time in the ring that is why today brock lesnar respects the rock so much the rock has the style the charisma the class and attitude which John Cena doesn't have the rock is so amazing that he entertains just with his entrance theme no rock no WWE

The rock has elevated wrestling entertainment to a different level other wrestlers could never do.. he made the people want to watch WWE. and he has done that amidst the prime of stone cold, hbk, triple h, and even undertaker. and some time in 2003, it was pretty obvious the face of wrestling in the 80's had finally passed on the torch to the new face of wrestling in 2000... had he not been promoted to Hollywood stardom, cena wouldn't be groomed to be the new face (and yes, WWE wouldn't be this boring either)

In about last 10-15 years people began to forget what does it means to be WRESTLER. It's not about being role-model for kids, not about getting the biggest push in the company, not about marrying daughter of your boss and not about being best merchandise seller in company. It's about technic, charisma, execution of moves and solidness of character. The Rock is an ideal formula for being best wrestler in WWE.

The Rock is without question the best ever. What he accomplished in such a short time is remarkable. He still loves the business and came back to help it since Cena's is horrible and can't get people to stay interested. I've watched wrestling my whole life and seen so many greats, Hogan, Bret Hart, Flair, Austin, undertaker, no of them had the ability in the ring, on the mic, and the charisma of The Great One.

The rock is the best- damn wwf/WWE champ there ever wias! And he's the best! Stone cold and undertaker a a nothing, a suck up, a PEE-ON! The great one! The peoples champ. The peoples elbow. Rock bottom! Best. Marry had a little a lamb, well piss on mary, piss on the lamb and piss on you because the rock is with out a shout of a doubt, the Best damn wwf/ champ there ever was! And going 2-on-1 with the rock will make you famous if you smell what the rock is cooking. He beat undertaker and pee on stone cold. He's the best!

The rock is the best wrestler ever. He can beat everyone even in a handicap match 4 vs 1 he could still win it. I can't say much but this man or animal is the best wrestler I have ever seen or heard of. Even my sisters only watch wrestling if he is playing. He should be #1. I don't really like undertaker but he's fine. Okay I'm done...


Between the rock and stone cold, they are what made wrestling great again after the Hogan days, Ric flair might be the man with the most championships but the rock was easily the most crowd entertaining spectacle to ever set foot in the ring, only reason he's not number 1 on every list is because he only really full time wrestled for 7 years. Then to top it off became the most successful wrestler/actor combo. Do you smell what the rock is cooking, cause I sure do. Coming from someone who grew up in the attitude era, and doesn't watch wrestling anymore and hasn't since the rock left you may call my opinion bias but I don't care gebronie.

Guys when you r talking of the best you should name the rock, he is the most must see superstar. Others follow him. He ruled WWE n now he rules Hollywood. Rock beating cena is not a surprise to me. WWE became famous after the arrival of the rock as the guest host of wrestlemania XXVII. He is the most fan favourite superstar. Lets go rocky...

Rock ruled the ring. He is simply the greatest wrestler of all time. And the fact is that he kicked the great ones candy asses including undertaker and stone cold. In any field there will be only one legend and in wrestling ring the rock is the hero it means he is the legend. And moreover my attitude match up with the rock's attitude. I feel proud to watch the rock in the ring...

None of this jabronies listed here ever were able to beat his popularity I can bet. Yea some of them can be good performer and little bit popular these days but remember still he gets the highest chanting, excitement whenever he comes back. He is GREATEST of all time, someone argue it is Austin or Hogan, well I will say Austin made his popularity for almost 14 years and Hogan took 20 years but this guy did it only within 7 years. He proves whatever he wants he can do the best, infact Austin, Cena tried to be movie star to compete him and totally failed. Shawn Micheals & Tripple H both tried to suppress him when he was in WWF/WWE and failed. He came with "Rocky Sucks" chanting and later got highest respect from the same people. I can bet its not easy for anyone but he made it that's the reason he is considered as one of the GREATEST of all time just within 7 years. The Rock is the GREATEST of all time.

You can't get anymore entertaining than The Rock. He knows how to put on a show for everyone. Whether it be in the ring, as being one of the best wrestlers, and extremely athletic. Or on the mic where he is hilarious and says stuff that is worth hearing. When The Rock is talking, everyone listens. Whether you love him or hate him, they can't deny he entertains. - KennyG414

Anyone with brains would know that The Rock is No. 1. Stone Cold is no. 2. People please appreciate the fact that The Rock was the most electrifying man in ALL of sports-entertainment... Legendary - vishal7

I never saw someone pulling crowds the way the rock did.. Probably the most successful wrestler-actor in history.. You never know what the rock is cookin.. Can ask triple H who got his severe beatings almost always.. He represented the golden era of WWE

Did you hear the cheers as WrestleMania 2012 went off air as The Rock showed Cena who talks smack and backs it up! Undertaker only cares about WrestleMania Matches and not ALL Matches, a true WWE Wrestler wrestles his heart out and the Rock signifies a true WWE Wrestler! Vote wisely!

John Cena thinks that the rock is taking all of his fans like come on john can you be more selfish you only think about yourself and is and never think about others and on YouTube if you type John Cena final face off with the rock the rock literally burned your face right out of this world so take your little butt that the rock kicked and get out of here

After The Rock left, there was a sudden silence in WWE, and in occasions when he comes back there is a whoosh in the wind... No one has got that impact... He almost made WWE what it is today.. And even lost (unlike stone cold who didn't wanted to get his ass kicked on the screen) to push others.

The rock has more charisma than John Cena the rock is more entertaining and electrifying he is smart cool stylish classy good looking awesome muscular he is the best damn thing that happened to the WWE the rock is electrifying he can make a dead warehouse electrifying

Cena doesn't deserve to be No.2, after this long it's boring to watch him time after time being undefeated, beating unbelievable odds and getting up from hard hits just like that. He doesn;t give a good performance anymore. The rock, however left at the peak of his career and was well known for his entertaining trash talk.

WOW! John Cena is a batter wrestler than the rock? John Cena is better at wrestling than bret, shawn, Austin, Flair?... People really don't know the meaning of wrestling. The rock has a perfect mix of wrestling ability, Mic work, oh... And He's THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL OF ENTERTAINMENT.

I think he is the best wrestler of all time. He does the "Rock Bottom" really well and I LOVE the "People's Elbow". I also love the fact that he set the record for the shortest WWE match in history when he was versing the "Big Boss Man". That is why I love The Rock so much.

The Rock should really be higher and what the hell is Cena doing all the way up there. For Cena to even be near a top 10 all time, and ahead of such people as Rock, Austin and many others down there is a complete joke. - ColdJ3

Well, he may used to be all style and lame when stone cold was the king of WWE (it was WWF back then), but he's been in the business for years counting his acting career as well which mostly have been successful. I love the current Rock compared to before, but nonetheless I'm voting him