Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels was born on July 22, 1965 . He is an American professional wrestler. He is the first wrestler to win all the titles the WWE could have offered. He is known for his moves and looks. His nickname provided by WWE is HBK (Heart Break Kid). He was in DX (Degeneration X) a tag team with Triple more.


Shawn Michaels is the greatest in-ring competitor in sports-entertainment history. Two-time Royal Rumble winner, first ever Grand Slam Champion, winner of the first Hell in a Cell match AND the first Iron Man match (Which went into overtime due to both Michaels and Bret Hart's in-ring capabilities.), the list of accolades go on and on. This is the man who ended Ric Flair's career, in one of the most tear-jerking ways. In 2014, WWE decided to kill The Undertaker's streak. They Spent over 20 YEARS building up that streak, and who's the one to conquer it? Brock Lesnar. Everybody knows that the HBK-Undertaker matches were among the greatest WrestleMania matches. If anybody were to beat Undertaker's streak, it should've been Michaels. HBK's charisma and in-ring capabilities will never be topped, no matter how much WWE pushes John Cena.
Also, John Cena at #2, but HBK at #5? Shawn Michaels deserves the #2 spot at the very least. John Cena can SUCK IT. BREAK IT DOWN.

Lets see he was in the first ever Elimiation Chamber, first ladder match, first Iron Man match, first Hell In A Cell match, and was in the three greatest matches in WWE/WWF history against Undertaker twice at WrestleMania and against Bret "The Hitman" Hart in an Iron Man match, he has always put his heart out in the ring in every single match and can face the worst wrestlers and make a 5 star match out of it every time. When Shawn Michaels has a match you can be promised its gonna be a great show. He's not called the Show Stopper for no reason, he's the Icon, Show Stopper, Mr WrestleMania, the Heartbreak Kid, and he's simply the Greatest Wrestler there has every been!

To actually find the greatest wrestler you need to look at his WHOLE carreer. Honestly The Undertaker only got good with age. Shawn was one half of the most innovative tag teams of the rockers. Plus when he was with the rockers he even wrestled ric flair and Bret hart in singles matches. When he split with Marty it's still talked about today. The sexy boy ic champ stint was great. Even Jim Ross credits him the greatest ic champ. He stole how wrestlemanias which all voted match of the year), in the first hell in a cell, iron man, ladder, elimination chamber just shows that WWE trusted him for making the first the best. His return proved he's still just as good and throughout that time made all the young stars so much better ex. Jericho, angle, Cena, Kennedy, Rhodes and Dibiase, etc. And he had possibly in my opinion a perfect last year as an active wrestler, tag champ with (finally) main event against the streak an all. Which ending was my all time favorite (I cried a bit) he's the ...more

HBK is the most dynamic performer ever to grace a wrestling ring. He had the ability to innovate a style in the ring that made even the most ridiculous-sounding gimmick match (ladder match, iron man, elimination chamber, etc. ) into a classic. He also had to carry the WWF during their down period and help usher in the Attitude Era. For God's sake, he broke his back, took four years off, came back and was still better than 99% of the roster!

HBK as number four. That sounds fine with me. He is my all-time favorite wrestler. I got so mad after Wrestlemania 26 Since the legendary HBK Shawn Michaels got his career lost to THE best of the all of the best wrestlers named,"The Phenom" The Undertaker! I still respect both men to this day. Now since HBK Is rarely seen, and The Undertaker wrestlers once a year, I do not know what to do to either stop watching WWE for life or just wait patiently for "The Animal" Batista to come back and do some ass-whopping, which to me is "Best for Business" right there.

I love this guy when he wrestled. He was a great man in and out of the arena. But on one night, Everything changed. "The Phenom" The Undertaker wrestled the legendary HBK at Wrestlemania 26, and Shawn Michaels career was on the line. He was actually the closest to beating The Undertaker, until that Tombstone ended HBK's 25 year career. Now HBK rarely even shows up and The Undertaker wrestles only once a year, I am now waiting for Batista to come back and do some butt-kicking. THE BOYHOOD DREAM HAS COME TRUE WITH SHAWN MichaelS!

The most entertaining superstar of all time, mr Wrestlemania, below John Cena. Are you kidding me? All these kids thinking Cena is funny and entertaining. You wouldn't know funny if it hit you over the head. You want funny and entertaining, is a million times better than Cena. And Michaels will always create moments that will last far longer than anyone elses. No one has ever had a better night, from entrance to exit, than Michaels at Wrestlemania XIX.

Cena sucks how is he higher up in this list than someone who can actually wrestle like Shawn Michaels. He has multiple classic matches which is nothing that John Cena will ever do.
The 2 WrestleMania matches against Undertaker
Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 21
Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart- 60 min iron man match
Shawn Michaels vs Mankind
Shawn Michaels vs H- Summerslam 2002
And most of all wrestled the first ladder match with Scott Hall at Wrestlemania 10

Never had a bad match. Greatest wrestler of all time. He is what all wrestlers strive to be. When he came back after his injury he told the WWE that he did not want to be champion and he pushed younger talent like CM Punk. He was so good that he got into the hof 1 year after he retired. His finisher was the best finisher of all time simply because he could hit it from any position. Whoever voted for anybody else is the stupidest person alive.

Best performer ever lived. Every single year since 2004 to 2010 he performed in the matches of the year. He's never back down for any challenge. (First Hell in a Cell, first ladder match, first Elimination chamber, first Iron Man match,... ). And D-Generation X is unstoppable as well. The dude is a LEGEND!

Shawn is the best so everyone can just suck it. Went through some bad years in DGX but is well known for flying over the top ropes only to just pull him self back in the rink. Or his legendary kick up from the floor back to his feet. He beat the Best there is the best their was and the best there ever will be. Best finisher ever in my book.

He is the best... He is the heart break kid! He can beat Steve Austin if Mike Tyson was banned from ringside... He is also very stylish boy... He could beat all the WWE superstars... He could not beat Cena & Undertaker because he was a bit too old... That's why he retired... Still HBK will live on forever better than Rock, Cena, taker, H, batista, Orton and anybody... LOVE YOU HBK!

Hbk is the best of all time. He is the greatest man of all time. He had defeated every men in the WWE history like The Undertaker (hell in a cell 1997), stone cold, hulk hogan, bret hart, and so on. Though there is undertaker, triple h, hbk are in the the middle of the ring people are supporting for hbk. He is the one who has entertained whenever he had stepped into the ring.

The Icon, the show stopper, the main event, the heart break kid,
Mr. Wrestlemania, mr. Hall of fame the one and only Shawn Michaels, I mean I really don't know how many names like these he has to be given for people to see that HE is THE Sports Entertainer! All his accolades, all his wrestlemania classics his charisma, his charm, his drive, his passion for this business and most importantly his longevity and loyalty to this business is like that of none other. He is a living legend. Heel, face, tweener, doesn't matter, he always made you feel a feeling like none other! Anything he's touched has turned to gold! #1!
No doubt about.

The most charismatic, the most resilient, the most heartbreaking and showstopping superstar ever... He was a part of-the first ever hell in cell, iron man match, ladder match, elimination chamber... Was the first person to win consecutive royal rumbles one of dem as the first entrant... People still love him and would be more than happy if he returns as a gm or something.

Shawn Michaels revolutionized the WWF when he was at his worst. He proposed a new type of fighter, was charismatic, innovative, dominator, inspiring, bright... Without HBK not talk there of Era Attitude nor of Austin, The Rock, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Daniel Brian... Because Shawn opened the door to the wrestlers of "low" height and "low" weight. It was relevant in and out of the ring without the support of managers.

Wow wow wow his smack is really attracted me. And Rey Mysterio also my favorite... Shawn well well

The heartbreak kid shawn Michaels! Mr wrestlemania, the showstoppa, headliner, the main event is at #3 what? Hbk is the best man! Whether he wins / loss, title fights or not he steals the show every time.. 4-times champ it doesn't matter if other guys have more, championships doesn't matter much now in the industry, its just like a stepping stone, look at the current champs today like the miz and other no names? What the hell is that< right? But if championship and accomplishments are what you are looking for, then HBK Shawn Michaels, is the first grand slam champ in the WWE

Almost all hardcore wrestling fans would say the best is either Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart, they were a complete different breed, theyou could have match of the year candidates with anyone. The reason I think Shawn is better than Bret however is because Shawn was not only a genius in between the ropes on offense, his selling is completely unmatched he could make your grandma look like a champion. Not to mention he could cut a promo that would put most other wrestlers to shame ( Watch his promo in Montreal). Best Heel of all time. Best wrestler of all time.

The Heart Break Kid (HBK) has won two Royal Rumbles. Very charismatic superstar, he retired because of a deal he make with The Undertaker. He has won two Elimination Chambers. He is the Mr. WRESTLEMANIA! The Sweet Chin Music and the Band's rhythm ( Bionic Elbow to Sweet Chin Music) are his finishers. - brunothemusicmaster

Mr. Wrestlemania, The Show Stopper, he had headed the first ladder match, created some of the most iconic moments in Wrestlemania, and has given consistently good matches has well has story lines, not to mention headlining with Undertaker in Wrestlemania 2 times almost back to back. Also a five crown winner with his friend Triple H - germshep24

Really? 5? Undertaker is good but not the best. Cena doesn't deserve to be in the top 5, much less #2. The Rock isn't anywhere close to as good as Michaels in ring and is only slightly better on the Mic. Stone Cold is the most overrated wrestler ever. With all that said, HBK is hands down the greatest of all time (The GOAT). Isn't it odd that he trained the next GOAT as well?

Won the WWE and world champion. won the second most royal rumble which is 2 times, back to back years. won the elimination chamber and for 2 years almost ended the streak of The Undertaker at wrestlemania. - dkiller

Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest, if not greatest in ring performer of all time. almost every match he had was match of the night. as long as John Cena is above shawn, this list is invalid

Shawn Michaels is the best. He is an amazing wrestler and amazing on the mic as well. Regardless of whether he is face (good) or heel (bad), he cuts the most entertaining promos. But way beyond that, his matches are among the most entertaining of all time. He can make any match and any opponent look good. There is a reason why they call him "The Showstopper, The Headliner, The Main Event," and "Mr. Wrestlemania". There is no way you can watch HBK and not be entertained.