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Steve Austin (born Steven James Anderson on December 18, 1964, later Steven James Williams), better known by his ring name "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, is an American actor, media personality, producer, and retired professional wrestler who is signed to a legends contract for WWE. more.


He single handed brought the WWF into a whole new level never seen before or since. He took the company from wherever Hogan left it, picked it up, tossed it over his shoulders and ran with it all by himself. No one else would have been capable to pull it off or even come close to it. Only he can get away with beating the crap out of the Boss (VKM and his family and cronies for that matter) on a weekly basis and get away with it and on top of that have the whole wrestling universe tuning in to see what the hell he was going to come up with every monday, and he's also the reason why WCW lost to WWF in the Monday night ratings war (all but maybe 2 weeks) even though Ted Turner had acquired all those other wrestlers, many of whom were "stolen" from WWF or were former WWF wrestlers like Hogan, Nash, Hall, X-Pac, etc., and still they couldn't put a dent to what Austin was doing. All who disagree can just look it up and stop trying to sell Cena as the best because he is not, he's a pumped up ...more

Not the greatest overall run because his career was cut short by injury, but the greatest and hottest run of any major superstar in history. Stone Cold Steve Austin helped make wrestling seem cool to teenagers, young adults, and adults who had become lapsed fans. Could you imagine a maverick politician being able to flip off President Trump, hit him with a Stunner, dump beer on him, and then chug more beer? Stone Cold Steve Austin was a blue-collar superhero. He was simultaneously exceptional & relatable. If you agree with my assessment of the Texas Rattlesnake, gimme a hell yeah! - joemccaffrey

Sorry, 2 great years:1998-1999 don't equal 25 great years. And yes undertaker had 25 great years! 1990-2015. From start to finish. Took a few years for Austin to get going and the end of his career was nothing to brag about.

He was a wife beater and walked out on WWE-wwf because he didn't want to job to lesner.

He is th first wrestler I have ever cheered for and will always be my #1. I like him a lot and wish for him to come back he will forever remain as a legend amongst those big names
Something for us all to remember from Austin I've traveled the world the last few years,
Sometimes I think of home,
And even Stone Cold has to fight the tears.

Another car, bus, or plane takes me to far away places,
But what I remember most is all the smiling faces.

Short people, tall people, people with glasses,
The bottom line is I'll whip all your asses.

Stone cold Steve Austin is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Stone cold could do whatever he wanted to do in the WWE and that's he's the best. U can put any man in the ring and stone cold can destroy that person. I have never seen anyone win a normal match so quick like stone cold. His finishing move the stone cold stunner has been loved from all the WWE fans because they know the pain of the opponent and the stone cold stunner is so quick it's faster than saying faster. That's why stone cold Steve Austin is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be

No wrestler in the history of WWE transformed the fortunes of the company like the beer guzzling Texas rattlesnake did. He was the face of wwf during its greatest era. He received the loudest pops from arenas all over the world. His matches with Vince & The Rock created headlines. Without a shadow of a doubt, SCSA is the greatest wrestler of all time. If you think otherwise, there's a can of whoop ass waiting for you. That's the bottom line 'because Stone Cold said so. Now, gimme a hell yeah.

While we have the Phenom (Undertaker), the World's Most Electrifying Wrestler in sports entertainment (Rock), the Cerebral Assassin (Triple H), but yet.. One cannot say that they hate the one man who literally helped keep the WWF/WWE on the page with WCW and the likes in the earlier years, The Undertaker is a definite legend in his own right, but you cannot DENY that the legend of the Rattlesnake should merely be -Fifth-.

No wrestle will ever be able to say "Kiss my ass," like Austin did. His whole career screamed it, the way he wrestled screamed it, and the way he "stunned" the whole world and brought the WWF/WWE to life has to be one if the greatest moments in entertainment history. When you talk about "greatest of all time" his name comes up in the top 3 every time. Those Rock matches were priceless. The real Texas Badass.

There are better wrestlers than him there are powerful wrestlers than him but nobody is like Austin he is the one responsible of wwf rating more than wcw storyline of him with mic man is best nobody get more appreciation like he got in his prime only he can bring truck car anything near to ring and do what he wants because stone cold said so

The embodiment of the attitude era. Stone Cold was an enormously entertaining and technically proficient wrestler. He created the anti hero archetype for the medium and his feud with Mcmahon is legendary. Hopefully we'll get another Stone Cold soon.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is such a great wrestler and entertainer! Whenever Steve Austin makes an entrance the crowd just losses it he brings so much energy and fun to watching WWE and wrestling. He is among the best of the best if not the best! No one else could pump up a crowd like he could!

Austin was the pioneer of the attitude era and he's number 5? Right after a suck-up, an ass-kisser, a bigger ass kisser, and the man who has only fought in 3 matches of the year 2013. This is really sad because austin is better than all 4 of them. "And that's the bottom line because stone cold said so! "

Steve Austin has really caught my attention. He had a unique personality compared to other wrestlers; he was just reckless and never gave a damn. If he says he's going to open up a can of whoop ass on you, you better be ready for it. - Mcgillacuddy

Stone Cold took wrestling to heights it had never been before and never will be again. He was a pop culture phenomenon. The most popular wrestler of all time. Loudest crowd reactions of all time, literally shaking arenas. He was, is, and always will be the absolute greatest wrestler of all time.

Hell ya austin is the best bad ass on the planet and his got the balls do what he wants and when he wants he must be on the top of the list.
Did anyone forgot in case I wanna remind that it was stone cols due to whom the WWE raw became the most viewed television show in the planet.
I don't know if you care but austin is number 1 and that's the bottom line because... Don't need tell it you guys already know it. - abintuladhar

"Come on this guy ruled the ring... Till the time he was in the ring he made every opponent of his piss in their pants.. Ask the wrestlers themselves he is top on their lists.. And the beer can changeless.. He was the biggest ass kicker in the business.. The "Texas rattle snake " left no stone unturned!.. That's why he is stone cold...

The biggest draw, box office attraction, and superstar in the history of the WWE. He could entertain while putting on wrestling clinics, while constantly re-inventing his character.

Stone cold was the "Attitude" in the Attitude Era. He beat the big guys, including the person who created WWE. And not to mention his in-ring action. His Stone Cold Stunner was more than we could ask for, and it was one of the best and crowd-raising moves of all time

He is the greatest of all time even the rock and I think he is also strongest among people he is the Man who never give respect to others but then also all of the WWE player give respect to him he is my favorite player in WWE history and no Ane can take his place

If stone cold never had his time in the WWE it would have never got to where it is today. At the time he joined wcw was bigger than WWE and he took the wrestling business too unbelievable heights. He was the best thing that ever will and happened to the WWE

Are you kidding me stone cold steve austin at #5? How quickly people forget. Where were any of you in the late 90s. No one I mean no one was as popular as stone cold during that time. He changed the industry. If it wasnt for him there would be no cena no rock no CM Punk nor would wrestling be like it is today a huge money making industry. There is no one else that belongs at number 1. My list stone cold. 2 the Rock 3 hulk hogan 4 undertaker 5 triple h 6 bret hart 7 shawn Michaels 8 John Cena 9 CM Punk 10 randy orton. Notable mentions sting. Kevin nash. Kurt angle. Chris jericho.

Austin is toughest SOB in WWE. No WWE superstar will not be like him and will not wrestle like him. He is funny. I will die watch him performing stone cold stunner. He is greatest wrestles of all time because that's the bottom line because I said some

I think this list is being voted on by 12 yr olds John Cena at 2? Come on! Anyone remember the mid to late nineties?! WWE and wrestling was at a all time high even higher than hulk Hogan's era. And the man who wad at the top of it all was Stone Cold Steve Austin. Which means no one was more popular or sold more merchandise or tickets than him. That is why he will always be number one.

What what what what what austin 3:16 will live forever. he is the only one who drive trucks atvs and beer trucks. he almost kill his boss vince every day. the stone cold stunner was the most powerful move in WWE history and that's why he's my favorite