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Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he has worked since 1990, making him the company's longest tenured in-ring performer . Calaway began his wrestling career with World more.


The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman, The Demon Of Death Valley, The Lord Of Darkness whatever you want to call him he is simply put the greatest WWE superstar of all time. He debuted in 1991 as part of The Million Dollar Man's 'Dream Team' and was undefeated for three years in singles and tag team competition. His career has been one which has brought many many good storylines and have been very enjoyable to watch. He is the only true legend left in WWE now, 20-0 at Wrestlemania a streak that is icomprable and one which I believe will never be broken, he has Done evening there is to do in WWE. Everything that he has accomplished has made him the most feared, respected and tenured competitor in WWE history, without a doubt the one example that comes to mind for that would be at the legendary Ric Flair's Farewell Ceremony where The Undertaker's signature Gong tolled and everyone came out of the ring, stood at either side of the ramp and 'allowed' The Phenom to make his entrance and ...more - jamesmacgregor

Taker's undoubtedly the greatest professional wrestler of all time... His gimmick is amazing, and the kind of athleticism that he shows in the ring considering his 300+ pound weight is exceptional... He's the best sheer striker in the game, and has got some amazing moves like Tombstone, The last Ride and Hell's Gates (Gogoplata)...

Over the years he battled all the wrestling greats, from Hulk Hogan to CM Punk, from Rey Mysterio to giants like Big Show and Yokozuna. He had some memorable feuds with Yokozuna, Mankind, Kane, Austin, Lesnar, Orton, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. He innovated Hell in a cell, casket, inferno, buried alive and the last ride matches..

Coming to achievements, Undertaker's a 7-time World Champion,6-time world tag team champion, and also the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble, entering no. 30... But above all, the accomplishment that stands above all is his Undefeated streak at the show of immortals-Wrestlemania... 20-0 and still ...more

As I mentioned earlier, he deserves the #2 spot. What not has he done, no one gives back to the business as much as Mark Callaway aka The Undertaker. Letting go of his undefeated streak must come to a lot of people's mind, that's just one of the things, putting over new wrestlers for the betterment of the business, biggest example being Brock Lesnar when he came into the business in 2002, Austin refused to put him over and walked away from the company, HHH ignored, who decided to loose to the 'new guy', The Undertaker, even after having a legitimate beef with Brock, he still put him over. Maintaining the decorum backstage, keeping the volatile elements in check, pushing each and every performer to perform to nothing but their best, sticking with WWE when everyone was leaving are a few examples. Excellent performer, fabulous mic skills, amazing both as Heel and Face and without a doubt the best 'big man' performer in the history of professional wrestling. People may doubt why I rank ...more

Undertaker wrestled in WWE for more than 23 years. From the beginning of his career itself he had received huge attention from the WWE universe. At that time he had confronted with the legends of that time like hogan, bret hart, jimmy the superfly snuka, jake the snakes robert, yokuzuna etc. He was very successful on unleashing the fear from the beginning and till now. As a big man and a heel too, he received huge applauses. When the bell tong fans start chearing for this man's amazing entrance. The Undertaker's different personas was also very interesting. His performance as a biker gained tremendous ovation. His druids, coffin, the urn and the late great Paul Bearer, His black coat and hat, His eye rolling effect, His entrance music, smoke and purple light associated with it, His undefeated streak, HIs legendary matches, His ability and stamina, His tombstone, last ride, chokeslam, old school, hells gate, His mysterious personas, His mind games, His story brother Kane, His courage, ...more

Hey it's very glad to inform you all that the legendary undertaker proves he is the best to be expressed as a legendary. The Undertaker reach the top of everyone. He won the hell in a cell match against h at Miami April 1. He extended his undefeated wrestlemania streak to 20-0. Unbelievable, extraordinary, extremely effort record in WWE/wwf. I think the phenom has retired after gain this record. But his name will chant by all who loves WWE in all time. Undertaker will stand tall in WWE/wwf history ever no doubt. the deadman rules the WWE kingdom ever

The reason why he is the best wrestler of all time is because he was one of the biggest stars in every era since his debut, if not the biggest. Sure he wasn't called the face of the compony but he is called the companies conscious in every era he's been in. And everyone should know that without Taker you wouldn't have many of the superstars you love now, he was known to side with the guys in the back rather than side with the boss like Shawn Michael did. He also puts young talent over and gives them a push, unlike someone and his famous shovel. And lets face it he draws better than any superstar in history. Some of the WWE fans today only tune in hopping they see his return.

For those of you guys who say HBK is the best/ greatest of all time, your wrong. Nothing against hbk, he's a great wrestler, but undertaker is way better. I mean some people are saying hbk is better thank undertaker, really? Might I remind you that undertaker beat shawn at wrestlemania 2 times in a ROW, he win the casket match with hbk, and cost him nearly 5 years of his career. Undertaker is the 2007 Royal rumble winner, 19 - 0 at WM ( soon to be 20-0), creator of buried alive matches, hell in a cell, and casket matches. Undertaker has been a part of WWE longer than anyone he started wrestling in 1984! When did hbk? 1988. He has been here through the wwf, attitude era, and the PG era. Everybody, even the people who think undertaker isn't the best, you know he's the best. LONG LIVE The Undertaker! REST IN PIECE!

I agree with all the comments. The reason why some people don't recognise his greatness is because he "only" has 7 world championships, but that's not his fault. In WWE, big men do not win many championships and they don't last long as champions (for example, Big Show, Kane or Mark Henry).

Also, you should consider that The Undertaker lost his three World Heavyweight Championships in unfair situations. The first one against Edge cashing in the Money in the Bank contract after The Undertaker had fought Batista and had been attacked by Mark Henry. His second reign ended by the decision of Vickie Guerrero, and the last one was in an Elimination Chamber match where Shawn Michaels attacked him with a Sweet Chin Music when he was about to tombstone Jericho.

To sum up, don't judge The Undertaker by his championships, but look at the great matches he's had, his incredible entrance and and the 21-0 streak at Wrestlemania.

The phenom never dies

His power to chokeslam & tombstone others doesn't lose

He is the most respectable wrestler

No fear in his face

His different personas was so interesting

The biker gimmick/dead man/punisher/western mortician he is the most powerful wrestler

Mark william callaway we hope your sound thrash returning

The bell rang the dark appear

He made the WWE what it is right now, I mean the word WWE means nothing to most of the people on this planet because they don't watch wrestling, but if you say Undertaker they will know him strait away.

When any good and beloved wrestler enters the stadium you hear a loud scream, but when The Undertaker enters you hear an EXTREME ROAR!

"The WWE without The Undertaker is like a peanut butter sandwich without jelly! "

He's the legendary dead man. He's the phenom of the WWE! He has an undefeated 19-0 streak at wrestlemania (soon to be 20-0)! He has the greatest entrance and is the man that has defeated anyone who dared to confront him and the ones who has proven himself worthy for a match against him! And when he's finished with someone in the ring, he truly takes his soul! There can never be another phenom! There can never be another streak of 19-0!

He has an unprecedented 21 consecutive victories at Wrestlemania. He is also perhaps the greatest striker in WWE history. He is approaching 50 years old, and still gets match of the year almost every year at the spammy awards. The Undertaker also has a very unique moveset that allows him to demolish people as he pleases. The last reason he is probably the greatest wrestler of all time is the character that comes along with him, it is a rare very dark, intimidating, and mysterious character that doesn't care if he's popular, and will just beat the living hell out of you, and no one ever comes out of a match with The Undertaker the same way that they walked in. Undertaker is a legend and will stand the test of time. There will never be a character like him, and when he decides to retire, there is only one resting place for the almighty dead man, The Undertaker, in the Hall of Fame!

Taker is all time great... Not only because of matches, but because he never left the WWE since he has joined it... I don't find any other wrestler as dedicated as The Undertaker is... The legend... The last outlaw... Well there was replacement of hogan (as cena), there was replacement of austin (as orton), may be there will be replacement of hbk (may be morrison), but I dare to say that there never ever will be the another "DEADMAN"... WWE will not be the same after he retires...

It is never too early to talk about one of the biggest draws in WWE history. There is only one man who could perform once, maybe twice a year and still be regarded as one of the best in the business. This man is The Undertaker.

Undertaker is expected to retire after this year's WrestleMania. If he wins, he will finish with an undefeated 20-0 record. Since it will be Undertaker's last match and storyline, the WWE will surely try to hit a home run in terms of its design and setup.

Here are 10 potential story lines giving The Undertaker a good way to close out his career. A few of these are repeats, while others are completely new.

Guys he's not a man he's a legend about him I'm speechless I just want to say hats off to him undertaker is the god of WWE he defeats everyone I repeat everybody in this industry people are afraid of him he wear black coat he comes when the lights gone and then the bell strikes bong then his opponents heart is full of fear. At least when taker gets retired seriously WWE is dead there's nothing in WWE when takers gone

The Undertaker is phenomenally the best in ring performer. He stands 6'10"1/2 and you can still see him fly around. Undoubtedly the best pure striker in the WWE, he is a great seller as well as a great hitter. His single appearance makes the ratings go through the roof. He is a 8 time World Champion in his wrestling career. His legendary streak at Wrestlemania is the greatest record of sports-entertainment. He stand 21-0 at WM. He excells in the tag team as well. He with Kane unified the WWE and WCW tag team titles. He is also known to be a very comforting personality in the ring as well as outside for young wrestlers. He is a is a legendary face as well as a talented heel. Overall "The Deadman" is the greatest of all time with his 24 year old career.

Over 20 years of service (by November) at WWE shows his incredible dedication and longevity. Undertaker has put his body on the line for the company and always given 100%, he had half of his face crushed by a wayward elbow drop yet he battled on and wrestled anyway. He has been superb for over 20 years and the day that he retires will be a sad one.

Creature of the Night forever!


Undertaker is hands down the best because he has the best entrance, best role playing WWE superstar, WWE lost millions after his last match vs. Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio. So w/o Undertaker, no WWE! Will be hard to find a new favorite wrestler after he retires. - kdogg7280

The greatest of all time... Actually John Cena is current best wrestler but he is the 2nd best of all time... I was really surprised when he kicked out of 3 pedigrees and a tombstone (4 finishers) which not even Brock Lesnar has done in his career... The most stunning moment of his career was why couldn't he beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania... That's because everyone knew what happened at Wrestlemania 27... Taker collapsed and was almost dead after his match but he still managed to beat the game and that's what gave me more trust in me about the fact that he is undefeatable... But at WM 30 just after 3 F-5 he lost despite not being in a vegetative state... I still believe that man may have kicked out of the F-5... I don't like anyone to beat my another favourite Wrestler John Cena except for the phenom... There's just a point of difference in my likes for the deadman and John Cena... But if someone would ask whom do you want to be with more... Definitely Its John Cena just because of ...more

Undertaker is the greatest wrestler of all time. He sacrificed his body for 20+ years and still willing to take one hell of a beating. As we know, the schedules that Taker got are so tough and brutal. And I swear no one in the WWE undergone many sugeries, broken bones, dislocations as Taker. Hell, he was burnt up by fire accidently 2 times in his career. Did he give up at those instants? No, he still gave great matches and promos in both occasions. No one will ever come close to Taker. He is the most respected guy in this business. He is the locker room leader. And I consider Undertaker as the best ever...

Here comes from death valley 299 lbs the phenom the legendary The Undertaker 22 years he is carrying the WWE the power, the strength, the stamina, the ability, the style of The Undertaker will not have an end WWE victims the dead man is the most extremely dangerous wrestler hey no doubt his 200 matches was a solid proof last week[30-01-2012} the deadman returns after 10 months long interval and he challenge triple h but triple h didn't accept his challenge because of a reason last year after wrestlemania 27 no holds barred match undertaker is so tired and could not left the ring using his own power and with the help of a stretcher
You viewers please see the match again in that match h tombestone The Undertaker but he survive his stamina in his 46 years is so appreciable
The bell rings the dark appear the legendary walking in slow motion wait and see at wrestlemania 28 undertaker walk up to undefeated wrestlemania streak 20-0

The greatest WWE wrestler of all time. The living legend. The last outlaw. The phenom. Always number 1. Undefeated 20-0 at Wrestlemania. 23 years of pure awesomeness. No other wrestler has delivered as this man did and is doing. He is not the greatest of all time, in fact he is the damn WWE. He is the definition of WWE and Wrestlemania. So many different personas he evolved.

The best in the world and has kicked randy orton rko at the wrestlemania

The Undertaker - The Phenom - The Deadman but most of all the conscience of the World Wrestling industry. He is the cornerstone of WWE and will forever be their most successful player yet. His career has been so impeccable and has cemented him as the greatest most loyal competitor to ever step foot in the squared circle.

What legend, he most rightly deserves the number one spot on the list. Lets go Taker.

The Undertaker is 21-0 at wrestlemania. He has defeated 17 different men such as shawn Michaels, triple h, kane, and jimmy snuka. He has been in so many memorable matches such as the first hell in a cell match and the first inferno match. Who can't forget the time when he pushed mankind off of a cell and through the anounce table!?! In my opinion The Undertaker is BY FAR the greatest WWE superstar of all time!