Top Ten WWE Wrestling Moves You Like to Perform at Home


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You turn so you can't see your opponent and then get their head in a tight grip then jump down

My favourite move is Sweet Chin Music but everyone is crazy about the RKO, even if they don't watch wrestling.

2 Rock's Bottom
3 Pedigree

It is a move that uses timing. You get ther arms under yours and fall down so the hit your knee

4 Stone Cold Stunner
5 Frog Splash
6 Attitude Adjustment

You pick them up and just roll them across your shoulder that should be a finish for you

Nothing like dropping someone on the floor

Easy good and effective move - WWE

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7 Spear

You target the stomach and then you run go low and use your body weight to knock them over

No power required just do it on your opponent he is over. - subhashsahu

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8 Sweet Chin Music

Just kick their chin and there really hurt but it is not a finisher

10 Brogue Kick

Maybe it is a tiny bit too simple kick to the face but it's kind of a stamp

I call it the bro kick so I can kick my brother

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? Dead Piledriver

It is where you put them in a pile drive form then swing them kick then then grab them out of while they are up do a pile drive the pick them up and do a ddt.

? The Asylum

It is my move but it is when they run at you then you flip them up and catch them than slam them really hard.

The Contenders

11 Figure-Four Leglock
12 Hell' Gate
13 Chokeslam

If you have the strength and technique, do it.. Looks very cool.

14 Twist of Fate
15 F-5

It is the king of moves and it can be destroy any wrestler...bobby summarwal.

16 Styles Clash
17 Tombstone
18 Cobra

I made this move up because I'm hulk hogan!

19 Superman Punch

It is easy and it has a great affect on the opponent

All you do is jump up and deliver a punch to the head

20 Skull Crushing Finale
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1. RKO
2. Attitude Adjustment
3. Rock's Bottom
1. RKO
2. Stone Cold Stunner
3. Pedigree
1. RKO
2. Stone Cold Stunner
3. Frog Splash

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