Top 10 Biggest WWE Royal Rumble Sore Losers

The most common rule of the Royal rumble once a superstar is eliminated via thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor and must return to the locker room but for these superstars they really didn't go quietly once they were eliminated and took out their frustrations on the other participants who were making their way in or ran back in the ring and wrecked more havoc.
The Top Ten
1 Hulk Hogan - Royal Rumble 1992

Once again Hulk Hogan makes this list and we take a look at the 1992 Royal Rumble with the vacant WWF Championship on the line Hogan ended up being eliminated fair and by Sid Justice and again Hogan was a sore loser as he grabbed on to Sid from the outside allowing Ric Flair to capitalize and throw out Sid with Hogan's help to become the winner and new WWF Champion.

it was really embarassing to pretty much everyone. Hulk Hogan probably felt pretty stupid after that.

2 Undertaker - Royal Rumble 2002

Undertaker completely cleaned house tossing out everyone who came in including the Hardy Boyz then Maven came in as The Hardy's came back to attack Undertaker who again knocked them both out before Maven hit the dropkick on him eliminating him which was Maven's only real accomplishment in WWE as Maven shocked everyone including Taker however Taker turned around and gave Maven that look that said you just made the biggest mistake of your life as he rushed back in attacked Maven threw him through the ropes not actually eliminating him and beat the holy hell out of him even attacking Scotty 2 Hotty who was also making his way towards the rumble as Taker dragged Maven all the way to the stands before throwing him into the popcorn machine laying him out and taking him out of the rumble.

3 Shawn Michaels - Royal Rumble 2010

Shawn Michales was dead set on winning the rumble to face Undertaker at WrestleMania however things didn't pan out like he wanted to after getting eliminated by Batista took out his frustrations on the referee's as he got back in the ring and they repeatedly order him to return to the locker room.

I almost felt bad for him, but then his negative attitude ended that

4 Kurt Angle - Royal Rumble 2005

Angle failed to win the WWE Championship earlier in the night then took Nunzio's spot came in cleaned house then grabbed Shawn Michaels for the angle lock Michael's got our and hit the sweet chin music on Angle eliminating him from the rumble after a few more entrants made their way in Angle ran back in the ring and eliminated Shawn himself and hit HBK with the steel steps then locked in the angle lock before finally being forced back to the locker room, the moment would ultimately lead to a match between the two at WrestleMania 21.

5 Triple H - Royal Rumble 2006

Entered at number #1 along with Rey Mysterio who entered at #2 as one of the last three superstars in the ring, Mysterio tosses him out and Triple H dragged Rey out and threw him into the steel steps in retaliation.

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin - Royal Rumble 2002

One of the 4 remaining supertars in the ring and the first to get eliminated and responded by returning with a chair and delivering a barrage of chair shots on Kurt Angle, Mr. Perfect and Triple H before leaving.

7 Hulk Hogan - Royal Rumble 1989

Hulk gets eliminated by both Big Boss Man and Akeem and Hogan being Hogan was not going to take it lying down as he pulled Big Boss Man out of the rumble to wail on him some more then stated he was going back into in the ring despite being eliminated as the referees try and stop him from doing so.

8 Muhammad Hassan - Royal Rumble 2005

The 2005 Royal Rumble was not a good night for Muhammad Hassan after tossed out by the entire group of superstars in the ring Hassan furious with his harsh treatment took his anger out on Scotty 2 Hotty who was making his way to the ring putting him in the camel clutch and basically taking him out of the rumble.

9 Big Show - Royal Rumble 2000

The People's Champion The Rock won as the Big Show CRIED FOUL. He said that the Rock's both feet touched first BEFORE he did, and yes the Big Show did beat the Rock later on this year, but in another match later this year with his WWF career on the line, the Rock thanks to Vince McMahon beat the Big Show to earn back his Wrestlemania title shot.
Its Joeysworld

10 Kane - Royal Rumble 2004

After being eliminated following a distraction by the Undertaker's gong Kane attacked Spike Dudley who's music began playing following the gong as he made his entrance and chokelammed him on the ramp way taking him out of the match.

The Contenders
11 Kane - Royal Rumble 2014
12 Baron Corbin - Royal Rumble 2018
13 Booker T - Royal Rumble 2007
14 Bret Hart - Royal Rumble 1997

Though to be fair Bret Hart did actually win the rumble since he did throw Austin out of the ring however since the referee's didn't see Austin's elimination Austin was able to sneak in and toss out both Taker and Vader then Bret Hart who had just eliminated fake Diesel making Austin the winner and Bret was incredibly furious with the outcome and began grabbing the referee's tyring to convince them that he threw Austin over the ropes and even ran over to the announce table and grabbed Vince while pleading his case.

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