Top 10 Most Devastating Royal Rumble Match Eliminations

The Royal Rumble match has featured countless eliminations throughout the years but for these superstars their eliminations from the rumble match would leave them completely devastated.
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1 Daniel Bryan (2015)

The year prior the WWE had refused to have Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match which angered the fans, when Daniel Bryan mad his entrance in 2015 the fans erupted in excitement finally it seemed Daniel Bryan was given his chance to return to the main even spot at WrestleMania until 10 minutes later Bray Wyatt eliminated Bryan not only crushing his WrestleMania dreams but infuriated the fans so much that they loudly expressed their displeasure such as "This is BullS-T" and "We Want Refunds" even going as far as hash tagging to cancel the WWE Network.

Is devastating, because is by far the most memorable Royal Rumble elimination.

2 Shawn Michaels (2010)

In 2010 Shawn had one goal in mind to win the rumble and face Taker at WrestleMania Michaels made it the final four as he super kicked Edge back into the ring from the apron Batista then runs at him to try and knock HBK off eventually Michaels lost his balance and falls and gets eliminated leaving HBK devastated and he doesn't go quietly as he super kicks the referees before being forced to leave, he would later get his match against Undertaker after costing him the title at Elimination Chamber.

3 Bret Hart (1997)

Bret Hart had tossed Austin over the ropes but since the referees didn't see it as they were distracted by Terry Funk and Mankind Austin slipped back in tossed out Taker and Vader, while Bret eliminated Diesel Stone Cold snuck up from behind and tossed Hart out for the win and of course Hart was super pissed off about it.

4 Undertaker (2017)
5 Goldberg (2004)

Goldberg entered the rumble as the last entrant and completely dominated the match spearing superstars and knocking all who stood in his way tossed out Charlie Hass, Billy Gunn and Nunzio then went for the Jackhammer before Brock Lesnar entered the ring and F-5'd him as Lesnar was making his way back to the locker room Goldberg enraged began berating Lesnar which allowed Kurt Angle to sneak up from behind to eliminate him which would lead to one of the worst WrestleMania matches in history.

6 Brock Lesnar (2016)

At this point Brock Lesnar was a beast and almost untouchable Lensar entered the match and unleashed hell tossing out members of the Wyatt Family Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan then as he was going after Bray Wyatt Strowman, Harper and Rowan returned to the ring and ganged up on Lesnar leading to his elimination from the match.

7 Stone Cold Steve Austin (1999)

Austin and McMahon were the final competitors after spending a majority of the match on the outside during the conclusion The Rock came out distracted Austin allowing Mr. McMahon to eliminate Austin for the win and of course Austin know had to live with the humiliation of being eliminated by of all people Mr. McMahon.

8 Triple H (2008)

Triple H had to work his butt off to get into the Rumble match after losing an opportunity to enter after failing to beat Ric Flair, Triple H entered and began cleaning house tossing superstars out then John Cena surprisingly returned as the number 30th entrant it came down to Cena and H and of course Cena tossed Triple H out for the win.

9 Roman Reigns (2014)

Pretty much the only time the WWE universe actually wanted to see Roman Reigns to win the rumble match after WWE kept Daniel Bryan out of the rumble fans were eager to see Reigns triumph over the hated returning Batista during the match Roman had broken Kane's all time record for eliminating the most competitors but of course Batista tossed Reigns over the top for the win much to the fans displeasure.

10 John Cena (2011)
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11 Rey Mysterio (2018)
12 Edge (2020)
13 Roman Reigns (2018)

He deserved it, to be honest

14 Ryback (2013)
15 Rusev (2015)
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