Top 10 Moments from WrestleMania XX

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1 Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Celebrate in The Ring

Possibly one of the greatest WrestleMania moments seeing both Chris Benoit who won the World title and Eddie Guerrero who retained the WWE championship earlier celebrate in the middle of the ring as the confetti rains down on them.

2 Chris Benoit Makes Triple H Tap Out to Win the World Heavyweight Championship
3 Undertaker Returns

Undertaker made his return to take on Kane in classic fashion ditching the American badass gimmick and returning to being the phenom complete with the druids and Paul Bearer.

4 Trish Stratus Turns on Chris Jericho

During the match between Chris Jericho and Christian Trish Stratus came out ends up distracting Jericho allowing Christian to pick up the win and in a total shocker she slaps the hell out of Jericho as Christian came back to the ring and hits the unprettier as the two walked back up the ramp as the two kiss as Jericho is left in a state of shock over what unfolded.

5 Stone Cold Stuns Brock Lesnar and Goldberg After the Match

The only positive thing about this very boring and sluggishly paced match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, after Goldberg got the win over Brock with the Jackhammer Lesnar flipped off the crowd then Austin who responded in typical Stone Cold fashion and hit the stunner on Brock then moments later while celebrating in the ring also hits Goldberg with the stunner which was the only time the fans actually cheered during the match and was basically Austin's way of apologizing to the fans for this train wreck of a match.

6 Eddie Guerrero Retains the WWE Championship After His Boot Comes Off After Kurt Angle Locked in the Ankle Lock

During the WWE championship match Eddie loosened one his boots as Kurt Angle rushed back into the ring and locked the angle lock on Eddie as his loose boot gets pulled off leaving Angel confused as Eddie locks in the small package while keeping his feet on the rope for the win and as Eddie is walking back up the ramp Angel realizes he's been had as Eddie's had dumped him to retain the WWE title.

7 Victoria Shaves Molly Holly's Hair

Molly Holly put up her hair on the line in order to get a shot at the women's championship against Victoria she loses and tries to bail as Victoria chases after her knocks her out then straps her to the barber's chair and proceeds to shave her hair Holly eventually wakes up horrified at Victoria shaving her head.

8 The Rock Makes His Rounds at Madison Square Garden

While Lillian Garcia is interviewing Mick Foley right before his and The Rock's match against Evolution Rock interrupts and takes over as he tries to get Mick all pumped up for their match as he makes his rounds backstage as they run into Hurricane and Rosey and Don Muraco and Jimmy Snuka before taking Mick to see a shot of the crowd before talking about he and Foley are going to beat Evolution before going for his signiture catchphrase "IF YOU SMEL!, WHAT THE ROCK and SOCK ARE COOKING? ".

9 John Cena Defeats Big Show to Win the United States Championship

John Cena claiming his first championship in WWE after knocking out Big Show with the custom knucks then hitting the F-U to capture the United States Championship a great way to open up WrestleMania XX

10 Johnathan Coachmen Bumps into Gene Okerland, Bobby Hennan, Mae Young and Moolah

While looking for the Undertaker the Coach ends up running into Mean Gene Okerland and Bobby Heenan who just came out of one of the rooms as he asks what been going on in there as both Moolah and Mae Young come out then proceed to drag both Gene and Heenan back into the room.

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11 Ric Flair Attempts the People's Elbow on The Rock
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