Top 10 Reason Why Wrestlemania 34 Will Probably Suck

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1 Roman Reigns Will Main Event Wrestlemania for a 4th Time

Once again you're building him as a baby face in the wrong direction of total rejection by the fans.

Guess what? It happened, and thank god he lost

True that Reigns is main eventing, but lazy-a$$ Brock Lesnar only wrestled in 6 PPVs as Universal Champion like almost a year now. That title needs to come off of a part-timer till Reigns beats him.

2 Styles vs Nakamura Will Not Be the Main Event

Honestly it should be the match everyone wants to see at the end... everybody will be tune out of a predictable Reigns Lesnar title match.

Should of been the main event. Nakamura’s heel turn would of been the best show closer WWE had in years

3 Undertaker is Competing against John Cena When He Retired Last Year

I have no interest in this match he should of retired 4 years ago when the streak died.

Lol. Cena just jobbed to Undertaker

4 Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is using the Mixed Tag Rules

The egos of Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon will ruin the match.

At least Rousey and Angle won the match, but I didn’t “love” this match. To be honest, it was pretty slow paced for me

5 Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali Might be on the Pre-Show

Has to be on main card

6 Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal Will be on the Main Show

Cruiserweights deserve better than Orton, Nahal, and Roode

7 If Braun Strowman's Team Doesn't Win the Tag Belts

Braun Strowman doesn't look like a guy who would hold the tag team championship

Oh don't worry he will.

He did, with a kid

8 No Pyro

Right because all the previous shows have had Pyro to open a show.

9 There are 2 Battle Royales

I'm good with one... I don't understand the point of adding a second unless they want an 8 hour show then put me to sleep because you failed to keep the audience up to the end and because its too long enduring.

They really need to stop with these battle royals especially with the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal which should have just been a one time only as it didn't help to push any of the new stars not including Bigshow.

That’s too much. I’m fine with the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, but the second one bored me

10 Going in to Overtime

Considering they have too many matches on the card what's the point?

A WrestleMania should not be more than 5 hours for the post two years WrestleMania has been near to 6- 7 hours seriously why have all this time and extra matches your just going to bore the audience long before the night even ends

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