Top 10 Royal Rumble 2005 Moments

The Top Ten
1 Batista and John Cena Both Fall out of the Ring

A moment that wasn't meant to happen as Batista lifted John Cena up for the Batista Bomb as both men fell over the ropes and both hit the floor at exactly the same time.

2 Kurt Angle Returns to the Ring to Eliminate Shawn Michaels and Viciously Attacks Him

Angle entered the ring after taking Nunzio's number early in the night and began taking out everyone before locking the ankle lock on Shawn Michaels who countered it as Michaels hit the sweet chin music eliminating Kurt Angle, Angle didn't take this lying down as he returned to the ring and eliminates Michales and viciously attacked him hitting him with the steel steps then locks in the angle lock again.

This moment lead to on one of the best WrestleMania matches of WrestleMania 21.

3 Batista Elminates John Cena to win the Royal Rumble

After McMahon ordered for the match to restart due to the botch finish Batista hit the spine buster on Cena before tossing him out for the win.

4 Eddie Guererro Steals Ric Flair's Number

Both Guerrero representing SmackDown and Ric Flair representing RAW went to draw their numbers with Flair being happy with his number being #30 while Eddie not so much as with #1 Eddie shakes hands with Flair before embracing in a hug as Eddie Leaves Ric shows everyone his number only for Teddy tells him to check his number again as Ric realizes that Guerrero stole his number.

5 RAW and Smack Down Superstars Stare down

During the rumble both Eric Bishoff GM of RAW and Teddy Long SD came out to cheer on their superstars as we got a stare down between the RAW superstars Chris Benoit, Edge, Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin and the SmackDown superstars Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Rey Mysterio and Luther Reigns as divided the ring before squaring off with superstars from the opposite brand.

6 Mr. McMahon Blows Out Both of His Quads While Entering the Ring

After Cena and Batista hit the floor at the same time Vince came out all ticked off at the botched finish as he rushed into the ring blew out both of his quads and was unable to stand as while sitting in the corner ordered for them to restart the match.

7 Paul London's Elimination

London gets eliminated by Gene Snitsky as he close lined London as he was knocked for a loop and came crashing down on the mat.

8 Teddy Long Orders Eddie Guerrero to Return Ric Flair's Number

Teddy Long tracks down Guerrero demanding that he give him Ric Flair's number before Flair along with Triple H and Batista show up to take back his number as Teddy assures them that he's taking care of the situation as he again demands for Guerrero to return his number which Eddie does and also Flair's wallet which infuriates Flair even further.

9 Muhammad Hassan Gets Chucked Out of the Ring By All The Participants in the Ring

No surprise here as Muhammad Hassan entered the rumble he gets attacked by everyone in the ring before everyone lifted him up before throwing him out of the ring.

10 Daniel Puder Gets Hazed By Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero & Hardcore Holly

Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder had a lot of heat backstage and during the rumble match Puder was hazed by Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Hardcore Holly as he was relentlessly chopped in the chest really hard that was very uncomfortable watch as they beat on Puder before Holly finally tossed him out.

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11 Batista Power Bombs Kane

After swiftly eliminating Gene Snitsky, Bastista then squares off with Kane, who just sat up and was wondering were Snitsky was. Batista was on fire as he was able to power bomb 300+lb just before catching Chris Jericho and eliminating him with ease.

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