Worst Numbers to Draw in the Royal Rumble Match

The Top Ten
1 14

British Bulldog, and Umaga had a good showing, but don't be fooled because this is the number that haunts the superstar in the future in fact some of them have already deceased that's how much career threatening #14 brings to a persons momentum, and perhaps there very life. I have said all I wanted about this, and I recommend reading more on each one, and how it effected that year of insert superstar.

2 16

Unless you are Randy Orton you are not going to distance with sixteen it rarely seems to happen otherwise you'll get tossed out fast.

3 3

The unluckiest number in the rumble more superstars have been eliminated first from the number 3 position than any other number dating back to the very first Royal Rumble in 1988 The Natural Butch Reed followed by Papa Shango in 1993, Bob Backland 1996, Fake Razor Ramon 1997, Tom Brandi 1998, Golga 1999, Mosh 2000, The Big Boss Man 2002, Danile Puder in 2005, Simon Dean in 2006, Santino Marella in 2008, Justin Gabriel in 2011, & Damien Sandow in 2014.

Maybe I'm overreaching on this, but yes Ric Flair is the sole performer for this spot, but since then nobody has been able to keep up what Flair has accomplished with the 3rd spot they just get jobbed out of the ring to the 1, and 2 as history indicates.

4 9

Its funny because in this decade alone nobody was close to the end at all I mean no final four, nor a winner at the nine spot which means that is a number to cross, and one you could insert of a jobber of anybody.

5 12

RVD has a great performance in 2003, but came short of the final four, and yet strangely a middle ranged number with not good history at all quite surprising actually.

6 1
7 10

If you count legacy in other words Ted Dibiase's son sure, but Ten is another one you'd surprised doesn't fair very well quickest example of that is Daniel Bryan in 2015 as the crowd were in disbelief because of it.

8 6

Kane in 2001, but that's it Six is a number not to expect anything special unless it's a surprise return then that's different.

9 26

Granted it's the least likely spot for any star to win at; Kurt Angle, and Big Show were nearly there to doing it, but come short somehow.

One before the most fortunate number to draw in...

10 11

Sheamus is the only exception to this rule, considering all the others are either done decently, or they got tossed quickly.

The Contenders
11 4

Cody Rhodes, and The Rock have been the best performers at the 4th spot, but everybody else just can't keep up the way they do so it has to be here nobody has won, and the closest to do that was Rock in 98.

12 7
13 30
14 13
15 2
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