Outlaw Recalls #6 WWF Invasion

htoutlaws2012 Prior to the Invasion: Remember back when WWE, then WWF was really hot at the time, and in June several WCW superstars would invade the ring, and get involved in matches there not apart of. This icing on that was when Booker T got involved in the main of the previous PPV King of the Ring in which Austin was lucky to retain. There is always what if's about how they could have done this better executed, but felt suckered back then didn't we? In today's WWE it is possible for an invasion as crazy as that sounds. Who has been there AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and many others could jump shift back to TNA in the fight against WWE that makes logical sense right? Which may come in the form of ECW reform and you would assume Paul Heyman is the leader right? No let's take away logic, and instead make it about the McMahon's. I mean that's handing TNA over Shane, and or Lucha Underground to Stephanie I mean seriously it was dumb at the time and the fans knew that, but suckered into that bait switch we know now. The final week before the PPV WCW/ECW and the then WWF were fighting against one another in a chaotic scene where Stone Cold came in to whip everyone in sight.

PPV itself: This would be a one, and one tie only PPV attempt, and it was something we did not expect to see before, but now the fans get there dream match right well let's take a look. It started off promising with a solid tag match between Edge & Christian Vs Lance Storm & Mike Awesome, then we go to a lame referee match which was nothing to it. APA steamrolled Palumbo & O'Haire thanks to Bradshaw (now JBL). As the WWF as looking really good early on the momentum started to shift when Billy Kidman proved that ''X-pac sucks'' in the 4th match of the evening between two cruiserweights. Raven beats Regal pretty quickly, Kanyon, Stasiak, & Morrus upset Big show, Billy Gunn, & Intercontinental champ (at the time) Albert. Tajiri evened the odds by beating Tazz in a quick 5 minute match. Here's where the show really got great was the hardcore match between Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam was a classic, tons of cool spots shown, and this match put over RVD on the alliance side as the most popular in the group. Then we got to a 5 minute Bra & panties match won by Trish and Lita, and then we get to the main event the one that really counts. Its tied at even, the WWF was looking great at this point with Austin as the leader you would believe that they got this well prepare for a swerve as he turned on team WWF to join the alliance by stunning Kurt Angle. As the PPV ends in cringe with Austin drinking beers with Heyman, Steph, and Shane.

How Do I look Back It Now: Okay imagine if you had guys like Sting, Goldberg, and even the NWO that would of made the invasion a lot more cool in my book, while it seemed fine to mix in ECW to try and make it believable, When you main guys are Booker T and DDP then there is problems with this storyline. Many fans look at this as a missed opportunity, but I also can't overlook the fact how good every PPV was that year in terms of match quality. I cannot deny that one bit 2001 was excited, and also in some cases missed shots for something that could have been great. This would go on another 4 more months until Survivor Series when team WWF predictably won an awesome 5 Vs 5 match for the ages. we have our what if's, but could we see this be done again maybe not, but it was worth a try.