Erwin Rommel

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Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, popularly known as the Desert Fox, was a German field marshal of World War II.


Erwin Rommel the Nazi's strongest gun beat the French at 1940 even when they had stronger tank, faster than the other German even that they lost communication with them, the 7th panzer division wo was leaded by Rommel was called the ghost division. Rommel was summoned to save Italian in north Africa Rommel didn't let the British only retreat but he invaded hundreds of miles until his troop run away of supplies. Tanks, ships, artillery, planes was attacking Rommel's troops wo surprisingly arrived to tunis with a very low lost. Rommel expected was summoned again to defense in Normandy and he did another great job in defense even if he failed. Rommel was accused for participating with the plot of trying to kill the Fuhler and because Rommel was ranked fast and was the favorite of Hitler all the jealous general accused him but he was innocent. Rommel suicided by force for the sake of his family and all German, Hitler succeeded on what the allies failed he killed the best Mareshal of ...more

He was the best in the world at the time.. Shame he was on the wrong side.. A true master of tactics & planning, a trye profesional a great loss to the German people.

He was the soldier in its genuine meaning. He always tried to minimize the casualties from both sides, never ill treated the POW, and never participated in or looked on the murdering of the innocent people. His plan was always based on the mind game with his enemy, and he won the battle mostly from psychological war that didn't require much blood shed. He knew the fate of the war is already determined when he was in Africa, and tried to end the meaningless war since his return to Europe. I'm sorry I can't read his memory of WW2 written by himself.

I think Erwin Rommel was the one of the best because for his skills and for his high respect for others. Once he stumbled upon an allied field hospital and that needed supplies and medicine and Rommel said he'll see what he can do and went back and returned with the supplies they needed.

If hitler let his fieldmarshalls do their job, wee would be under german rule now!

He was not a Nazi, he fought for the German military but wasn't a Nazi, he only died due to the fact that Nazis thought he was conspiring to kill Hitler which turned out he wasn't. He was an outstanding general and the only German commander of the World Wars I have any respect for

When he heard that Hitler had promoted him to Field Marshal, he said he wished that Hitler would've given him a Panzer Division instead! Good for us that wasn't the case because he would've taken the Middle East & all of its oil!

He was not only the most dedicated, but defiant toward Hitler and did not agree with the war with the Americans. Known as not only a good soldier, but a good man.

A brilliant and respected leader. I agree that if had been equipped as lavishly as his opponents, there would have been no way of preventing him from reaching the Suez Canal, then onto the Middle East oil fields. A man of honor and courage. As a side bar, many people do not realize that his 7th Panzer Division was primarily equipped with Czech made (t)38 tanks.

Clearly he was a soldier not a politician. In my opinion his only thoughts was his job as a soldier and didn't care about Germany's politics just fighting a war and trying to win it.

Erwin Rommel would have been the very best field Marshal if Hitler gave him the proper supplies. He pummeled the British that had an Armored Division and Infantry Division that was twice his size, and almost threw the British Out of Africa and you would have if it wasn't for the United States giving Britain Sherman's and M3 Lee tanks.

Erwin is clearly a good general. He was good at strategy, took over France, and was merciful. He disobeyed Hitler, and rebelled. Overall he was a good general

Great General! "The Desert Fox" If he had the recommended supplies he would dominate North Africa

His chivalry toward enemy and friend a like, make the him the closest portrait of the True German Knight. I have most regards to Erwin Rommel. I think He is the Best German Commander in WW2... Defending Africa with smaller Army & lesser equipment against Allies for such a long period with inadequate access to supply, this must be the most difficult task in WW2 for any German Commander.. Please remember that German Soldier can handle Frost bite better than Desert Heat..

No matter what haters think of him, Rommel is always one of the best Field Marshal Germany ever has. - Grussk

He was brilliant because he did so much with so little. Most generals had far more assets to work with than him, and he did as much or more than the generals who were given more to work with. He innovatived the use of 88mn antiaircraft guns to use against tanks to overcome some of his deficits. If his superiors gave him even a little more to work with, he might have won at North Africa and Normandy.

Despite he sometimes did not obeyed orders given to him, he was one of the best strategists ever, and one of the best generals Germans had.

Rommel was popular among his men but not his field officers. When his officers said they had 60% casualties he said that's no reason to stop your attack. But I believe he could have conquered North Africa if Hitler gave him more tanks. He lost a lot of tanks by the time he got to al alomo.

Erwin Rommel was very clever because he nearly won the battle in the North Africa and was very smart

The greatest strategist and a complete soldier and commander

patton, jackson, and rommel. the finst ever

He was good field commander and a good soldier. He would always be in the front with his men.

A amazing commander and truly a legend

This guy had the tools from the fatherland, he could have won in Africa. Favorite of many.

Excuse me, anon. You are aware that Hitler always never give Rommel reinforcements despite his pleas. Read more history books. - Grussk

He was one of the best generals even General Patton Admired him and read all his books and used his tactics