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21 Karl Doenitz

When hitler died, who did he pick to leave in charge...

I'm surprised the head of the navy and if the Wolfpack isn't higher on the list.

Uboats almost won the war

This guy tormented the Atlantic for years... let’s get him up higher guys!

22 Kurt Student

Led a successful campaign in Crete and then in the Battle of Bulge.

23 Sepp Dietrich
24 Felix Steiner

The rare SS general with moral integrity. He ignored the infamous commissar order. He led an international unit of Dutch, Norwegian and Danish volunteers whose welfare he put before obedience to Hitler's mad orders during His last week in Berlin.

The rare Waffen SS general with moral integrity. He ignored the infamous commissar order. He commanded an international unit of Dutch, Norwegian, and Danish volunteers and placed their welfare ahead of obedience to Hitlers mad orders during his last week in Berlin.

A good officer

25 Hermann Fegelein

Been watching downfall have we? you tube? hermann was a clown, but a good one - gruppenfuhrer

26 Otto Skorzeny
27 Joachim Peiper

Unbelievable commander

Wasn't a field Marshall but did some great things in the Ardennes offensive where he commanded the most effective spearhead of the offensive.

28 Reinhard Heydrich
29 Walter von Brauchitsch

Playing a key role in the Blitzkrieg on the western front and even making improvements on Erich von Mansteins original invasion of France he definitely deserves a spot on this list.

30 Friedrich Paulus

Paulus was Catholic, and didn't believe in Bohemian Corporal Hitler's suicide ideas. He stated " He wouldn't kill himself for some Bohemian Corporal who knew nothing of was"! Paulus live the longest after the war. Who's the brilliant General?!

Paulus was not qualified to command 6th Army. He was a staff officer, and not the greatest. He also proved to be a traitor. Nice.

Great general if hitler had approved of his plans to invade Russia we would all be speaking german today

Agree. Traitor, coward, unfit to command. Too bad upon Reichenau died

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31 Hans von Luck
32 Hermann Hoth

Never promoted to Field Marshal but known as "General don't go there" by his Russian adversaries. Should have been promoted to Field Marshal after crushing the Red Army in a the so called "spoiling attack" that cracked open the entirety of Southern Russia to Germany starting in the Summer of 1942.

33 Reinhard Hardegen
34 Sigfrid Henrici

The use of his strategy during seelow Hights by pulling back his troops to secondary trenches during artillery bombardments. He also did not follow Hitlers orders to scorch a city. He also pulled his army back attmepting to save his mens lives. He was also a decorated gearal and buried with full military honor.

35 Hermann Göring Hermann Göring Hermann Wilhelm Göring was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party.

Goring was a muppet. How could that idiot be on this list. A useless pompous thieving druggie.

Goring wasn't brilliant in any way. Most of the early Luftwaffe success were due to them basically unopposed in the air. Once they faced some resistance (during the battle of Britain), he was indecisive and made the wrong decisions.

Morphine addict while he did all of this. Imagine him off of the smack?

Most dangerous of the German Field Marshals by far he simply never had the resources necessary to accomplish what was promised by Hitler. He was not for the Barbarossa Plan but without his Air Force the German Army wouldn't have penetrated more than a hundred miles into Southern Russia. As it was they were a thousand miles away before the Army finally outran their Air Support then were crushed at Stalingrad for having done so.

Poor in retreat he had no answer for American Airpower since the United States was running much more durable air cooled radial engines.

The theory that Germany and Japan "ran out of pilots not aircraft" is simply false.

By 1945 neither had any of either planes or pilots giving the soon to be named "United States Air Force" complete Air Supremacy over Ally and Enemy both.

Only Goring understood the importance of this.

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36 Franz Halder

One of the greatest WW2 general loberst and general cheft of stuff of herees is is a and scared to Hitler and one of Nazi Respecful general of Nazi Germany and one of the commander of eastern he was a great commander after he's dismissal in 1942 because not ander standing with hiler

37 Alfred Jodl

Alfred hold a general colonel in heers he was one of Hitler one of the last general in the bunker in Berlin is was the general how been in Nuremberg trials and reader died in haging

38 Hans-Valentin Hube

One General not mentioned is Hans Hube. Abilities of half Manstein-half Model, he was also Hitler's fireman in most all theatres of war. Brilliant in defensive tactics, he saved German divisions from encirclement in Russia and Italy. Brought to Hitler on his 55th birthday to receive another cluster to his knights cross, he was killed in a plane crash after take off-April 21 1944. I would rank this man fourth, behind Guderian.

39 Rudolf Hess
40 Dietrich von Choltitz
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