Best X Factor UK Contestants of 2016

The X Factor UK 2016 Finalists ranked Best to Worst

The Top Ten Best X Factor UK Contestants of 2016

1 Relley C

Powerful singer but again not the best singer of x factor

Love Relly C! When she sang shackles had me up off my seat! Think she could be the dark horse of the competition given she has the right song choices!

2 Four of Diamonds

Awesome singers and really good group I was furious when louis walsh didn't sent them through to the live shows but at least louis walsh brought them back to the live shows so I think they are gonna win it this year and then they are gonna be the Christmas number 1 their future is so bright

Four of diamonds are gonna win it watch and see

Probably the best things since leona lewis

3 Emily Middlemas

Her voice is not the best but I doubt if she's gonna win it this year

Love Emily so cute ❤ angelic voice

4 Matt Terry


Awesome singer not the best though

5 Sam Lavery

Sam is my favourite she has an amazing voice and deserved a place in the final.

Her voice is awesome but again not the best singer of all time

Think Sam is the one too watch

Sam is amazing she has an amazig voice should have got Ryan out

6 Honey G

She was really funny and entertaining reminds me of someone my mother knows

Shes the realist chick in the game right now - UnovaKurusu

Oh my gosh she is fantastic - UnovaKurusu

My favourite!

7 5AM

Okay group but not the best group they had on x factor

Rubbish they don't have any good vocal

8 Saara Aalto

Thought she was friendly, an amazing singer and good personality, and the public did start to like her towards the end of the competition - her performances were extraordinary, one of the best singers of all time on the X Factor for sure.

The public didn't like her in lives week 1 because most of the audience are teenagers and teens do not like frozen - UnovaKurusu

Nice singer but the public don't like her for some reason

Cold, and over confident

9 Ryan Lawrie

Not the best singer I can see either out of freddy parker or ryan lawrie to be in the bottom two

My Favourite contestant

I hate this guy - UnovaKurusu

10 Gifty Louise

Awesome soul singer could be the next whitney houston but I doubt if she's gonna be in the finals

Potentially international global star

The Contenders

11 Caitlyn Vanbeck

Even though she didn't make the lives felt like she should be on this list as it was shocking she never got through - connorwilson

12 Christian Burrows
13 Freddy Parker

Not a really great great singer but I don't think he's gonna win it

14 Bratavio

Terrible singers but did well in the sing off against saara aalto but they got eliminated

I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world!

Loved them

15 Brooks Way

Not a bad group but I don't like what one of the group members did to that woman

Never heard of these people - UnovaKurusu

16 Kayleigh Marie Morgan

She is amazing and needed to get to live shows

17 Olivia Garcia

Suprised she went out at judges houses, thought she was gonna win

Amazing she is the best

18 Yes Lad
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