Top 10 X-Men: Evolution Episodes

X-Men: Evolution is a 2000 animated television series about the Marvel Comics superhero team X-Men, who in this incarnation are teenagers instead of adults.
The Top Ten
1 Ascension

Finale. Apocalypse plans to turn all humans with the dormant X-gene into mutants. Professor Xavier shares his visions of the future

2 Dark Horizon
3 Day of Reckoning

The X-Men are shocked when Professor X teams them up with the Brotherhood to stop Magneto

4 The Cauldron

Scott is reunited with his younger brother Alex, who is recruited by Magneto

5 The X-Impulse
6 Shadowed Past

Magneto orders the Brotherhood to stop Mystique before she tells Nightcrawler all of his past

7 Rogue Recruit
8 Turn of the Rogue
9 Survival of the Fittest

The X-Men and the Brotherhood battle each other in a summer camp

10 Impact

Nightcrawler tries to revive his mother Mystique, much to the dismay of Rogue

The Contenders
11 Self Possessed
12 Day of Recovery
13 The Stuff of Heroes
14 Under Lock and Key
15 X-23
16 The HeX Factor
17 Power Surge
18 Cajun Spice
19 On Angel's Wings
20 Mindbender
21 Mutant Crush
22 Target X
23 Grim Reminder
24 The Stuff of Villains
25 Sins of the Son
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