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As the Original Xbox faded into obscurity. They moved on quickly from what Microsoft considered their best console to date. This of course is the Xbox 360 being the first of three consoles to start in the 7th gen. It was home to some follow ups, and a lot of variety thrown in the mix of its vastly deep arcade collections. Still let's take a look back at the thrill ride of the 360's games before us.
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1 Halo 3 Halo 3 Product Image

The last great Halo game in my opinion, Halo's 1, and 2 were epic than you get what is my personal favorite myself in Halo 3. The best story out of all of them that continues out from Halo 2's cliffhanger. The best multiplayer system for me as well, all the game types were fun. This game made you earned your rank very competitively driven. Forge was a cool idea creating your own type of new look to the maps. The DLC maps for this game were just as cool as well. Been so long, but I remember just having great times with this game on Xbox live. Soundtrack I don't need to say still top notch and feels like the Halo I loved in the 2000's. 10/10

2 Gears of War Gears of War Product Image

Okay take everything I love about the Unreal series, and turn that into blood of gory war action... that's Gears of War a big hit for Microsoft. While not a launch title it came out the very next year, and I was pretty impressed by the feel of the game. It's like they made a game Mortal Kombat in First person performing fatalities on these Locus guys with your chainsaw cool stuff. A great exclusive title that would be one of the lasting reason to ever purchase the Microsoft console in the future in all honesty lately. 9.4/10

3 Braid Braid Product Image

Yeah no not hair extensions or whatever that is. This Braid is a Puzzle game by an indie developer. For a classic in the arcade collection kinda ashame to see the makes of this game only did this beloved title. This was the start of going back to that 2D gameplay in a modern formula done right. 9.2/10

4 Dead Rising Dead Rising Product Image

Back to the classic horror titles for the system itself, and Dead Rising (the first game) had me in the right interest. Yes it's the overdone don't get eaten by Zombies I get it. The original for me is still the best in the series. Putting Frank West in a mall to survive with some crazy antagonists he ends up finding in the depths of this huge mall eventually escape the torture of being in there for that long after taking shot after shot of the undead. 9.4/10

5 Fable II Fable II Product Image

I played 3 long before this but it has all of the good things from 3, the goofy world is funnier and the hack n shash-y combat has more depth even though its very clunky (there's only 2 good things from Fable 3). Some of the weaker parts of the game would be visual, the entire world just either appears to be bitterly bland or glowing in your face and while it looks good to me, it's probably just an accident considering everything else also looks shoddy, the animations and camera are often far too bothersome. It's like a 7.0/10.

Fable II improved on the flaws from the first game, and turned into a fun RPG title. There's more to do, a graphic improvement of this fantasy world. It has better long lasting appeal over the others in the series. 8.9/10

6 Too Human Too Human Product Image

Too Human is a game my friend introduced me to. This was before Dark Souls mind you. The game was extremely difficult, and kinda generic action RPG for me that didn't have anything too significant story wise. I'd say avoid this rubbish didn't really peak my interest. 5.1/10

7 Alan Wake

One of the most original ideas in a horror game yet. Alan Wake puts you through two ''special sections'' and the main story itself. This game will keep you toasted in suspense surely. In today's time not having a story is kinda a turn off in my view over the overblown online multiplayer taking over in current times. 9/10

8 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead Product Image

Well as the title would imply you, and three others survive the undead to great peril. You even fight some sub-like bosses along your path. Another classic valve game nevertheless. 9/10

9 Crackdown Crackdown Product Image

Crackdown was one of the reasons to get a Xbox 360 believe it or not. I was surprised to see how fun this game truly turned out. Okay think Just Cause meets Grand Theft Auto in a futuristic setting. Oddly enough that ends up being what you play only with a much different protagonist you go around shooting and picking up vehicles with. That alone standouts quiet a bit your this super soldier Captain america type dude who fights off multiple gangs to create chaos blindly letting you go do this kinda feels like today's times which is something to the story. This game was cool for its time, worth checking out. 7.8/10

Some of the funnest gameplay I've ever played but once you get over the learning curve you can beat the game in just a couple hours easily, especially if you ignore the side content like the races (which were never that fun to me.) The content that's there is really good even though it would have been nice to have seen some more clever area designing on some of the bosses, since that's the focus of the game. 8.5/10 for as long as you can make it last without it getting too easy.

10 Hulk Hogan's Main Event Hulk Hogan's Main Event Product Image

''Let me tell you something dude. When you make a game based around the hulkster make sure it's quality brother! If it's not well I got something to say take your vitamins, say your prayers, and not play such a basic lame story game of me teaching you how to wrestle.'' 3/10

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11 Halo Reach Halo Reach Product Image

This was at the time where Bungie was doing different things post the epic trilogy era. Halo Reach was the best game to come out of those three for me. It is a prequel which I find good about it. How all the members die within the campaign, and you find a young Captain Keyes plus an easter egg of Master Chief... cool. I played the beta for this, and that immediately got me to like this game right away. Adding in cool backstab animations, and powerups which were alright. Overall Bungie had a very good last impression with this game at least. 7.6/10

12 Perfect Dark Zero Perfect Dark Zero Product Image

Perfect Dark Zero was a launch title for the 360. It was going to release as a very late gen 6th game for Xbox, but instead they jumped it up, and in a way it felt rushed. Many fans of Perfect didn't like the sequel all too much, I actually enjoy it's multiplayer was oddly fun for something that feels generic in level designs. Story is not the worst by any means, but it was just there. A disappointing prequel set timeline that could of been better given better time than in development cycle. 5.8/10

13 Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Product Image

By far the most balanced out of all the Marvel vs Capcom games, 9/10.

14 Tomb Raider (2013) Tomb Raider (2013) Product Image
15 Bioshock Bioshock Product Image

An amazing game a perfect 10.

16 Kinect Star Wars Kinect Star Wars Product Image

One of the worst Star Wars games I have ever seen. At the time Star Wars was purchased by Disney, and to celebrate this buyer they decided to have a game where you do the following things repetitively. Cringeworthy horrible dancing, broken Lightsaber duel controls, and a Vehicle destroy everything in the area with a Rancor gets old fast as well. Another bad game to include if you liked motion Kinect titles. 2/10

3/10. Kinect sucks anyway. Just like peripherals on Wii.

17 Bioshock 2 Bioshock 2 Product Image

Not as good as Bioshock 1 but still plays just as good, 8/10.

18 Dead or Alive 4 Dead or Alive 4 Product Image

It retains the fun gameplay, good roster overall. Really weird inclusion of Master Chief with a female voice I'll never get to this day. Some environments look good and others show their age for 2005. 7/10

19 Bomberman: Act Zero Bomberman: Act Zero Product Image

The Bomberman games are fun games to play with friends, but this one is very deceiving right from the cover art itself. Act Zero has this idea oh wow this looks futuristic and cool. When really it's not. Just a lame and didn't feel like the others games remotely. Sure they tried to be different, but it came off so bad to fans it remains as one of the worst sequels and video games of all time. 2.3/10

20 Halo 3: ODST Halo 3: ODST Product Image

Halo ODST was just a side story extension of Halo 3. Instead of making a DLC extra they decided to have a full game purchase. I get the story is important, but that's mainly the purpose of the game plus this is the game that gave us firefight which was alright fighting through covenant forces.

This game also brought back some Halo 2 weapons which is nice to see. The night setting can be cool too I guess, but gets old as you play it more and more overtime. 6/10

21 1 vs. 100 (2009 Video Game)

As one of the few that can really go off on this. I wish there were more gameshow take on's like Microsoft did with 1 Vs 100. They basically modified it there way, and the rewards were very cool at the time. If you were able to go far into without screwing questions depending on the type you select it offered a decent amount of variety. I was bummed when they discontinued it in early 2010 though. 7/10

22 Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Product Image

Speaking of more bad Kinect games here's another famous one. Steel Battalion was a solid title back on the Original Xbox, and to give it a proper sequel you slap it's control onto the Kinect. Predictable the controls were so horrendous the game was unplayable. 3.5/10

23 Shadow Complex Shadow Complex Product Image

The 360 had the largest amount of indie obscure games. Out of those really great title included some of the obvious ones out there. Shadow Complex was among one of those. A cool looking side scroller from 2009. So good it even was ported onto the 8th gen consoles in it's success. 7/10

24 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Product Image
25 Transformers: War for Cybertron Transformers: War for Cybertron Product Image

A great hidden gem more people should play if you are a fan of Transformers I would seek in finding this game. I had a great time with it takes place on the fictional world itself. A vastly underrated title that's got fun replayability, and variety to it. The graphics though will make it tough to see sometimes when falling off a platform that's my nitpick, but otherwise I highly recommend. 8/10

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