Fallout 3


More emotional, addictive, and well-written than all the Oblivion games combined. - GrungeIsDed

I think Black ops should be knocked off the list and replaced by this cause this game was so much fun

No doubt this game should be number 1. I have never in my entire life played such an amazing game. The world at which you explore is surreal. This game is the future of games and it is truly unbelievable.

Man this game is great I could play it forever and never get board it is great best story side quest and environment its great here is my top list

1 fallout 3
2 skyrim
3 fallout new vegas
4 dead island
5 Rage
6 left 4 dead
7 left 4 dead 2 or dead island riptide
8 modern warfare 2 and 3
9 Call of Duty world at war
10 halo reach or resident evil 6
11 gears of war 1 and 2
12 Call of Duty black ops
13 halo 3
14 Minecraft
15 dead rising

Like a lot more but these are my top 15 or about 18 - Romneymarshall

Fallout 3 is always going to be the best video game ever unless fallout 4 tops it but that will be very hard because fallout 3 is the best game ever still can't understand why it is so low on this scale must be rigged - Romneymarshall

I've said before, and I will say again, this is the best game this generation. If it was 360 exclusives, it would be Mass effect 2, the third best game this generation, behind Uncharted 2.
- nic1997ps3

Easily better than Oblivion. I think I died a little inside when I saw that it was being beaten by (amongst other things) Halo and Grand Theft Auto. One of the all time greats - OneShot7

What's not to like?
The gore the slow motion killings, the open ended world of post nuclear apocalypse washington d. c to explore get out there and buy it - jesusman

Oh God. This game... Is the bomb! Get it? Well Fallout 3 has a spectacular gameplay and an EPIC intro music. And I especially loved the V.A.T.S.

Atmosphere is a games best friend. Fallout 3 proves that with the right atmosphere a game can suck you in. In my eyes, PERFECT.

Fallout is an endless experience. I can go hours on just playing this game. Always something different no matter how many times the game is played. I have both oblivion and skyrim, and neither can compare to the post apacolyptic universe fallout offers 10/10

Kind of like Oblivion but more futuristic, overall this game is really good but oblivion is 10x better -

I have played this game for three years straight. Nothing can beat this game. Should be number uno.

Yes! Logged many many hours on this game... Taking down super mutants with a minigun is the best.

Great game with tons of replayability and a great story. It at least deserves to be in the top 10.

This game should clearly be in the top five

An amazing, beautiful game that has kept me entertained for 45 hours and counting. The very openly dynamic world is always entertaining and the ability to chang your playstyle from good guy to bad guy in a few seconds is interesting.

this is greatest single player game of all time, no contest. Fallout 3 kicks ass. - USSR4LIFE

I like this & Skyrim almost equally. I like the world of Skyrim better, the sheer scope, beauty, majesty & richness of it. Fallout, however, is the only game (save maybe Dishonoured) that emotionally affected me. That's why it gets my vote.

All the oblivion games? There's only one oblivion game lmao. I agree that fallout is a good game but there's no reason two compare two perfectly good games with one another. TES' series are amazing and so are the fallout series too.

By Far The Best Video Game I've Ever Played.

Easily the best game of this generation.

This game made me the gamer I am today

Nothing comes close to fallout 3 greatest game ever not just Xbox but every system can't wait till fallout 4 comes out hope its like 3 not nv.

Fallout 3 is best it should be fallout 3 skyrim fallout new vegas far cry 3 red dead redemption dead island left 4 dead Minecraft rage left 4 dead 2 dead island riptide modern warfares tied halo reach halo 3assassins creeds condemned 2 gears 2 gears 1 resident evil 6 Call of Duty waw gears 1 dead space 2 dead rising Call of Duty black ops halo anniversary oblivion raman Oregons
Halo odst etc