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41 NBA 2K11

2K Sports has delivered the most finely polished and fully featured sports game I've ever played -- and I've played a lot of sports games. The amount of work put into 2K11 is staggering -- perfect recreations of Jordan's historic games, streamlined controls, NBA teams that play and feel like their real-life counterparts, a franchise mode that includes sensible GM logic and intelligent team building.

42 Batman: Arkham Asylum

This game is so underrated. I also think this is one of the best batman games.

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43 BioShock Infinite

Why the hell is this not in the top ten? This for me is the best storyline of any game I've played and I've played uncountable amounts of games across a wide range of consoles. The twists to the story, the detail of the graphics and Elizabeth really took to me and actually made me feel like I was booked dewitt. No game has managed to do that to me before. Throughout and after the game it left me thinking and even though ken Levine has closed down the production of bioshock series I hope they go on to carry on their success of such great games. Different to all the others.

I'm a diehard Halo fan, but Bioshock Infinite is the best game on the Xbox 360 in my opinion.

No man will ever witness a game as spectacular and mindblowing as this one. Period.

44 Just Cause 2

One of the most underrated games of all time in my view, HUGE open map, much bigger than Grand Theft Auto, great graphics, much more vehicles and guns, and better shooting mechanics. I think this is the best game of all time for Xbox 360

Amazing Graphics. Just like Grand Theft Auto with more intense action. Largest free roam videogame world out of any game I know. My favorite is skyrim but Just Cause2 most fun game I ever played.

An intense campaign mode with a lot of stuff you can do. It would be much better if there was a multiplayer mode though!

Can't wait for the Third I Pre-Ordered it and the Season Pass

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45 Castle Crashers

One of the funniest, and also cutest Xbox games I've ever seen. How can you not like this madness? - danielwotsits

This is so underrated. It's so creative and fun. Great controls and art style. I love it so much.

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46 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Oldest gamer online and I say this is the one to beat ask naughty dogs team they only do ps4 exculsive and no Xbox says it all it's the best game ever made amazing value for money worth the punt

47 Assassin's Creed III

It has amazing storyline and graphics! It also has an amazing view into the First Nations culture!

It's like playing in old America
It's awesome

In Black Flag, it says this game was passed and never was sold

Great game fun mutiplayer set back in Boston you meet real people all I can say is if you don't have it buy it awesome

48 Alan Wake

An astonishing experience! Fully atmospheric and suspenseful. Outstanding characters and terrific story. The gameplay runs smoothly and the combat system is sublime. Excellent graphics and rich with gorgeous and scary details to immerse yourself even further into the eerie world of Alan Wake. The soundtrack is probably one of the best I've heard in a video game. A great cinematic gaming experience. Hopefully they'll make an Alan Wake 2.

Great combat decent story but gets boring after half of the game

This completely entrapped me for 3 weeks solid wonderful, way underatted, try it
you wont be dissappointed

49 Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Motorsport 4 is racing video game, and the fourth in the Forza Motorsport series. Like Sony's Gran Turismo franchise, Forza games are racing simulations; heavy emphasis is placed on making the cars drive and look as realistic as possible. Races are conducted on closed circuit tracks. 500 cars are featured in the core game experience, ranging from everyday cars to race cars.

Forza Motorsport is so cool but I don't understand why its in the 40s

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50 L.A. Noire

This game should be higher!
It has insane graphics for expressions on their faces and awesome gameplay!

This game is so underrated, needs to be higher x

51 Call of Duty 2

the only thing call of duty 3 has on this game is graphics, and vehicles

52 Catherine

With a riveting story, gorgeous art style and addictive gameplay, Catherine is surely one of my favorites ever. A one of a kind game that I'm absolutely in love with. A glorious nightmare I'd happily go through again and again. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

53 Saints Row 2

Took the genius of the first Saints Row and added a ton more including vehicles and secret missions.

Best of all the Saints Row, but that's not saying a lot. My opinion this should be top ten

54 Titanfall

Should be #1, it is awesome and I played it and it was so awesome! Driving/Walking the titans was awesome! - drag0nslayer200

55 Rock Band 3
56 WWE '12

This game is awesome once you play it and it's in whole new level
With so many features!

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57 Terraria

You don't lose items when you die

This is better than Minecraft as you get more items and fight more but it is in 2d.

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58 NBA 2K14
59 Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
60 Mafia II

:) Vito and Joe = Simply the Best partnership ever

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