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101 Guitar Hero: World Tour V 2 Comments
102 Saints Row

I love this game and think it should be top 10. It is just fun pure and simple and thats what I want out of a video game. - ChrisHenry

rockets plus unlimited ammo

Cool I love what your guy says on the last mission of the vice kings

How in the hell could they not have put this at number 4 or 5?

V 2 Comments
103 FIFA 08
104 The Walking Dead

It looks like it sucks

105 Kung Fu Panda

This is a surprisingly good game

106 Madden NFL 13

You gotta love it 2013!

107 Saints Row IV

Played this game so many times and it will never get old. It may not be as long as other games but it's darn well entertaining. It keeps you hooked, wanting to continue after every mission and the dialogue and characters are all interesting in their own manner. I love each one of the Saints Row games, and this was a fresh change from the other three- it was a whole fresh, new level of over-the-top stupidity that you can't help but fall in love with over, and over, and over again. You should be playing this.

108 Soul Calibur IV
109 Halo Wars

Not as good as red alert 3 but its an amazing strategy game and its definitely a game you have to buy!

Great strategy game. There are plenty of YouTubers still making videos with this game. - VotzSKiLLioN

110 Need for Speed Carbon

best racing game on xbox 360 - chido1

111 UFC Undisputed 3

Amazing game 10/10!

Best ufc game yet and best fighting game I've played in a long time hsfd jsjd

112 Fallout: New Vegas

How is this so far down? I believe it fits the fallout series better than fallout 3, and just creates a great post nuclear war atmosphere very well. Probably my favourite of all time.

113 NBA 2K13
114 Lego Marvel Super Heroes
115 Wet V 1 Comment
116 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Why did Guitar Hero take out the awesome battles they had in this game? I wish they made a new Guitar Hero so I can stop playing Rock Band.

V 1 Comment
117 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW)

A thrilling military epic that shows you what the tech of tommarrow can really do.

Just great graphics and gameplay! Best modern day shooter out there!

118 Bioshock 2 V 1 Comment
119 NHL 12

The first NHL game I ever got. So many things that I did on that game.

120 Skate

Tony Hawks so unrealistic. This game's realistic and I love it - petelimppu

I agree. Tony hawk was ridiculous. No one can grind on power lines. - Sabbath

No more kickflips over cars
Like tony hawk´┐Ż's... Laugh out loud - yeahhh

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